Difference Between Wynn and Encore

Both Wynn and Encore are luxury hotels and resorts owned by Wynn Resorts Limited which is run by Steve Wynn at its head.


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Both of them are among the best hotels and resorts that the US has to offer and given its location, it attracts a large number of well-to-do guests throughout the year.

The hotels tend to be on the pricier end owing to their renowned hospitality and in-room services as well as their architectural framework.

Wynn vs Encore

The difference between Wynn and Encore is that Wynn is the older of the two sister resorts with a more Royal approach to the interior decor while Encore was opened to public use around three years after Wynn and its approach to interior decor has a huge influence on the modern aspects of society thereby adopting a contemporary room decor.

Wynn vs Encore

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Wynn also called the Wynn Las Vegas resort is a luxurious resort and hotel located in a magnanimous land area spaciously separated into casinos, pools, activity lounges, and multi-roomed towers with rooms ranging from standard to suite rooms.

Not only for leisure time vacationing but also a great business meeting spot providing world-class hospitality.

Encore is usually called the sister hotel and resort to the Wynn hotel as it’s owned by the same person. A few distances away from Wynn, it is quite a luxury stay as Wynn.

A greater room capacity and pool access highlight one’s stay at Encore where all the rooms are ranked at a suite room index level.

Being entwined to Wynn, it has as good hospitality as the sister hotel providing a great spot for a family vacation so as well as confidential meetings.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonWynnEncore
Year the Establishment was Opened to Public20052008
Room SizesSmaller with 640 square feetBigger with 745 square feet
Calm and QuietnessLess noisyNoisier in comparison
RestaurantsMore in numberLess in number
Room DecorLuxurious with hues of white and goldModern with hues of white and black

What is Wynn? 

Wynn is a luxury hotel that is also accompanied by an adjacent resort and casino within the same compound. This luxury hotel group hovers over a large area of 85 hectares of land dominating the majority of the strip in Las Vegas.

Its precise location could be pinned at Paradise, Nevada that is common knowledge to be along the strip at Las Vegas.

Wynn hotel is known to be one of the best hotels and resort groups in all of the US giving it the credibility that most guests look for before confirming bookings at the hotel.

They have been accredited with five-star ratings from Michelin and Mobil among many others.

This five-star title was earned through a well-disciplined staff ready to lend their help to the guests at all times without the slightest hesitation.

Wynn hotel also holds a luxurious car dealership that is one of its main profit gainers and has attained massive momentum over the years.

Their combined dealership is called the Ferrari- Penske- Wynn Ferrari- Maserati. The sale of high-range sports cars gives them a marginally great income flow.

Wynn tends to be less expensive when compared to the sister hotel that giving it a higher customer demand.

The interiors of the hotel and the resort seem to follow a specific genre that gives the entire place a uniformity and sense of comfort especially for those with OCD.

They have followed Royal angled furniture followed by the color shades of white and gold going into an ombre mixture. This gives the rooms, be it a standard room or a suite, a bright and luxurious tone with a hint of calm and peace.

As there are no night or day clubs and pool parties at Wynn, the place is perfect for a quiet stay or for a silent cool-off treatment to clear one’s mind.

Even though it is less expensive, the rooms are small with just about 640 square feet for the standard ones, and the suite rooms are a bit larger than the former.

The restaurant numbers are greater at Wynn thereby giving access at all times but guests at Wynn can’t have access to the pools at Encore.

What is Encore? 

Encore is a luxury hotel and resort that holds its casino. It is also called Encore Las Vegas, owned by the Wynn Resorts Limited headed by Steve Wynn.

It was opened for public use much later than its construction was completed because until then, it had been used for private gatherings or business meetings considered highly confidential.

By the time it was 2008, it had been opened for public bookings and stays. Encore gained public access three years after the inauguration of its sister hotel, Wynn.

The rooms are considered to be expensive here at the Encore when compared to most other hotels and resorts under the Wynn Resorts Limited.

But the price paid does give way to a more spacious room with about 745 square feet area that is for standard suite rooms. The rooms are almost all arranged in the same manner. It is all divided into two main viewing spaces.

One of the areas is converted to the bed space with a double king size bed and other necessary furniture including a dresser and wall mirror along with a wardrobe.

The second area is styled to be the living room with minimal furniture and a wider-spaced clutter-free zone. The TV placed at a common wall swivels to be viewed from both the room demarcations.

The decor persisting in most parts of the hotel tends to be minimal and soothing. This decor type has been followed not just for the rooms but also for the hotel’s lobby and corridors, etc.

The modern decor style with a semi contemporary touch to it has given the rooms a present-day aesthetic enjoyed more by youngsters.

Owing to its location, it is a bit of a walk from the Strip at Las Vegas. As Encore has day pool parties and nightclubs, it tends to be noisier most of the day and night.

All the rooms available at Encore are suite rooms that have no breakfast dine-in facility restaurants, but either in-room dining could be arranged or the guests have to go to Wynn to have breakfast at the restaurant there.

Main Differences Between Wynn and Encore

  1. While the rooms at Encore tend to be more spacious and clutter-free, the rooms at Wynn are smaller in comparison with decor that makes it look filled with furniture. 
  2. Wynn holds a car dealership with Ferrari giving it a greater profit value while Encore concentrates on the smooth running of the hotel and resort alone and is sufficed with its profit. 
  3. The decor at Wynn is a bit at a Royal level with the hues of hold and white dominating the entire hotel and resort whereas at Encore, they have followed a minimalistic decor pattern with the modern contemporary styled suites. 
  4. Encore gas has fewer rooms in comparison to Wynn. Encore has about 2034 rooms while Wynn has a greater margin of 2716 rooms. 
  5. While the guests at Encore could use the pools and other amenities at Wynn, the guests from Wynn cannot access the pools and the club parties held at Encore. But the restaurants in both are open to all guests irrespective of either of the hotels. 
Difference Between Wynn and Encore
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