Difference Between Golf and Hockey

 The thought of hockey can bring up many sports in someone’s mind as it is a collection of multiple types of sport, whereas golf goes with a calm sunny day spent in the grass playing a calm and focused need sport.


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Golf is even sometimes associated with luxury and comfort. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Golf is a non-contact sport played individually or in teams, while hockey is a contact sport between two teams.
  2. Golf is played outdoors on a large course with 18 holes, while hockey is played indoors or outdoors on a smaller rink with goals at each end.
  3. In golf, players use clubs to hit a small ball into a hole, while in hockey, players use sticks to hit a puck into the opposing team’s goal.

Golf vs Hockey 

Golf is a sport played on a large outdoor course with the objective of hitting a small ball into a series of holes in as few strokes as possible. The course consists of 18 holes; the player with the lowest number of strokes at the end of the round is the winner. Hockey requires skill, speed, and physical toughness to score goals.

Golf vs Hockey

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Golf is a ball game. It is played on big golf courses, all covered with grass. There are many holes planted in the whole golf course.

The ball is stroked with the help of a club and the motive is to complete the whole series of holes to complete in a minimum number of strikes. 

Hockey is a sport that refers to a lot of sports associated with teams and fields related to different weather. The weather can be both summer or icy winters.

Depending on the weather, hockey may be played on a variety of fields. These fields might be a sheet of ice or a gym’s dry floor. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Golf Hockey 
Main equipment Club and ball Hockey stick and ball 
Type of team Golf is played by individuals. Hockey is played by the whole team. 
Founding date 15th Century 26 November 1917 
Founded by Scotland Canada 
Country (National Game) Golf is the national game of Scotland. Hockey is the national game of India. 

What is Golf?

Golf is a game with a ball. It is played on large golf courses with lush grasslands. There are numerous rounds across the golf course. The ball is stroked with a club, and the goal is to finish the entire set of holes in the fewest number of strokes possible.  

The ball, golf clubs, gloves, towels, golf markers, golf cart, golf bag, and club heads are all utilized in the sport of golf as equipment and are necessary to play golf. The golf game is played individually and competed against the other individual. 

 The score is determined based on a smaller number of strokes. It was founded and initialized to get recognition in the 15th century. Golf was founded in Scotland country and is seen as a luxury game by many nowadays. 

Every country has a national game. Golf is the national game of Scotland. It is also a part of the Olympics. There are many different types of clubs available.

Woods, irons, putters, and wedges are indeed the 4 kinds of clubs used during golf. In a round, the golfer is not allowed to use more than 14 clubs. Each one of these is specialized for techniques or requirements. 

What is Hockey?

Hockey is a term that encompasses a variety of sports involving teams and playing on surfaces in different climatic conditions. Summers and cold winters are both possible.

Hockey may be played on several fields based on the climate. Those fields may be a layer of ice or the dry flooring of a gym.  

There are many types of hockey that exist, such as “field hockey,” “ice hockey,” “roller hockey,” “rink hockey,” or “floor hockey.” They all differ on the basis of weather or climate.

The standard equipment used by hockey is a ball, hockey stick, shin guard, mouth guard, helmet, cleats, goggles, goalie stick, gloves, facemask, body pads, kickers, and pads. 

Hockey is played between teams. There are 11 members in each team. Both teams compete with each other, and the motive behind it is to score the ball or disk in the other team’s goal to score.

The team with the higher score wins. Hockey was founded on 26 November 1917. The country which founded the hockey game was Canada. India is the country that made hockey its national game. 

Instead, a straight stick and an open disc (still referred to as a “puck”) with a hole in the middle are used in two important instances.

The first is a type of floor hockey whose regulations were written by Canada’s Sam Jacks in 1936 during the Great Depression.

Another example is a version that was subsequently changed in the 1970s to create a comparable game appropriate for participation as a team game in the recently created Paralympics. 

Main Differences Between Golf and Hockey 

  1. The equipment used in the golf sport are balls, golf clubs, gloves, towels, golf markers, golf carts, golf bags, and club heads, whereas Equipements associated with hockey are balls, hockey sticks, shin guards, mouth guards, helmets, cleats, goggles, goalie stick, gloves facemask, body pads, kickers and pads. 
  2. The types of teams associated with these sports are different. Golf is a game played individually, whereas Hockey is a team game. 
  3. The founding time of both these sports also varies. The sport Golf was founded in the 15th century, whereas Hockey was founded on 26 November 1917. 
  4. Scotland is the country that is responsible for founding the golf game, whereas Canada is the one that is responsible for founding the hockey game.  
  5. Every country has a national game. The national game of Scotland is golf, whereas Hockey is the national game of India. 
Difference Between Golf and Hockey


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