Mongoose Bat vs Normal Bat: Difference and Comparison

Sports equipment plays a major role in determining the quality of a sport. It is quite obvious that if the quality of sports equipment is better then the quality of that sport would get better too. The same is the case in cricket as well.

The game of cricket includes several different sports equipment such as balls, wickets, helmets, thigh pads, and other safety sports equipment as well.

Apart from all these sports equipment used in the game of cricket, the bat is another crucial piece of sports equipment without which the game of cricket cannot be played.

Just like other sports equipment, a cricket bat also comes in several different varieties. A mongoose bat and a normal bat are two such varieties of bat used in cricket.

Key Takeaways

  1. Mongoose bat has shorter blade and longer handle than a normal bat.
  2. The mongoose bat is designed to increase power and reduce its weight of the bat.
  3. A mongoose bat is more suitable for shorter game formats, while a normal bat is more suitable for longer formats.

Mongoose Bat vs Normal Bat

A mongoose bat is a type of cricket bat, which has a shorter handle and a longer blade, which is designed to give the batsman more power and control. A normal bat is a type of bat that has a longer handle and a shorter blade. It is designed to give the batsman more balance and maneuverability.

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It is believed that the mongoose bat was banned by the two most popular cricket associations of the world, that is International cricket council, also abbreviated as ICC, and BCCI.

The reason behind that is that a mongoose bat gives many advantages to the batsman over a batsman playing with a normal bat.

A normal bat, as the name suggests is a common cricket bat that is used while playing cricket. Almost all cricket players use a normal bat to play cricket.

The dimensions of a normal bat have a set standard, that is to say, almost all normal bats have a common set of dimensions. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonNormal BatMongoose Bat
Invented byCharles RichardsonMarcus Codrington Fernandez
Invented in16241771
Designed forTwenty20 cricket matchesAll types of cricket matches
Ease Mongoose bat is easier to handle.The normal bat is not as easy to handle as compared to the mongoose bat.
AdvantageA mongoose bat provides additional advantages to the batsman such as in hitting Yorkers.A normal bat provides no such special advantages to the batsman.

What is a Mongoose Bat?

A mongoose bat can be said to be an advancement to the normal cricket bat. However, many cricket players do not appreciate using a mongoose cricket bat in the game because the structure of the mongoose bat is designed in such a way that it provides some advantages to the batsman.

One of the structural advantages of a mongoose bat is that the wood used at the bottom of the bat is three times more than an average bat. As a result, the weight of the mongoose bat is concentrated at its bottom. 

Because of this structural design of the bat, batsmen can hit the Yorker balls and low toss balls at a greater intensity without even using a lot of power, unlike in the case of a batsman using a normal bat when he or she has to use a lot of power to hit Yorker and low toss balls.

Apart from this, a mongoose bat has a shorter blade and a longer handle, which makes it very easy for the batsman to handle the coming ball and hit it in the desired direction seamlessly.

Moreover, the weight of the mongoose bat is also very less which makes it easier for the batsman to control the bat and his or her moves.

What is a Normal Bat?

A normal bat is the most common bat that is used to play cricket not just by official batsmen but by common people too for recreational purposes.

Depending upon the age group of people, the size of the normal bat differs, but they all have similar dimensions in ratio.

Though there is not a fixed minimum value of dimensions when it comes to a normal cricket bat, a normal bat has a maximum level dimension specified. The length of a normal bat cannot be more than 965 mm or 96.5 cm or 38 inches.

Moreover, the maximum limit of a normal bat in terms of its width is to be 108 mm or 10.8 cm or 4.25 inches.

The maximum limit of depth for a normal bat is 67 mm or 6.7 cm to 2.64 inches. In terms of the edge of the normal bat, the maximum limit has to be 40 mm or 4 cm or 1.56 inches.

Lastly, the weight of the normal bat varies between a minimum of 2 lb 7 oz to a maximum of 3 lb, or in other words, it can be said that the weight of the normal bat has to vary between a minimum of 1.2 kgs to a maximum of 1.4 kgs.

cricket bat

Main Differences Between Mongoose Bat and Normal Bat

  1. The amount of wood used at the bottom of a mongoose bat is almost three times more as compared to a normal bat. On the other hand, the amount of wood used at the bottom of a normal bat is the average amount.
  2. The blade of a mongoose bat is about 33% shorter as compared to a normal bat. Whereas, the length of the blade of a normal cricket bat is of the average count.
  3. The handle of a mongoose bat is about 43% longer as compared to a normal bat. Whereas, the length of the handle of a normal cricket bat is of average size.
  4. The weight of a mongoose bat is lighter compared to the weight of a normal bat. On the contrary, the weight of a normal bat is heavier as compared to a mongoose bat.
  5. The structure of a mongoose bat is designed in such a way that the sweet spot of the bat increases by 120%. On the other hand, the sweet spot of a normal bat is lesser as compared to that of a mongoose bat.
Difference Between Mongoose Bat and Normal Bat

Last Updated : 16 July, 2023

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