Golf vs Polo: Difference and Comparison

Volkswagen is a German multinational automobile company founded in 1937. It has the biggest market and has far-reaching demand. Two of the product line-ups of Volkswagen are Golf and Polo.

Golf was launched in 1974, while Polo was launched in 1975. Both models share many similarities but also vary in many parameters.

Key Takeaways

  1. Golf is a sport played individually or in teams, where players use clubs to hit a small ball into a series of holes on a course; polo is a team sport played on horseback where players use mallets to hit a ball into the opposing team’s goal.
  2. Golf requires well-maintained courses with varying terrain, while polo needs a flat, grassy field.
  3. Golf relies on precision and strategy, whereas polo emphasizes speed, teamwork, and coordination.

Golf vs Polo

Golf is a sport played on a large outdoor course to hit a small ball into a series of holes in as few strokes as possible. The winner is the player with the lowest number of strokes at the end of the round. Polo is a team sport played on horseback, requiring horsemanship, skill, and strategy.

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The Volkswagen Golf model was launched in 1974 and is known to be compact or suitable for a small family car. It was marketed worldwide for about eight generations.

Golf has been declared as one of the high-performance market popularity. This model was well-built with many features like rear-engined, acceleration, etc.

The Volkswagen polo model was launched in 1975 by a German manufacturer. This model was designed to be a super-mini car and sold in Europe and many other market segments like hatchbacks.

It instantly gained popularity in the market for its size, layout, and other features like front-engine, front-wheel run, etc.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonGolfPolo
Fuel efficiencyPolo incurs less running cost and is more fuel-efficient as it is a small car.Golf is more extensive and provides more interior space.
SizeGolf incur more running cost and is less fuel-efficient when compared to Polo.Polo is manufactured to be a super-mini car which will be suitable for small families.
PricePolo is relatively cheaper as compared to the Golf. Polo is relatively cheaper compared to Golf.
Safety & ReliabilityPolo is relatively cheaper as compared to Golf. It is also well-built with 6 airbags and has automatic emergency braking.
PerformanceGolf is more comfortable when driving at high speeds.It is well-built with 6 airbags and is also well tested.

What is Golf?

Volkswagen, the world’s most popular German car manufacturer launched a famous model, “Golf” in 1974, which was marketed worldwide for many generations.

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The first model of GolGolfs was well-built with a front-engine, air conditioner, rear-engined braking system, and fuel efficiency.

Initially, GolGolfs was declared the best-selling product line-up of Volkswagen. The upgraded model of GolGolfs was proclaimed of the top 3 best-selling cars worldwide in July 2013 and sold almost 30 million units worldwide.

Golf was best known for its size and space as it was small and compact but provided sizeable interior space. It is more suitable for small families. When driving at high speeds, GolGolf quieter and more comfortable than any other model.

Added to its advantages is the safety and reliability of the model. It was well-tested and scored top compared to the other cars in the market. The upgraded version of this model GolGolfs also equipped and built with six airbags for emergency purposes.

Golf model won many awards like World Car of the Year in 2019, Motor Trend of the Car in 2015, top 3 best selling cars in 2013, etc. Hence, the Volkswagen Golf is one of the best models to date.

volkswagen golf scaled

What is Polo?

Volkswagen Polo was launched in 1975, which was manufactured by a German automobile manufacturer and is designed to be a super mini-car.

Polo acquired markets worldwide and primarily sold in market segments like Europe, estate, etc, and its production increased in the long run.

Polo is built a little taller but smaller than any other car. This model was upgraded in 2017 with impressive features like LED headlights, air-conditioned, opening sunroof, self-parking features, etc.

Polo has a classy look and feels more premium.

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The best advantage of Polo is its running cost and fuel efficiency. Being a small compact car, it is easy to drive in city traffic and also suitable for families.

It has a low running cost and gives us high fuel efficiency. Volkswagen brand is known worldwide for its safety and reliability. Polo was also well-tested and equipped with six airbags.

In addition to this, it was built with an automatic emergency braking system. Polo Vivo is a top-selling passenger car in Africa again and again.

The Polo model has won many awards and has also competed in the Russian Tour Car Championship, etc. Hence, Polo is one of the best product line-ups launched by Volkswagen.

volkswagen polo scaled

Main Differences Between Golf and Polo

  1. Golf is more prominent in size and shorter than Polo in terms of height dimensions.
  2. Golf is quite expensive in comparison to Polo as it is larger. Golf also incurs high running costs in comparison to Polo. Hence, Polo is more suitable for small families.
  3. Golf is more comfortable for driving on highways while Polo is suitable for driving in city traffic as it is a small compact car.
  4. In terms of acceleration, Polo is slightly slower than GolGolflso. GolGolfs a high-powered engine in comparison to Polo.
  5. Interior and boot space is quite large in golGolfd Polo has small interior space.
Difference Between Golf and Polo

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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  1. The Golf is clearly superior to the Polo in every aspect, hence, I believe more emphasis should have been put on the benefits of owning a Golf and the renowned features it brings to the table. The Polo cannot be compared to the Golf in terms of performance and safety.

  2. The comparison of Golf and Polo is well-detailed and useful. It’s clear that each model is designed with specific purposes in mind, and the article effectively communicates the distinctions between the two. This is valuable information for potential Volkswagen buyers.

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