Difference Between Honda Civic and Volkswagen Golf

In today’s car market, one can find several options for shape, size, and style. Honda Civic and Volkswagen golf are the two very famous models that are considered to be the best selling of all time.


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Both the cars give tough competition to each other and have the same benefits with slight differences due to their different manufacturers.

Honda Civic vs Volkswagen Golf

The difference between Honda Civic and Volkswagen Golf is that the Golf’s body style is more of a sportier style while the civics body style is economic. Honda golf has typical diesel and gas engines whereas, Cívic’s engines can work on many options such as diesel, or the ordinary gas and natural gas.

Honda Civic vs Volkswagen Golf

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The Honda Civic is known as the staple of Australian roads and is one of the most well-known and loved cars all around the world, with up to 19 million sales in its home country Japan.

Honda Civic RS has accessorized the whole look with advanced dual-zone climate control, 7 inches Apple can play touchscreen with 10 speakers.

The Volkswagen Golf was introduced in the year 1976 in Australia as a classic replacement for the Beetle. With over 30 million sales worldwide, golf is considered to be a pretty big deal for Australian families.

The golf has gone through a series of facelifts and modifications to be up-to-date always.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHonda CivicVolkswagen Golf
WarrantyHonda Civic provides a warranty of up to 3 years with 36000 miles..Volkswagen Golf provides a warranty of up to 4 years with 100,000 miles.
Fuel tank capacity12.4 gallons of fuel can be filled.13.2 gallons of fuel can be filled.
Cargo VolumeCargo Volume with rear seat down is 42.2 ft.
Cargo Volume with rear seat down is 53.7 ft.
Continuous variable automatic transmission.Transmission is manual up to 6 gears.
Model AppearanceHonda Civic has an economic style body.
Volkswagen Golf has a sporty body.

What is Honda Civic?

Honda Civic is known to be the staple car for the Australian roads for many years. This small car Honda civic has been providing quality, comfort, and progressive ride at a very affordable price for over 50 years.

The car looks like it’s specially designed to keep up with the rocky, twisting mountains or hills, but it becomes the star of the show during a family get-together or class reunions.

The important thing to remember is the turbo engine that gives enough low-down plunch for continuous driving throughout the whole town at a reasonable price.

The overall feeling you get in Honda Civic is wide and roomy. A big small car you can say. Getting inside the car or going out is quite easy as there is enough space, support and comfort for legs, knees, and shoulders.

Honda Civic offers seamless acceleration and silent operation in all the urban areas and has turned a 1.5-liter turbo along with CVT to achieve great effect all around the town.

This model is considered to be a city-friendly car. Honda civic connects and feels the route and responds accordingly, from the first time, the wheel, has turned, yet feels very light and easy to operate between the tight gaps in the traffic.

But if you are willing, it can be a great sports car too.

What is Volkswagen Golf?

The Volkswagen Golf is a small compact family car, made by the Germans automotive manufacturer Volkswagen.

The first golf was made with a front-engined, wheel drive at the front which was a replacement for air-cooled engined drive Volkswagen Beetle.

The Golf is one of the best-selling models by Volkswagen manufacturers and falls among the world’s top three best-selling car models with up to 30 million produced in the year 2013.

A great selling point for Volkswagen golf is their always upgrading safety measures that cross all the safety standards.

These safety measures include auto emergency braking (AEB) with detections for cyclists and pedestrians, blind-spot monitoring, traffic about with safe exit warning.

Because of its high-tech security and safety measures, it is known to be the best fit for family trips.

Volkswagen golf provides greater engine power, which is 10 hp more than others, which makes it stand out against its competitions, because the greater the engine power, the better the experience.

The engine capacity of golf is also greater than others to prevent it from wear and tear. It also provides great value for money as it is a low fuel consumption model.

This model also has greater fuel tank capacity for the drivers to save their time refilling the tanks after a long drive.

Main Differences Between Honda Civic and Volkswagen Golf

  1. Honda Civic provides a warranty of up to 3 years whereas Volkswagen Golf provides a warranty of up to 4 years.
  2. The fuel tank capacity of the Honda Civic is less that is 12.4 gallons than Volkswagen Golf that is 13.2 gallons.
  3. Honda Civic provides a continuously variable automatic transmission while Volkswagen Golf has manual 6 gears.
  4. Honda Civic provides a warranty for a distance up to 36000 miles while Volkswagen Golf provides for 100,000 miles.
  5. The cargo volume of the Honda Civic is 42.2 ft with seat down whereas, Volkswagen Golf has 53.7 ft.
  6. Honda Civic appearance is sportier while Volkswagen Golf is made as an economic model, good for family adventures.
Difference Between Honda Civic and Volkswagen Golf
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