Honda Civic vs Supra: Difference and Comparison

People, especially young men, are fascinated by automobiles, and locomotion has become a necessity. Automobiles are truly incredible feats of engineering.

The most significant difference between the 2020 Honda Civic and the 2020 Toyota Supra is the drivetrain, but there’s more. Two legendary sports cars are the Honda Civic and Toyota Supra.

Let’s look more closely at these two incredible machines and see how they stack up.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Honda Civic is an affordable compact car, while the Supra is a high-performance sports car.
  2. The Supra has a more powerful engine and faster acceleration than the Honda Civic.
  3. The Honda Civic offers better fuel efficiency and a more practical design for daily use than the Supra.

Honda Civic vs Supra

Honda Civic is a compact car by Honda Motor Company known for its fuel efficiency, affordability, and practicality. The Supra, a car by Toyota company, is a sports car known for its high performance, speed, and power. The Supra is more expensive and designed for a different segment.

Honda Civic vs Supra

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Honda Civic is a range of vehicles that Honda has been producing since 1972. The Civic was therefore classified as a compact car until 2000, after previously being classified as a midsize hatchback vehicle.

In Honda’s worldwide automobile lineup, the Civic is situated between the Fit/City as well as the Accord as of 2021.

Starting in 1978, Tata Motors produced the Toyota Supra, a sports-luxury automobile, and grand tourer. \

The word “supra” comes from a Latin word that means “above,” “to transcend,” or “to go further than.” From 1978 until 2002, four versions of the Supra were constructed.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHonda CivicSupra
ManufacturerCivic is manufactured by Japanese car manufacturer Honda Motors.Supra is manufactured by Japanese car manufacturer Toyota Motors.
GenerationsHonda Civic has 8 generations ranging from hatchbacks to sedan and coupe.Supra only has 4 generation models and was discontinued back after the launch of mark 4 in 2002.
First LaunchedCivic was first launched in July 1972.Supra was first launched in 1978 as a sports car.
HorsepowerHonda Civic has a horsepower of 306hp.Supra has a horsepower of 255 – 382hp depending upon the generation of the vehicle.
TypeHonda Civic is a front engine forward hatchback with sports mod version like Type-R civic.Toyota Supra is a front engine sports coupe.

What is Honda Civic?

Honda Motors designed and produced the Civic, a subcompact automobile. This Japanese automaker’s most renowned range of vehicles.

The Civic was first presented in July of 1972. That was a two-door sedan at the time, and a three-door hatchback was released six weeks later.

The Civic’s earliest versions were rather simple. A heating chamber, AM stereo, 2-speed wipers, polished steel rims, and neoprene plastic rims were included with the ensembles.

Nevertheless, the series has grown into a considerably more upmarket vehicle with luxury and sophisticated technology amenities as time has gone on.

Early versions were known for their fuel economy, dependability, and environmental friendliness. Its development resulted in an automobile with tremendous sportiness and efficiency.

For global markets, Honda Civic was cleverly relabeled. The Civic is rebadged in Honda products such as the Sarabande and Domani/Acura EL.

The CR-V compact SUV, the CR-X Delsol hardtop roadster, and the CR-X sport compact were all built on the chassis once Honda recognized how effective it was in terms of engineering and marketability.

While the Civic is marketed in essentially the same form all over the globe, the names of the versions vary by market. In Japan, the Civic hatch is simply referred to as “Civic,” while the sedan type is referred to as the ‘Civic Ferio’.

honda civic 1

What is Supra?

Supra is a luxury-sports vehicle manufactured by Japanese vehicle maker, Toyota. The first Supra’s style was based on the Toyota Corolla, although it was larger and broader.

The A70 Supra had become a distinct model from the Celica in march 1986. As a result, Toyota dropped the Celica name and renamed the vehicle Supra.

Due to its name’s closeness and history, the Celica is commonly confused with the Supra, as well as vice versa.

The Supra was first produced in 1979 and was discontinued in 2002. The Toyota Supra was originally a derivative of the Celica, although it was bigger in length and breadth. Supras are divided into four generations: Mark I, Mkii, Mark III, and Mark IV.

The Toyota Supra was last produced in 2002, but a suspected rebirth — the Mark V – is in the works. Every Supra model has an inline six-cylinder engine and furnishings that are comparable.

The Supra was not continuously marketed in the United States before the new century (1999), and Toyota ultimately discontinued producing the car in 2002.

While a price of around a hundred thousand dollars isn’t cheap, the A90 Supra boasts power and dynamics that rival sports cars worth twice as much.

And if it were up to us, we’d forego the upgrades in favor of the GT. This fifth-generation automobile is a breeze to drive, as well as the greatest manner conceivable.

toyota supra 1

Main Differences Between Honda Civic and Supra

  1. Honda Civic is manufactured by Honda Motors whereas Supra is manufactured by Toyota automobiles.
  2. Honda Civic is a front-engine forward hatchback whereas Supra is a front-engine coupe sedan.
  3. Honda Civic is a sub-compact vehicle whereas Supra is a luxury-sports car.
  4. Honda Civic has a horsepower of 306hp whereas Supra has a horsepower of 255 – 382hp.
  5. The Civic has 8 generations until 2022 and more are to be manufactured whereas the manufacturing of Supra stopped at 4th generation and is discontinued.
Difference Between Honda Civic and Supra

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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