Standard vs Normal Time: Difference and Comparison

The business world is full of targets. It also needs to have a close tab on the deadlines. The deadlines may be an End of the day or a week or a month, or sometimes pointed at a specific time.

Key Takeaways

  1. Standard Time is the uniform Time within a specific time zone, established by international agreement and used for legal, commercial, and social purposes.
  2. Normal Time, also known as solar Time or local mean Time, is the Time based on the position of the sun in the sky, which varies slightly throughout the year due to Earth’s tilted axis and elliptical orbit.
  3. Standard Time provides a consistent and uniform time measurement within a given time zone, while Normal Time is based on the sun’s position and can vary slightly throughout the year.

Standard Time vs Normal Time

The difference between Standard time and Normal time is that Normal time is when work should be done without any delays. Standard time is the time the worker takes to complete the job with unavoidable delays.

Standard time vs Normal time

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Every industry carries out the process of Work measurement. Work measurement is the process of calculating the time a person would take while performing a task, with respect to different performance levels.

Normal time also called the base time or levelled time, is the time that a trained worker needs to complete the task at an average pace.


Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonStandard TimeNormal Time
AllowanceThe standard time involves the allowances that are paid to the employees.The normal time does not involve any allowance paid to the workers.
Time constraintsThere are not many time constraints when a person is working under Standard Time.The deadlines are to be strictly followed here to complete the work.
DependencyThe standard time always depends on the normal or base time.The normal time is never dependent on the standard time.
Factors involved in calculationsThe factors determining the standard time are normal time, allowances, and fatigue.The normal time is determined from the observed time and rating factor.
Stress managementThe employee will not be subjected to high levels of stressThe employee has to undergo stress during work.


What is Standard Time?

Standard time is more used in industrial engineering for Work Management. 

There are techniques to determine the Standard time. They are:

  1. Tone Study
  2. Work Sampling
  3. Standard Data system
  4. Predetermined Motion Time System

The formula used in the calculations of standard time is:

Standard Time = Basic Time + Allowances


Standard Time = (Observed time * Performance Rating) (1 + PFD allowance)

  1. The observed time is the time the employee takes to complete the task.
  2. The Performance rating is based on the experience of the worker. An experienced worker will be assigned to observe and calculate it.
standard time

What is Normal Time?

Normal time is the strictest follower of schedule.

The formula used in the calculations of the Normal time is:

Normal time = (Observed time X Performance Rating)/100


Normal Time = (Standard Time – Allowances)

The normal time is devoid of allowances. Because allowances are provided only when there are unavailable delays. But these types of delays are not allowed in the normal time. There are three types of budgets. They are:

  1. Relaxation allowance,
  2. Interference allowance, and
  3. Contingency allowance

The relaxation allowance provides the employees with a budget to recover from fatigue. This does not happen in Normal times.

The contingency allowance is given when the delay is caused by any breakage of tools or power failure resulting in a work halt. It may also involve some legitimate things that might cause the delay.

normal time

Main Differences Between Standard Time and Normal Time

For a specific task following conclusion can be drawn

  1. There is relaxation for the workers working in standard time, but there is no such relaxation for a person working in Normal time.
  2. The employees will be physically and emotionally vital after completing the work when working on standard time.
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Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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