Difference Between Ricotta and Cottage Cheese

Whenever we make sandwiches, burgers, or Italian dishes, we need cheese so that it will enrich the food and also makes it look good. There are lots of cheese available in the market. The most commonly used cheese among people is ricotta cheese, and the other one is cottage cheese. These are easily available in the market and can be used for your dish. 

Ricotta vs Cottage Cheese

The main difference between Ricotta and Cottage Cheese is that ricotta cheese it will be made from the leftover cheese. But cottage cheese is made from milk. Ricotta cheese used to have some color so that it could be differentiated from the rest of the cheese. But cottage cheese will not have any color, and it will be available in plain white color. 

Ricotta vs Cottage Cheese

Ricotta cheese is very light in texture which makes it perfect for eating with dessert, and some fishes are sweet. So that the sour taste in the cheese will balance the sweetness in the dish. It is used for making Italian recipes. In case if you don’t have ricotta cheese, you can always have substitutes from other cheese as well, which won’t make any big difference to the food. 

Cottage cheese can be made in the home with the help of milk. But one should be very careful in eating cottage cheese and should not consume it often. In many counties, cottage cheese is also called paneer. When you cook cottage cheese, it won’t melt fully like other cheese. It will only melt to a certain extent and not more than that. Also, the melted cheese will be thicker. 

Comparison Table Between Ricotta and Cottage Cheese

Parameters of ComparisonRicotta CheeseCottage Cheese
ProductRicotta Cheese is called dairy-by productCottage cheese is called a dairy product
Made fromIt is made from the left-over cheeseIt is made from milk
ColorIt is coloredIt does not have any color
FlavorIt has a flavor of tartIt is very sweet and milky
Calorie contentIt has 134 caloriesIt has 93 calories.

What is Ricotta Cheese?

Ricotta cheese will be very soft, and the texture of the cheese will be very moist. This can be used in making lasagna where we will require more cheese so that the flavor and the taste of the food can be enhanced. Because Italian recipes will never go without having any cheese in them. They used to add cheese to whatever food they make.

Using a normal cheese will not make the floor look rich or flavored. We have to use some special cheese to make it look rich so that the taste will be amazing. If we fail to have ricotta cheese, then there are many substitutes available for ricotta cheese. Some of the substitutes that we can use are cottage cheese, goat cheese, and sour cream. This cheese can be used as an exception, and we won’t be able to find any much difference in the taste as well.

The taste of the ricotta cheese will be mild creamy, and it will be thick. The flavor in that will be light. Also, it has a low salt content so that it can be used in making sweet dishes or savory dishes. The milkfat content will be lower when compared to the cream cheese. The reason is that this cheese is made from leftover cheese and not from any fresh source of food. If you want to have a taste of ricotta cheese is to have it with corn and scallions. You can also eat it in the dessert as well because of its light salt content. 

What is Cottage Cheese?

Cottage cheese used to have salt content in it. And some cottage cheese will contain cream as well. Cottage cheese is very similar to panner. The only difference that we can find between cottage cheese and panner is that on cottage cheese, there will be salt added, but in paneer, we won’t add any salt content. It will be unsalted. We can even make cottage cheese in our home as well, and the process is also easy.

The only thing we need to have in hand is milk and lemon. The lemon will help to separate the milk and the cheese. Once the separation is done, we have to drain the water and fill the cheese in a thick cloth so that it will get dry. Once it gets dried, we can cut it into pieces and can use it in our food. While making it, we should be careful and strain all the water, or else there will be some bitter taste which will make the cheese to be sour.

But eating a lot of cottage cheese is not very good for people, especially those who are lactose intolerant. Because these people need milk content more. But in the cheese-making process, the milk content will be separated, so there won’t be any good. If you lot cottage cheese, then you should eat foods that are in low sodium content so that they will get balanced. Because if you eat foods that are high in sodium, then it will increase blood pressure in people, which makes our life to be more complicated. 

Main Differences Between Ricotta and Cottage Cheese

  1. Ricotta cheese is often called a dairy by-product. On the other hand, cottage cheese is called a dairy product.
  2. Ricotta cheese is made from whey leftover cheese. On the other hand, cottage cheese is made from milk.
  3. Ricotta cheese used to have some color. On the other hand, cottage cheese will not have any color. It will be in plain white.
  4. Ricotta cheese will contain a flavor of tart. On the other hand, cottage cheese will have a flavor of milk and sweet.
  5. Ricotta cheese has a calorie content of 134 calories. On the other hand, cottage cheese will have a calorie content of 93 calories.
Difference Between Ricotta and Cottage Cheese


Both these kinds of cheese are rich and good in taste. Certain dishes will taste good only with ricotta cheese and some others with cottage cheese. So, based on our food requirements, we can use them on our food. This cottage cheese can be easily made in our home because it is also called paneer. And in many homes, paneer will be homemade.

Only people who don’t like the process of making it in their home will buy them from the market. If you have more milk and don’t know what to do with them, then you can start making it into the paneer, and with the help of that, you can make any number of dishes. 


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