Difference Between Epiphone Casino and Epiphone Sheraton

If music is a companion, then musical instruments are the solution. The Epiphone is the top brand of producing musical instruments.


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The casino and Sheraton are two different types of guitars manufactured by Epiphone. They both have similar looks with many differences. The casino and Sheraton are favorites for the guitarist.

Epiphone Casino vs Epiphone Sheraton

The difference between Epiphone casino and Sheraton is that their body structure. The casino has a hollow body, while the Sheraton has a semi-hollow body. The casino is lighter in weight. The Sheraton is heavier in weight. The casino has a 2-p 90s pick, and the Sheraton has a mini-humbuckers. The casino has a fixed bridge, while the Sheraton has Tune-o-Matic one. Unlike a casino, an Epiphone Sheraton tailpiece does not give a semi-vibrato sound.

Epiphone Casino vs Epiphone Sheraton

The casino is a hollow structured guitar. The casino is an electric guitar. The casino is manufactured in four countries, namely the united states, china, Korea, and Japan.

It has a set neck joint, and the size of the casino is 24.75 inches. The casino has a maple body that is introduced in 1961.

The casino is available in Vintage Sunburst, Turquoise, Natural colors. It has rosewood on most models, ebony on some models.

The Sheraton is a semi-hollow structured guitar. The Sheraton has a set neck joint, and the size of the Sheraton is 24.75 inches. It has a laminated maple body with a mahogany neck.

The Sheraton is made of rosewood. The Sheraton is available in Natural, Sunburst, and Cherry colors. The Sheraton is introduced in the period between 1959 and 1970.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonEpiphone CasinoEpiphone Sheraton
Body structureThe casino has a hollow body structureSheraton has a semi-hollow body structure
WeightThe casino is lighter in weightSheraton is heavier in weight
Tailpiece soundThe casino delivers a semi-vibrato sound in the tailpieceSheraton does not produce sound in the tailpiece.
Tailpiece structureThe casino has a trapezoid tail-piece.Sheratons has a Frequensator tail-piece.
BridgeThe casino has a fixed bridge.Sheraton has a Tune-o-Matic bridge.
ToneThe casino gives an aggressive or raw tone.Sheraton gives a smoother tone.

What is Epiphone Casino?

The Casino is the hollowed guitar manufactured by Epiphone.

It has two Gibson P-90 pickups. It produces a louder sound without amplification. It has a thin line hollowed structure. The older versions of the casino have spruce tops.

In 1970, the casino headstock is set at a 17-degree angle. There are five laminated layers on the top. The layers are maple and birch.

By using John Lennon models, The casinos are made with14 degree headstock. The current versions of Casino have laminated maple top, sides, and back, and a mahogany neck.

The casino is a small breakthrough for the Epiphone company. It has a natural story to describe its production. In 1957, the Epiphone merge with Gibson and produce large archtops.

From that new era of guitars are arrived. The casino’s clear Hollowbody structure gives a clear ringing tone that is pushed whenever needed.

It is suitable for stage performance and for studio recordings. The popular player’s John Lennon and George Harrison soon bought their own and used their Casinos on stage.

The casino does not have sustain block like the recent semi-acoustics. The sustain block can make the top resonate freely. These features give the casino more susceptible feedback.

It made distorted lead sounds and not delicate sounds. It has unique dynamics with a better and proper piece of wood. The casino will be able to make a guitar for life.

epiphone casino

What is Epiphone Sheraton?

The Sheraton is a semi-hollow structured guitar manufactured by Epiphone. The Sheraton was provided with an assortment of the glued-in neck, in accordance with Gibson’s conventional practice.

The Sheraton’s headstock featured Epiphone’s traditional fancy vine (or “tree of life”) inlay on its headstock, while its fretboard featured a block and triangle (or “V”) inlay of mother-of-pearl and abalone, as well as binding on the fretboard’s surface, inset slightly from the outer edges.

In 1958, The Sheraton was introduced with specs. The Sheraton has a thin body double-cutaway semi-hollow body. It has a maple top with two volumes and two tone controls.

It has a tune-o-Matic bridge that makes a delicate sound. From 1961 the parts are changed with Gipsons. It has cells with mini-humbuckers.

The cherry red finished Sheraton is the rarest guitar in 1960. That is the Sheraton era with Gipson.

In 1986. the Sheraton II was introduced. It has only one difference that is the tailpiece design. The Sheraton II has since been replaced by the Sheraton II Pro with its unique properties.

Sheraton and Sheraton II were the principal guitars used by blues legend John Lee Hooker. Epiphone launched a trademark John Lee Hooker Sheraton and Sheraton II in 2000, the year before his departure.

epiphone sheraton

Main Differences Between Epiphone Casino and Epiphone Sheraton

  1. The casino has a hollow body structure, and Sheraton has a semi-hollow body structure.
  2. The casino is lighter in weight, and Sheraton is heavier in weight.
  3. The casino delivers a semi-vibrato sound in the tailpiece, and Sheraton does not produce sound in the tailpiece.
  4. The casino comes with a trapezoid tail-piece, and Sheratons came with a Frequensator tail-piece.
  5. The casino gives an aggressive or raw tone, and Sheraton gives a smoother tone.


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