Chevy Tahoe LS vs Tahoe LT: Difference and Comparison

LT and LS are two variations of trim levels that come with the Chevrolet Tahoe SUV. Trim levels decipher the specifications and features that come with the vehicle.

Understanding the difference between Chevy Tahoe LS and Tahoe LT trim levels can help a customer choose which one suits them better while making a purchase.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Chevy Tahoe LS and LT are trims of the Chevrolet Tahoe full-size SUV, with the LT being a more upscale, feature-rich option.
  2. The Tahoe LT offers additional standard features such as leather-appointed seating, a Bose audio system, and heated front seats compared to the LS.
  3. The LT trim also provides more available options for customization, including upgraded safety features and advanced infotainment systems.

Chevy Tahoe LS vs Tahoe LT

The difference between Chevy Tahoe LS and Tahoe LT is that Chevy Tahoe LS has a base trim level that offers impressive features but comes at a relatively lower price, whereas Tahoe LT has a premium trim level that comes with upgraded technology and interior features but at a higher price.

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Chevy Tahoe LS has a lower trim level out of the two. Regardless, it offers many features that ensure a safe and satisfactory ride.

These include premium cloth front bucket seats, 18-inch aluminium wheels, rear park assist, manual liftgate, remote keyless entry and even Tri-zone automatic climate control.

Meanwhile, Chevy Tahoe LT has a higher trim level as compared to the former. This means that it provides several premium and additional features.

These include leather-appointed front bucket seats, 20-inch Aluminium wheels, forward collision alert, a safety alert seat, a universal home remote and a Bose premium nine-speaker audio system.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonChevy Tahoe LSTahoe LT
Trim LevelChevy Tahoe LS has a lower trim level.Chevy Tahoe LT has a higher trim level.
Seat MaterialIts seats have a cloth covering.Its seats have a leather covering.
Interior designIt has a basic interior design.It has an upgraded interior design over LS.
Audio SystemIt has a standard Radio HD audio system.It has a Bose premium nine-speaker audio system.
InfotainmentIt has no infotainment facilities.It has a Chevy infotainment 3 plus system.
SunroofThe vehicle does not have a sunroof.The vehicle has a sunroof.
SafetyThe vehicle has standard safety features.The vehicle has premium safety features, making it a relatively safer SUV.

What is Chevy Tahoe LS?

Chevrolet Tahoe is a large-sized SUV that General Motors released. It comes in various trim levels, out of which LS is one.

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This base-level option has various features at a relatively affordable cost. However, despite having a large body and large engine size, it has been criticized for delivering a considerably low mileage.

The sport utility vehicle is a 9-seater SUV that is available with 5.3-litre and 6.2-litre gasoline engines and V8 engines. It has a horsepower of 355 at 5600 RPM and a torque of 519 Nm at 4100 RPM.

The induction is atmospheric, and the transmission is a 10-speed automatic one.

Chevy Tahoe LS is quite popular for its considerably large dimensions, cargo room and third-row passenger room. It is comfortable to drive because of its soft suspension setup.

Moreover, it comes in two styles, allowing customers to choose between rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. The seats are made of cloth, and the steering has a leather cover.

Despite its impressive features, one of the downsides of the car is that it only comes with a standard HD Radio audio system which is not the case with other models. Moreover, the car does not have a sunroof.

chevrolet tahoe ls 1

What is Chevy Tahoe LT?

Chevy Tahoe LT is another version of the vehicle, but it has a higher trim level. It is a 7-seater with leather seats. Most of its specifications are similar to the LS version, such as the engine, horsepower, torque and even dimensions.

However, what sets it apart is its audio system and sunroof.

The vehicle is fitted with a Bose premium nine-speaker audio system and even a 10.2-inch diagonal HD colour touch screen. It comes with a Chevy infotainment 3 plus system that ensures passengers have a good time in the car.

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However, all of this comes at a higher price. The car is more expensive than its lower-trim version, Tahoe LS.

Other features that make this car popular among the masses are a hands-free power liftgate, heated front seats, LED headlamps, following distance indicator, forward collision alert, HD rear vision and even a Z71 off-road package.

This makes it the perfect ride for long drives and road trips.

In totality, the LT version does claim to be an upgradation to LS. However, this is only in terms of comfort and entertainment. Apart from this, minor interior details make it stand out among others.

chevrolet tahoe lt

Main Differences Between Chevy Tahoe LS and Tahoe LT

  1. Chevy Tahoe LS has a lower trim level, whereas Chevy Tahoe LT has a higher trim level.
  2. Chevy Tahoe LS has cloth seats, whereas Tahoe LT has leather seats.
  3. Chevy Tahoe LS has a basic level interior design, whereas Tahoe LT has an upgraded interior design over LS.
  4. Chevy Tahoe LS has a standard Radio HD audio system, whereas Tahoe LT has a Bose premium nine-speaker audio system.
  5. Chevy Tahoe LS has no infotainment facilities, whereas Tahoe LT has a Chevy infotainment 3-plus system.
  6. Chevy Tahoe LS does not have a sunroof, whereas Tahoe LT has a sunroof.
  7. Chevy Tahoe LS has standard safety features, whereas Tahoe LT has premium safety features.

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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