Difference Between Civic and Integra

Owning a car is a necessity in our lives nowadays. Before buying a car, we always compare all the models, their features, and prices and then come to a conclusion about buying a car.


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A famous car brand, Honda, has similar models of cars like the Civic and Integra. They both share many common features as well as they differ from each other.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Civic is a compact car, while Integra is a sports car.
  2. Civic is more practical and fuel-efficient, while Integra is more performance-oriented.
  3. Civic is generally less expensive than Integra.

Civic vs Integra

Civic is a car model made by Honda which is famous around the world since it was released in 2006, known for its small and lightweight design. Integra is a model from Honda that is also called Acura Integra and is seen as the most sports-oriented Honda model. It debuted in 1985 in Japan.

Civic vs Integra

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The Civic model by the world-famous Honda made its introduction in the Indian market back in 2006. It was known to be a far-reaching product line-up launched by Honda.

The Civic secured the top place in both National and International markets. To date, the Honda Civic is considered one of the best successful models launched by Honda.

Integra debuted in Japan in 1985 and was also marketed in North America as the Acura Integra. It was a very successful model and considered the most luxurious and sports-oriented model of Honda.

It is also known by the name Honda Quint Integra. An American automotive magazine, “Car and Driver” declared Integra as the top ten best cars in its magazine.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCivicIntegra
AccelerationCivic is faster than Integra in terms of acceleration.Comparatively, Integra is slower than civic.
WeightCivic weighs less than Integra.Integra is heavier than Civic by 75 kgs.
HeightCivic is lower than Integra by 60mm.Integra is taller than Civic.
LengthComparatively, Civic is less long.Integra is longer than Civic by 250mm.
Engine ratingComparatively, Civic has a lower rating.Integra has a higher rating by 30bhp.

What is Civic?

The Hondo introduced the Civic product line-up in the Indian market back in 2006.

The product became very successful the moment it was launched and acquired a top place in the market, and even now, after the launch of many products by Honda, the Civic is considered as the most successful one.

The Civic was considered as the most compact model launched by Honda and, in 2020, was considered as 6th best-selling automobile, with almost 18 million units sold all over the world.

The Civic model continuously secured its top place in both National and International markets.

Being a small car from the outside, it provided a spacious interior and was convenient for many drivers to drive in the traffic. It was best suited for families and environmentally friendly compared to other models of Honda.

It was also less weighted as compared to other cars and had an efficient engine model.

Initially, when it was launched, it gained popularity for its fuel efficiency and reliability.

Sooner or later, it became famous for its overall performance and gained popularity is not only in National markets but also in the International markets. The product had a wide-reaching market all over the world.

Hence, the Civic was known as the best compact product line-up launched by Honda, but it lacked luxurious looks and was not preferred by wealthy people. It was the best choice for families.

What is Integra?

The world-famous Honda company introduced the Integra model in Japan in 1985 and was also marketed in North America, known as the Acura Integra.

The Integra model was another successful model of Honda and is considered the most luxurious and sports-oriented model of Honda.

An American automotive magazine, “Car and Driver,” wrote in the magazine that Integra is one of the top ten best cars.

Integra is an automobile that a Japanese manufacturer produced. It is also known by the name Honda Quint Integra and was highly in demand in North America.

It was especially known for its handling and performance. The Integra was famous for its usage in automobile racing and won two consecutive IMSA ( International Motor Sports Association) awards.

The Asian Touring Car Series was also awarded the Integra.

It is more spacious, luxurious, longer in terms of nose-to-tail dimensions, taller, and has an efficient engine. Integra lacks speed and acceleration as it is a little heavier compared to other cars.

Hence, it is relatively slower than other Honda cars.

Even though it lacks in acceleration, Integra secures its place in engine rating as it is fitted with the i-VTEC engine, which has greater fuel efficiency.

Main Differences Between Civic and Integra

  1. Civic is speeder than Integra as Civic has higher accelerating power than Integra.
  2. Integra is longer than Civic in terms of nose-to-tail dimensions and also has a higher engine rating of 30bhp.
  3. Since Integra has many features, it steps down in terms of weight ratio. Integra is heavier than Civic, which makes Civic speedier than Integra.
  4. In terms of the overall size of the car, Integra is bigger than the Civic.
  5. Integra is a sports-oriented car, while Civic is more suitable for family and is environmentally friendly in terms of the smoke and ashes it releases.
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