Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Golf Clubs

Golf is an outdoor game played in a large outdoor space. The playing space gets referred to as the golf course. A hardball is struck with clubs into a series of holes to score points.


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A gentlemen’s game, it has a huge fan following. There are influential names associated with the game. The clubs are crucial to the game. Both the men’s and women’s clubs get designed and created to suit their stature and swing.

Key Takeaways

  1. Women’s golf clubs are generally lighter, shorter, and more flexible than men’s, catering to physical strength and swing speed differences.
  2. Women’s clubheads are often designed with a higher loft angle to promote higher ball trajectory and better launch conditions for female golfers.
  3. Men’s golf clubs may be more suitable for experienced players with faster swing speeds, while women’s clubs can perform better for those with slower swings or beginners.

Men’s vs Women’s Golf Clubs

Men’s clubs are longer than women’s clubs, with standard lengths ranging from 45 to 48 inches. This is because men are generally taller and have longer arms. Women’s clubs are shorter than men’s clubs, with standard lengths ranging from 43 to 45 inches. This is because women are generally shorter and have shorter arms.

Mens vs Womens Golf Clubs

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The men’s clubs have a heavy head and have standard wood and iron rods. The length is around 35 inches or 35.5 based on whether steel or graphite.

The grip is longer to help in optimal swinging speed and accuracy. The grip of the men’s clubs is usually standard or midsized. The appropriate grip gives the right pressure.

The women’s clubs’ grips and shafts are usually in pastel. The clubs are shorter, lighter, and more flexible. The drive has a minimum 12* loft, and it helps in better distance speed and a higher trajectory.

The clubs have graphite shafts. It is softer and gives better flexibility and clubhead position.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMen’s Golf ClubsWomen’s Golf Clubs
FlexibilityIt is flexible.It is comparatively more flexible.
GripHas a small grip.It has a smaller grip.
Club HeadIt is high.It is comparatively lower.
ShaftMade of steel or graphite.Made of Graphite.
WeightIt is Heavy.It is Light.

What is a Men’s Golf Club?

The golf clubs have been designed to suit the male structure and the playing strengths. It gets essential for an individual player to utilize the perfect equipment to get the best out of the game.

There are various deciding parameters for the golf clubs:

  • Length- The standard height for a man is around 5′ 9″, and the length of the golf club is longer. The length of the club depends on the shaft, and the in type 1 iron shaft length is 39.5 inches, and for steel type 2 iron shaft, it is 39 inches.
  • Shaft-The shaft of the men’s club generally gets made of graphite or steel. It adds weight to the golf club.
  • Grips-Men have larger hands, so they play with standard to midsize grip, and they usually have a .600 inch core. The precise grip is crucial, as it ensures the correct position and appropriate amount of pressure during the impact. 
  • Lofts-The loft helps launch the ball in the air, and the men’s club has less loft. The loft is approximately 9 to 11* for men.
  • Weight-The weight of the club gets generally measured in grams. The weight is usually heavier than the women’s club, and this feature is an added advantage. It helps with the extra muscle mass and strength of men.

The men’s club has a massive head with a powerful rod. It also attributes versatile woods and iron shafts.

There could be an option for custom-making the golf clubs based on the style of playing and body structure. But these need approvals for playing before any competition.

What is a Women’s Golf Club?

From the early 2000s, ladies’ golf has gained a lot of importance. There has been keen research and development to enhance the quality of golf clubs instead of just creating a lighter golf club for women.

The various deciding parameters for women’s golf clubs:

  • Length-The standard height is considered as 5’7″ for women. 
  • Shaft-Graphite gets utilized for creating the shaft for women. It ensures the weight is lighter than the men’s club. It helps to increase the swing speed and the distance covered. They can custom make the steel option of the men’s club if they are keen on faster swing speed.
  • Grips-A women’s hands are not as large as men’s. So the grip is created accordingly. The grip is considerably thinner and is a .580 inch core.
  • Loft-Lofy helps to launch the ball in the air, and it has a minimum of 12* loft.
  • Weight-The women’s clubs are light in weight. The shafts get made from graphite, ensuring the weight of the club is light.

Though the color plays no role in the game, women’s grips and shafts are pastels. The women’s clubs are shorter, lighter, and flexible.

The club heads are sizeable and weightless. It enables easy to swing for women who have less muscle strength and slower swing speeds when compared to men.

Main Differences Between Men’s and Women’s Golf Clubs

  1. The men’s shaft gets designed to slow swing speeds. The women’s shaft gets created for more flexibility.
  2. The men’s shaft is made either with steel or graphite. The women’s shaft is made with graphite to ensure it is lightweight.
  3. The clubhead for men is high. The clubhead for women is small and light.
  4. The men’s golf clubs are heavy. The women’s golf clubs are weightless.
  5. The grip in a men’s golf club is longer. The grip in women’s golf clubs is smaller in diameter.
Difference Between Mens and Womens Golf Clubs
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