Difference Between Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate

Chocolate is among the favorite food of generation. Who does not like a bar of good chocolate? More than 90 percent of the population worldwide likes to eat chocolate?

While most of us aware of milk chocolate mostly as it is the most famous and easily available type, but there are other types of chocolate, except milk chocolate, we have dark and white chocolate. Both of them are very famous and delicious.

Dark Chocolate vs White Chocolate

The main difference between Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate is in their ingredients, while cocoa is the main ingredient for making dark chocolate, which is the absence in the white chocolate that further makes them different in terms of their color, texture, taste, and many more. While dark chocolate has several health benefits, especially to cardiovascular health, white chocolate merely has any health benefits.

Dark Chocolate vs White Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a type of chocolate that has cocoa as the main ingredient making it chalky and dry with a hint of bitterness in it.

It is used for making chocolate sauces and drinks and is considered best for several things, including it tends to reduce depression, helps in good sleep, good for the heart and, many more.

White chocolate is a type of chocolate in white color due to the absence of cocoa in it. It is sweet and buttery in texture; it is mostly used in baking and making desserts.

It contains calcium; therefore, it good for bone density. It is more preferable due to its taste and ability to remain solid at room temperature.

Comparison Table Between Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate

Parameters of ComparisonDark ChocolateWhite Chocolate
TasteLess sweetSweeter in comparison
TextureDry and chalky textureButtery and smooth texture
Used forMaking sauces and chocolate drinks.In desserts and baking
Health benefitsEspecially beneficial for Cardiovascular health, from flavonol antioxidants.Does not have such benefits.
Fibers and caloriesHas more fibers and caloriesHave fewer fibers and calories

What is Dark Chocolate?

It is chocolate rich in cocoa and chalky in texture.

It is not sweet like other chocolates and has all the following health benefits:

  1. Very Nutritious: a good quality dark chocolate is very nutritious as it has high fiber and minerals along with potassium, zinc, and many other things that are beneficial for health. It also has fat and caffeine; therefore of their benefits are present in dark chocolate too.
  2. Great source of Antioxidants: it is loaded with an organic compound that functions as antioxidants. It has more quantity of antioxidants than most fruits.
  3. Improve blood flow: the nitric oxide present in dark chocolates gives the signal to the arteries, which eventually results in lowering down the blood pressure level. 
  4. Lower the Risk of Stroke: one of the main and most important benefits of consuming dark chocolate is that it prevents heart disease and helps to keep it healthy. This has been proved by a study also.
  5. Prevent memory loss: consuming dark chocolate also prevents memory loss and increases the power to concentrate. It is also very helpful in boosting the mood. That is the reason it is the most recommended food during menstruation in girls.
dark chocolate

What is White Chocolate?

White chocolate is white in color and tastes sweet.

It is very creamy and does not melt easily at room temperature, it does not have many benefits like dark chocolate, but still, there are few benefits of consuming white chocolate such as:

  1. Boost Immunity: white chocolate has antioxidants that it a very helpful element to remove toxic substances from the body. Therefore it is very helpful in boosting the immunity power of a person.
  2. Lower cholesterol level: if consumed in a definite proportion, it can be very helpful in regulating the body fat, which eventually results in lowering down the cholesterol level of the body.
  3. Improve liver health: white chocolate increases the blood flow in the body that is very helpful in improving liver health also. It is helpful in recovering the ruptured tissue.
  4. Elevate blood sugar level: the people suffering from a lack of glucose in the body, such as hypoglycemia, white sugar is very beneficial for them, as it has sugar content in it to restore the balance of glucose in the body.
  5. Control hypertension and breathing problems: it has linoleic acid and methylxanthine, which are helpful in controlling hypertension and relaxing the respiratory system, respectively.
white chocolate

Main Differences Between Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate

  1. The main difference both relies on their ingredients for dark chocolates, cocoa solids, cocoa butter, little or no milk, and sugar is used while for white chocolate. Therefore the main ingredient, cocoa, is not used for making white chocolate. This also means that dark chocolate has more chocolate flavor than white chocolate.
  2. They also have a different texture as dark chocolate is harder due to its dry and chalky texture, while on the other hand, white chocolate has a very buttery and smooth texture making it softer.
  3. Due to the absence of cocoa in white chocolate, it is sweeter than dark chocolate, which is sometimes a little bitter in taste.
  4. Dark chocolate is relatively rich in fibers and calories when compared to white chocolate.
  5. Another difference could be that dark chocolate tends to melt early or easily at room temperature than white chocolate.
  6. Dark chocolate also contains caffeine along with the dietary iron in it, while white chocolate does not have caffeine in it but is rich in calcium.
  7. Dark chocolate cannot be given to animals as it has theobromine which is harmful to them, while white chocolate does not have this and is safe for the animals too.
  8. Last but not least Dark chocolate has relatively more benefits than white chocolate.
Difference Between Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate


Hence, all the differences between both dark and white chocolates are clear. Both of them have their own benefits and different taste. Some people prefer dark chocolate due to its rich taste and all the benefits it has, while some prefer white chocolate due to its sweet taste.

Although both of them are chocolates in general, they are very different when it comes to taste. Except these people also like milk chocolate a lot. If there is competition among these three, dark chocolate will be the winner due to its exquisite taste.

Chocolate is healthy for a person if consumed in a definite proportion unless it can have some negative effect on the body.


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