Polo vs Baleno: Difference and Comparison

Polo was established in the year 1975 and Baleno was established in the year 2016 both models are different from each other as Polo was manufactured by germans and Baleno was manufactured by the Japanese.

Polo is a supreme car while Baleno is a subcompact car. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Polo is a hatchback car from Volkswagen, offering a premium driving experience and build quality.
  2. Baleno is a hatchback car from Maruti Suzuki focusing on fuel efficiency and affordability.
  3. Polo tends to be more expensive and has a stronger build quality, whereas Baleno is more fuel-efficient and budget-friendly.

Polo vs Baleno

Polo is a car model manufactured by Volkswagen, while the Baleno is manufactured by Suzuki. Polo is considered to be sporty and fun to drive, with better handling and a more luxurious interior. The Baleno, on the other hand, is known for its spacious interior, fuel efficiency, and affordability.

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Polo has the brand name Volkswagen and the engine type here is 1.0L TSL Petrol the front suspension is McPherson strut with the stabilizer bar in it and the rear suspension is a semi-independent trailing arm, And it contains three cylinders within itself where its steering type is electronic 

Baleno has the brand name Maruti Suzuki and the engine type here is 1.2L VVT Engine the front suspension is McPherson Strut in it and the rear suspension is Torsion Beam and it contains four Cylinders within itself where its steering type is electric.

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison PoloBaleno
Brand Name It is manufactured by Volkswagen It is manufactured by Maruti Suzuki
Engine type The engine is 1.0L TSL PetrolThe engine is 1.2L VVT Engine
Displacement The engine is 999 cc.The engine is 1197  cc
Fuel tank capacityThe capacity of the fuel tank is 45.0 (liters)The capacity of the fuel tank is 37.0 (liters)
Number of cylindersIt consists of 3 cylinders It consists of 4 cylinders

What is Polo?

The polo is a supreme car which is manufactured by Volkswagen and this is manufactured by Germans in 1975 and is sold in Europe and other markets in the whole world as in the estate saloons and so many variations throughout for the run of the production.

As these cars are introduced in the year 1975 than in 2018 here are six generations of the polo are established that are introduced or we can say identified by “Series and Mark number”.

The design of the body of the car is changed throughout its life and the style was originated by the model of the Audi 50 then the saloon version came which was marketed as Volkswagen Derby.

And after this when the Mk2 is launched then the name of Volkswagen Derby is changed to Volkswagen Polo Classic and the hatchback is renamed as a coupe.

Mechanically the layout of this car is like it has a traditionally transversely mounted engine and has front-wheel drive. As the early version of this is using the four-speed manual.

And all its six generations are having some same and some different characteristics. The suspension of all these models uses the independent MacPherson strut for the front part and twist-beam for the rear one.

volkswagen polo scaled

What is Baleno?

The Baleno is a subcompact car which is manufactured by Suzuki and this is manufactured by the Japanese in 2015 but there were some of the models which are sold between the year 1995 to 2002 which are named as Suzuki Baleno.

The word Baleno means lightning in Italian. And these cars are previewed by the UK-2 car concepts and then the first model of this is shown in the Geneva Motor Show in March 2015.

The car was officially first viewed in the public in September 2015 at the 66th IAA Frankfurt Motor Show. when the previous generation of Baleno was offered with the sedan, wagon, and the 3-door Hatchback it was demanded the 5-door hatchback.

The new model is based on some new ideas as this model is lighter than the previous one and shares the small swift and Ignis hatchbacks. 

Then in 2016 in Europe for marketing and the united kingdom too. And there it is trimmed into two-levels SZ-T and SZ5 and this is cheaper than SZ3.

Baleno are introduced in India in October 2015 this is optimized with 3 engines namely four-cylinder, 1.2- liter K12M petrol, and 1,.25-liters Multijet/DDiS, and three-cylinder turbocharged 1.0 liters K10C.


Main Differences Between Polo and Baleno

  1. Polo contains the brand name that is Volkswagen whereas Baleno has the brand name that is Maruti Suzuki.
  2. Polo engine type is 1.0L TSL Petrol whereas the Baleno engine type is 1.2L VVT Engine
  3.  The displacement of Polo is 999 as the fuel capacity of polo is 45 liters so it has a big fuel tank whereas the displacement of Baleno is 1197 because the fuel capacity of Baleno is 37 liters as it has a small tank of fuel as compared to Polo.
  4. Polo fuel tank capacity is 45 liters whereas the Balenos fuel tank capacity is 37 liters.
  5. Polo has three cylinders and an electronic steering type in it whereas Baleno has four cylinders and an electric steering type in it.
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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