Difference Between Toyota Camry and Honda Civic

Traveling is crucial for the normal functioning of this world. People use different modes of transportation. Some use public transport, others go by motorbikes and cars.

Cars were considered a luxury in the past but now they have become a necessity. Cars provide a comfortable mode of transport. With the increase in demand for cars, many models of cars are produced by companies.

Toyota Camry vs Honda Civic

The main difference between Toyota Camry and Honda Civic is that Toyota Camry is produced by the Japanese company Toyota while Honda Civic is manufactured and marketed by the company Honda. Toyota Camry was first manufactured in the year 1982 but the Honda Civic was manufactured in 1972. Both are medium-sized cars.

Toyota Camry vs Honda Civic

Toyota Camry was a compact-sized car when it was first produced. But since then it has evolved and become medium-sized with a wide body. However, narrow-bodied Camry car production ceased after 1998.

The first Honda Camry manufactured was a sedan named Celica Camry. It had four doors and then it was modified with a fifth liftback door and was called the Camry V10 series.

Honda Civic was first manufactured in 1972. The initial model was a two-door model and then it was replaced with a three-door model. The engine was an 1169 cc engine.

Though the car looked small and compact it offered quite a spacious interior. At that time it was known for its reliability, fuel efficiency, and environmental friendliness. It was desired by many people at that time which gave it a great reach.

Comparison Table Between Toyota Camry and Honda Civic

Parameters of Comparison Toyota Camry Honda Civic
First modelFour doored Celica Camry A coupe model with two doors
Present modelXV70 is the present wide-bodied version Civic LX sedan.
Hybrid version Hybrids were manufactured but eventually, the production ceasedThey are partial zero-emission vehicles
Safety It comes with nine airbags It comes with four airbags

What is Toyota Camry?

Toyota Camry series of cars have been in the industry for four decades now. Various models and subseries of cars were manufactured under the Camry series. Wide and narrow-bodied cars have been manufactured.

The V10 and V20 versions were very initial and they had only minimal features to offer. Then in 1990, the V20 series was replaced with the V30 series. This was a narrow-bodied version and was marketed only in Japan.

But in other countries the demand for wide-bodied cars increased so, Toyota decided to launch a new series of Camry with a wide body. As a result, the XV10 sedan was launched.

This model was called by the name Toyota Scepter in Japan. The next edition of this series the XV20 was named Camry Gracias.

V30 was followed by V40 and then their manufacturing ceased in 1998. Since then many wide-bodied versions have been produced by Toyota. The current Toyota Camry series is the XV70.

The word Camry means crown in Japanese. Toyota has always named their cars with some names related to the crown and royalty. Some examples are Toyota Corolla, Toyota Crown, Toyota Tiara, Toyota Scepter, etc.

The present version of Camry the XV70 is a sedan with four doors. It was first launched in Japan. It is a medium-sized car suitable for families. It comes with safety airbags and is spacious.

The 2487 cc engine powers the car with mixed fuels. It is eco-friendly because it utilizes both electricity and petrol for fuel.

What is Honda Civic?

The Honda Civic initially known for reliability and fuel efficiency later became famous for its sportiness. The civic series then gained popularity among people and was preferred by youngsters.

It acquired the sixth position in the list of best-selling automobiles in 2020. It holds a record of selling 18 million units till 2020.

The Honda Civic version became the first successful car of Honda. This success paved a way for Honda to acquire a prominent place in the market.

Since the Civic was the first car in Japan to have a compact body and grand European style, it was seen as a prestigious car. It served as inspiration for many other cars in Japan.

But the Civic faced a downfall with Japanese customers favoring minivans. But Civic tenth generation was launched in 2017. The eleventh generation of Honda Civic is the current one.

This has four doors and a fifth liftback door. This is not available in Australia and Japan due to the low reach of the previous version.

It is safe to drive and it has been rated as good against the front and side crashing test done by IIHS. It is a worthy car to own because it is less susceptible to crashing and is very attractive.

Honda Civic is also best known for racing. It is continuously used in the British Touring Car Championship. It also took part in the world touring car championship.

Main Differences Between Toyota Camry and Honda Civic

  1. Toyota Camry offers more space for the passengers. It is spacious and comfortable. But, it is not very spacious like the Honda Civic. So when it comes to comfort Honda Civic beats Toyota Camry.
  2. Toyota Camry gives a mileage of 19.16kmpl but Honda Civic is very efficient and gives you 23.9 km/l
  3. Toyota Camry can reach a top speed of 135mph. But Honda Civic models like the Type R have massive horsepower and can hit 169 mph. This model is not a basic family sedan.
  4. Toyota Camry is a bit pricey than Honda Civic. Honda Civic comes at different price ranges. Honda Civic is affordable compared to the other one.
  5. Toyota Camry hybrid cars are adaptable to electric power over petrol so it is highly eco-friendly while the engine of the Honda Civic is powered by Petrol.
Difference Between Toyota Camry and Honda Civic


Both these cars have been in the market for many decades. New versions of these have been manufactured by the companies to meet the demand arising in the market.

Toyota Camry was preferred by customers to use it for personal purposes. On the other hand, Honda Civic was famous for racing. It was also used for normal purposes. But it gained fame for its power and racing abilities.

Toyota Camry has a hybrid version of the car that uses electricity and petrol to fuel its engine. As it uses electricity which causes less emission of carbon dioxide it is preferred by Eco-conscious customers.

This hybrid was found to produce 2 tons less Carbon dioxide than the normal petrol cars. Honda Civic also tried out this hybrid production but it eventually discontinued because of the poor demand for it.


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