Bournville vs Amul Dark Chocolate: Difference and Comparison

It all comes down to which is more authentic. Amul and Cadbury, leading in milk chocolate and dairy products sector, both claim to sell original dark chocolate with the name of Amul dark chocolate and Bournville, well both have their fan bases although there is one clear winner in terms of the authenticity of dark chocolate and absolute taste.

So let us know about both the chocolates and understand their differences.

Key Takeaways

  1. Bournville is a British brand of dark chocolate, while Amul is an Indian brand.
  2. Bournville has a higher cocoa content, resulting in a richer flavor, while Amul Dark Chocolate has a smoother, creamier texture.
  3. Amul Dark Chocolate is more affordable than Bournville.

Bournville vs Amul Dark Chocolate 

Bournville is a brand of dark chocolate produced by Cadbury that has a rich texture with very little sugar and a 50% cocoa content. It is costlier than Amul Dark Chocolate. Amul Dark Chocolate is a brand by Amul Dairy that contains more sugar and additives. It has 55% cocoa content.

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Amul Dark Chocolate is a very famous brand of dark chocolates and milk chocolate too. The Amul dark chocolate claims to have 55% dark chocolate in each bar.

It has many fruity flavors and costs quite more than many other chocolates out in the competition.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBournvilleAmul Dark Chocolate
DescriptionCadbury Bournville was created to convey a distinct and distinctive chocolate flavor: a deep, strong taste that persists to reveal a delectably delicate flavor.Amul Dark Chocolate is a very famous brand of dark chocolates and milk chocolate too. The dark chocolate by Amul is quite rich and tasty too.
PriceBournville is costlier than Amul Dark Chocolate.Amul Dark Chocolate bars are a little cheaper than Bournville.
FlavorsCranberry, Hazelnut, and Raisin & Nuts. Then there were the more current tastes, like fruit and nut, old Jamaica, and Rich Cocoa as well as the red packet Classic Bournville.Dark Amazon, twilight tryst, tropical orange, fruit n nuts, mystic mocha and many more.
CompanyBournville is a product by Cadbury.Amul Dairy is the owner of Amul’s Dark Chocolate.
Cocoa ContentBournville has 50% cocoa content.Amul Dark Chocolate has 55% cocoa content.

What is Bournville?

Cadbury’s Bournville cocoa is a Cadbury product trademarked by the name ‘Bournville’ as in the place in England. It was initially released in 1908 and is inspired by the same-called model hamlet in Birmingham, England.

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It used to have a cocoa content of 36%. Cadbury revamped it as a “luxury” brand in India in 2014, raising the cacao percentage from 44% to 50% and redesigning the package.

Bournville went through many package changes and event-based pack updates kept happening.

Cadbury Bournville is positioned as a great partner for unwinding after a day’s hard work in the current advertisement, ‘A wonderful way to finish your day.’

After a comprehensive examination and comprehension of the pack as well as communication ideas with customers, the new collection design and new positioning communication were created.

Bournville has long had a dark, ‘not-too-sweet’ aura about it, making it a well-known and genuine eating dark chocolate. Cadbury Bournville brought dark chocolate to India, which has a melancholy taste and a mild aroma.

Cadbury Bournville’s business was mostly driven by images and ownership, but the brand’s future growth could only be fueled by a strong consumer appeal.

Cadbury Bournville offers several flavors to offer to the older generation and even Gen Z, so chocolate fans throughout the country may now enjoy a genuinely world-class premium dark chocolate.

Starting with the basic tastes, there’s original Bournville, Cranberry, Hazelnut, and Raisin & Nuts. Then there were the more current tastes, like fruit and nut, old Jamaica, and Rich Cocoa.

bournville chocolate

What is Amul Dark Chocolate?

Chocolate has evolved into a symbol of love, devotion, and a present for both children and adults.

Although the flavor of Amul’s Dark Chocolate is bittersweet, it pleasures both the person who consumes it and the one who gifts it. And that is precise because of Amul’s aesthetic design and packaging of the dark chocolate.

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Apart from its ‘bitter’ flavor, cocoa is a great root for anti-oxidants, magnesium, calcium, and other nutrients, according to health experts. Amul now aims to introduce 100 percent cocoa chocolate bars, rewriting the industry’s regulations.

However, for the time being, we’ll focus on the one that is already on the market. The competition is hammered hard by the 55 percent cocoa content, but is the flavor any good?

Well, as per reviews, the sweetness of Amul Dark Chocolate is quite higher than its competitor, Bournville. The flavors are quite punchy and the texture of this chocolate is rich and palatable.

There are many themes and flavors offered by Amul in their dark chocolate collection like; Dark Amazon, twilight tryst, tropical orange, fruit n nuts, mystic mocha, and tons more.

amul dark chocolate

Main Differences Between Bournville and Amul Dark Chocolate

  1. Bournville is a product of Cadbury whereas Amul Dark Chocolate is a product of Amul Dairy.
  2. Bournville is costlier than Amul’s Dark chocolate bar.
  3. Bournville is older and more consumed throughout the world than Amul Dark Chocolate which has most of its consumers in India.
  4. Bournville has 50% cocoa content whereas Amul Dark Chocolate has 55% cocoa content.
  5. Bournville has a more bitter taste when compared to Amul Dark Chocolate which is a bit on the sweeter side.
Difference Between Bournville and Amul Dark Chocolate

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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