Nomad vs Kulager: Difference and Comparison

Numerous winter sports are played these days, either competitive or for recreation. The variations from the actual game to the winter sport make it more exciting too. The games are played in the snow, and the fast-paced nature of the games, as compared to usual ones, has its fan base. Ice hockey is one such sport, popularly played in the Russian Federation has an incredible fan following. Several leagues have been formed in recent years, and many have existed for a very long time. Two prominent teams in terms of huge playing potential are Nomad Nur–Sultan and Kulager Petropavl.

Key Takeaways

  1. Nomads lead a mobile lifestyle, moving from place to place in search of resources, whereas Kulagers reside in semi-permanent settlements and practice pastoralism, focusing on livestock herding.
  2. Nomadic communities engage in various subsistence strategies, including hunting, gathering, and small-scale agriculture, while Kulagers primarily rely on their livestock for sustenance and trade.
  3. Kulagers exhibit a stronger connection to specific geographic regions, maintaining seasonal migration patterns for grazing, whereas nomads may traverse larger distances and across diverse environments.

Nomad vs Kulager

The difference between Nomad and Kulager lies in the type of team they exist as. Nomad Nur–Sultan is a farm team that trains young and junior players to represent the nation, while Kulager Petropavl is a team that participates in league championship tournaments.

Nomad vs Kulager

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Nomad Nur–Sultan is a professional Ice Hockey team that participates in major league tournaments in the nation. At the same time, it is a farm team of Barys Astana – 2. An incredible team that had lost in its finals in the very second year of appearance. However, the team did not qualify for the semi-finals till now.

Kulager is also a professional ice hockey team in Kazakhstan. An active team with a good combination of players is recently formed. The team is participating in this season. Kazakhstan championship league has a good track record right from the time it appeared. The team has a good record in its home ground and has won the maximum percentage of matches played there.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNomadKulager
FoundedNomad was found in the year 2007 and played its first match in 2008.The team was formed in the year 2007.
TypeIt is a farm team as well as a part of the league teams.It is a league and plays 3rd tier championship leagues in Kazakhstan.
Home GroundKazakhstan Sports CentreAlexander Vinokourov
AchievementsWinner of Kazakhstan Championship in the year 2016.Runner up in Kazakhstan Championship in the year 2018.
International League AppearanceAppeared in the tournaments like World Championships and was runner up in the year 2019.Appeared in World Championship and was never in any playoff positions so far.

What is Nomad?

Nomad is one of the incredible farm teams hailing from Kazakhstan. Originally called as Nomad Hockey Club, it is also called Nomad Nur–Sultan. The team was formed in the year 2007. It was named Barys Astana – 2 initially and had its name changed in the year 2013. The name given then was Nomad Astana.

Farm Team: Nomad Nur–Sultan is a Farm team. It can also be called Nursery Club. One of the responsibilities of a farm team is to coach, train and offer experience to the junior players. Such players who perform well can be sent to represent bigger leagues or the nation too.

Nur–Sultan is a place in Kazakhstan, and that’s the reason it has been added to the league’s name. Nomad is a farm team for the team called Barys Nur–Sultan. The team was founded in 2007 and started playing in 2008.

The team played in the Supreme Hockey Championship League of Russia. The ice hockey championship is at level 3 of the premier championship tournaments. The team was placed in the 14th position during its first appearance. Though the performance was not up to the mark, it went to the playoffs the very next season. They had qualified for the finals but did not win the championship.

What is Kulager?

Kulager is again an Ice Hockey team in Kazakhstan. The name of the team is Kulager Petropavl. The last name is added like the Nomads, as it is the name of the place where it hailed from. It is a relatively recent team founded in the year 2015.

The team first appeared in the Republic of Kazakhstan Open Ice Hockey Championship. This is the top league championship in the nation. Kulager is a team like Bayers Astana and not a farm team as such.

Kazakhstan Championship leagues have 10 teams in the fray. Each team has an exclusive arena to play and practice. This was introduced in the year 2015, the year when this team was formed. With a 1000 people capacity, the Alexander Vinokourov Palace is their home ground.

Though they have not won the championships so far, the team reached the finals in the year 2019. However, in the year 2016, it stood 3rd in the points table, while the next year it stood 5th. The youngest player in the team is Artyom Politics. The nationalities of the team comprise Kazakhstan and Russian Federation.

Main Differences Between Nomad and Kulager

  1. The main difference between Nomad and Kulager is team tenure. Nomad has existed since 2007, while Kulager is a recent team formed in the year 2015.
  2. Nomad is a farm team and coaches the amateurs to become professionals, while Kulager is not.
  3. Nomad Nur-Sultan’s home ground is the Kazakhstan Sports Centre in Nur-Sultan, while Kulager’s Home ground is Alexander Vinokourov Palace.
  4. Nomad has had good achievements in its existence so far. It won the Kazakhstan championship in the year 2016, while Kulager reached to finals in the year 2018.
  5. Nomad has made international appearances and has also been a runner-up in the IIHF world championship, while Kulager has yet to participate in one.

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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