Volkswagen Golf vs GTI: Difference and Comparison

Small cars are trendy as they are space-friendly. They like small feasts with great power.

Volkswagen is a brand that produces cars of various varieties and is available for every need. The Volkswagen Golf and GTI are somewhere similar and even called the same.

But there are still many features that make a difference.

Key Takeaways

  1. The GTI is a high-performance variant of the Volkswagen Golf, featuring a more powerful engine, sporty suspension, and upgraded brakes.
  2. The GTI has a distinctive exterior design, including unique wheels, red accents, and more aggressive styling than the standard Golf.
  3. The interior of the GTI offers sportier elements, such as bolstered seats and a flat-bottomed steering wheel, while the Golf focuses on comfort and practicality.

Volkswagen Golf vs GTI

The Golf is a versatile compact car that has been in production since 1974. The GTI is a sportier version of the Golf, with more power, upgraded suspension, and sportier style. The Golf is more practical and versatile, while the GTI is designed for those who want a sportier driving experience.

Volkswagen Golf vs GTI

The Volkswagen Golf is a small car with a fuel engine of 1.4L capacity. The horsepower is 147, which provides a fuel efficiency of 36MPG on the highways and 25MPG in the city.

The car provides a comfortable ride but isn’t sporty at all. Yet, the model doesn’t have flaws in it.

The car is quite good and affordable.

The GTI is a small sports car which we can also refer to as a small beast. The fuel capacity is 2.0L with a turbo engine.

The horsepower of the GTI is 228. The fuel efficiency of the GTI is 24MPG in the city and 34MPG on the highways.

The car provides a smoother ride and the fastest speed. Yet the car is expensive because of its extravagant features.

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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonVolkswagen GolfVolkswagen GTI
Year of LaunchThe Volkswagen Golf was launched in March 1974.The Volkswagen Golf GTI was first launched in June 1976 while the premiere of the car was in 1975.
EngineThe Volkswagen Golf has one powerful engine.The Volkswagen GTI has a turbocharged engine with four cylinders.
Horse PowerThe horsepower of Volkswagen Golf is 147 hp. The horsepower of the Volkswagen GTI is 228 hp.
Fuel CapacityThe fuel capacity is 1.4L.The fuel capacity of the car is 2.0L.
Fuel EfficiencyThe Fuel Efficiency of the Golf is 36MPG on the highways and 25MPG in the city.The Fuel Efficiency of the GTI is 34MPG on the highways and 24MPG in the city.
CostThe Volkswagen Golf is less in cost when compared to the GTI.The GTI is expensive as compared to the Golf.
Colour VariationThe Volkswagen Golf has more color variation as compared to the GTI.The Volkswagen GTI is available with less color variation as compared to the Volkswagen Golf.

What is Volkswagen Golf?

The Golf is a small car launched in March 1974. It is a small car that provides a smooth and comfortable ride.

It has been evolving since its launch and still has a place in the market. On average, the fuel efficiency is 31MPG.

The volume of luggage is 16 feet cube.

The Golf is a car with one power engine and a 1.4L fuel tank capacity. The Drive is smooth and comfortable.

The car is manual with a six-speed and four-cylinder engine. It has front-wheel drive.

It is a money-efficient car with all the necessary features. It is a gasoline vehicle.

The Volkswagen Golf’s recent mode was launched in the year 2020. It is a car which has many variants in color.

The difference in colors of Golf also changes the cost of the car. The car is popular because of its features and performance, and it is also budget-friendly.

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Very few flaws are reported in these car models, and it is always evolving, providing various choices for customers.

volkswagen golf scaled

What is Volkswagen GTI?

The Volkswagen GTI is a small sporty car whose world premiere was launched in 1975, whereas it was launched commercially in June 1976.

The car was small, with a powerful engine that provided the fastest speed. The fuel efficiency of the GTI was 28MPG on average.

The GTI is also known as the extended model of the Golf and is also known as the Golf GTI. The GTI has a turbocharged engine with a 2.0L capacity of the fuel tank.

The GTI comes with a mileage of 16.34kmpl. It comes in both automatic and manual with six speeds.

It is rather expensive as compared to Golf.

The GTI is like a small beast, yet the extravagant features that are added to the GTI make it expensive. The reason is that the powerful engine and other features add to the cost of the car.

The GTI is powerful, but still, many flaws are seen in the car, which are loopholes in the model.

volkswagen gti

Main Differences Between Volkswagen Golf and GTI

  1. The Golf was launched in 1974, and GTI was launched in 1976. 
  2. The Golf is fuel-efficient as compared to the GTI.
  3.  The GTI has a more powerful engine as compared to the Golf. 
  4. The GTI is the fastest as compared to Golf. 
  5. The GTI is expensive as compared to the Golf. 
  6. The fuel capacity of the Golf is 1.4L, whereas the GTI has 2.0L. 
  7. The Golf has 147hp, whereas on the other hand, the GTI has 228hp.
  8. The Golf is available in more variations of colour as compared to the GTI.
Difference Between Volkswagen Golf and GTI

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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