Epiphone Dot vs Sheraton: Difference and Comparison

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Here you will see the difference between the Epiphone dot and the Sheraton, two musical instruments, particularly guitars, which are utilized in music production.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Epiphone Dot is a more affordable semi-hollow body guitar, while the Sheraton is a higher-end model.
  2. Sheraton guitars have more intricate inlays and binding, giving them a more luxurious appearance than the Dot.
  3. The Gibson ES-335 inspires both guitars, but the Sheraton has a more distinct design and upgraded hardware.

Epiphone Dot vs Sheraton

The Epiphone Dot is a semi-hollow body electric guitar that is modelled after the iconic Gibson ES-335. It features a maple top, back, and sides, a mahogany neck, etc.  The Epiphone Sheraton is another semi-hollow body electric guitar that is modelled after the Gibson ES-335.Sheraton has some additional features that set it apart from the Dot.

Epiphone Dot Vs Sheraton

Epiphone is a well-known brand in the guitar market, and the Epiphone Dot is considered the more economical version of the legendary Gibson ES-335 because of its semi-hollow archtop construction.

According to customer reviews, this guitar plays well constructed, has a powerful tone, and is quite adjustable. The Epiphone Dot has a layered maple body, a cemented mahogany neck, and a rosewood fretboard.

As Epiphone was a very well guitar brand, it also produces the Sheraton electric guitar, which is well-known. The Sheraton, like the original ES-335, was produced in 1959.

The semi-hollow body style with nicer fretboard inlays is shared by these two guitars (Sheraton and Gibson ES-335). Aside from the original Sheraton, various models such as the Sheraton II and Sheraton II Pro are available.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonEpiphone DotSheraton
Meaning The Epiphone Dot is referred to as a partially-hollowed archtop electric instrument.Sheraton is referred to as a semi-hollow body electric guitar with finer fretboard inlays.
Sound Because it employs full-sized humbuckers, the Epiphone dot produces thick and clean tones.Because it is equipped with a mini-humbuckers, Sheraton produces a smooth and pleasant tone.
MaterialRosewood is utilized for the fretboard on the Epiphone Dot.Pau Ferro is the material used in the Sheraton fretboard.
ControlsThere are two volume and tone controls, as well as a three-way pickup selection, on the Epiphone dot controls.Two volume controls with coil-splitting, a three-way pickup choice, and tone control make up the Sheraton controls.
BridgeLockTone Tune O-Matic rack and halt bench tailstock support the Epiphone dot.Epiphone LockToneTM Tune-o-Matic supports Sheraton.

What Is Epiphone Dot?

The Epiphone Dot is a partially-hollowed close to the original instrument released by Epiphone, a Gibson subsidiary, in 1997.

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At this, the big edge of initial pricing, the Epiphone dot is seen as an extra accessible companion to the “Gibson ES 335.”

By the comments, it’s a well-built, adaptable guitar with a seamless, strong tone that is appropriate for jazzy, bluesy, and some rock styles but tends to lack the bigger return required for heavy metal.

The partially hollowed Epiphone Dot’s layer is made of laminated maple.

A strong mahogany or maple railings has two versatile “wings” with f-holes on either side upon which the sensors, bridge, and tailstock are attached, reducing feedback compared to an entirely concave body instrument.

It possesses a rosewood fingerboard and a glued-in mahogany neck (pre-2008, maple).

The dot in “Epiphone Dot” refers to the basic dots on the fretboard markings, as opposed to the more intricate block inlays found on other Epiphone guitars, such as the Sheraton.

It features a three-way selector lever that lets the musician choose either or both pickups; two alnico humbucker pickups; a tune-o-Matic inlet; and a brake bench bottom part.

Music genres including rock, funk, and jazz are better suited to the Epiphone Dot. The dot inlays on the fretboard inspired the name “DOT” for this instrument.

Dot Royale, Dot Super VS, Dot Deluxe, and Dot Studio are some of the most popular Epiphone DOT models. 

epiphone dot scaled

What Is Sheraton?

Epiphone makes the Sheraton guitar. The Sheraton is an electric instrument, (partially-acoustic) with a Thinline.

Regardless of the fact that the Sheraton and all of its versions were launched by the Gibson Guitar Firm, Epiphone remains the exclusive manufacturer.

The trunk of the Sheraton was constructed around the same period as the design of the similar, but less elegant, ES-335 model, which had the same double-rounded trumpet design as the 335 and identical electronics placement.

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In conformity with Gibson’s typical practice, the Sheraton was equipped with a mended, glued to the-in inlet. The Sheraton’s Frequensator tail part was one of its unique features.

The Sheraton had a frequency, but Gibson’s 335 had a stop tail part or, in certain instances, a vibrato tail part. Its inlay was another distinguishing characteristic.

Dot inlays were used on the neck of the 335 at first but were gradually replaced by frames. The Sheraton has a frame and a triangular inlay on the neck, as well as a decorative vine.

The Sheraton is a 1958–1970 model featuring a thick maple core block, a maple topping (on the back and sides), a thin line, and a semi-hollowed structure.

It has a 5-piece set mahogany collar, a branch of life headstock design, and a rosewood fingerboard with V frame patterns.

It has two mini-humbucker coils, two New York pickups, and two-tone and volume knobs in terms of electronics. It boasts gold hardware, reflector and carousel knobs, and a frequensator tailpiece. 

Sheraton is available in a variety of colors, including ebony, sunburst, cherry red, and natural.

sheraton guitar

Main Differences Between Epiphone Dot and Sheraton

  1. The Epiphone Dot acoustic instrument is a partially hollowed archtop, whereas the Sheraton is a partially-hollowed body acoustic instrument with a more finely inlaid fretboard.
  2. The Epiphone Dot provides deep and clear tones due to the use of full-sized humbuckers, whilst the Sheraton produces a smooth and pleasing tone due to the use of mini-humbuckers.
  3. The fretboard on the Epiphone Dot is made of rosewood, whilst the Sheraton fretboard is made of Pau Ferro.
  4. The Epiphone dot controls have two volume and tone controls as well as a three-way pickup selector, while the Sheraton controls include two volume controls with coil-splitting, a three-way pickup selection, and tone control.
  5. The Epiphone dot is supported by the LockTone Tune O-Matic frame and stop bar tailstock, whereas the Sheraton is supported by the Epiphone LockTone Tune-o-Matic. 
Difference Between Epiphone Dot and Sheraton
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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