Vista Ultimate vs Home Premium: Difference and Comparison

Windows Vista is a series of operating systems that Microsoft launched. All the versions are released worldwide and can be purchased and downloaded conveniently from the Windows marketplace.

Vista Ultimate and Vista Home Premium are two of the most popular editions with several differences.

Key Takeaways

  1. Compared to Home Premium, Vista Ultimate offers more advanced features, such as BitLocker and Windows DreamScene.
  2. Home Premium targets general consumers, whereas Ultimate caters to business users and enthusiasts.
  3. Vista Ultimate costs more than Home Premium due to its additional features.

Vista Ultimate vs Home Premium

Windows Vista Ultimate is an edition of the Windows operating system that has additional features like BitLocker encryption, support for multiple languages, etc. Windows Vista Home Premium is a basic edition that has features such as improved security and networking, and support for multimedia apps.

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Vista Ultimate, as the name suggests, provides users with ‘Ultimate Extras’ when it comes to features. Along with Home Premium, it includes everything that other business editions do.

It comes with Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption and MUI. However, this also means that the product is more expensive than Home Premium.

Vista Home Premium is another version of the series that was released way before Vista Ultimate. It comes at a lower price and does not have as many features.

Users are not provided with Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption for this product. Moreover, options for image-based PC backup and restore are also not available.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonVista UltimateHome Premium
LaunchVista Ultimate is a relatively newer addition to the series.Home Premium is a much older version that was a successor to Vista Home Basic.
CPUIt can support two CPUs.It can support only one CPU.
RAMIts 64-bit version supports up to 128 GB of RAM.Its 64-bit version supports up to 16 GB of RAM.
Backup and RestoreIt allows image-based backup and restoration.It does not allow image-based backup and restoration.
Small Business ResourcesIt provides small business resources.It does not provide small business resources.
Fax and ScanIt provides fax and scanner services.It does not provide fax and scanner services.
BitLockerIt comes with Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption.It does not provide Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption.

What is Vista Ultimate?

Windows Vista Ultimate is referred to as the best representative of the Vista operating system series. This is because it provides all the features and functions of the consumer as well as business editions.

Some of the most notable ones include a BitLocker encrypted file system and Windows Shadow copy.

The version of operating systems comes in two types. These are Windows Vista Ultimate Signature Edition and Windows Vista Product Red.

The Ultimate Signature edition was limited to only 25,000 copies. It came with a unique production number and had packaging with Bill Gates’s signature on it.

The Product Red edition had a social cause for its sales as a huge portion of the profits would support The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria. Earlier, it was only meant to be used on Dell PCs.

However, the company later made it available for various other platforms. It had several themes and wallpapers that were different from other versions.

The system could be purchased from the Windows Marketplace. However, it had the most expensive pricing out of the lot. Critics do consider it to be worth the price.

Large organisations with diversified usage requirements are better off purchasing it.

vista ultimate

 What is Home Premium?

Vista Home Premium is the direct successor of Vista Home Basic. It is one of the most sold editions of the series.

A number of additional features, such as media centre functionality, Windows Aero, Windows Flip 3D and integrated search, make this edition stand out.

It is quite similar to Windows XP in terms of functionality but has all its features, including those of Vista Home Basic.

The operating system even has multimedia features, including DVD burning facilitated by Windows DVD Maker, support for HDTV, and even support for Xbox 360 with its media centre.

It allows a user to play premium games such as Inkball, Chess Titans and Mah-jong Titans. Advanced networking features such as projectors, ad hoc support and simultaneous SMB connections are also available.

Vista Home Premium also comes with a Windows Meeting Space. This allows users to create new meetings and even join existing ones.

The touch features that it offers gives others serious competition. These include a Snipping Tool, capacitive touchscreens, flick gestures, and a Tablet PC Input Panel.

It differs from Vista Ultimate because it can support only one CPU at once. Being an old version, the 64-bit system can support only up to 16 GB of RAM, which may be looked at as one limitation.

vista home premium

Main Differences Between Vista Ultimate and Home Premium

  1. Vista Ultimate is a relatively newer addition to the series, whereas Home Premium is a much older version.
  2. Vista Ultimate can support two CPUs, whereas Home Premium can support only one.
  3. Vista Ultimate 64-bit version only supports up to 128 GB of RAM, whereas the Home Premium 64-bit version supports up to 16 GB of RAM.
  4. Vista Ultimate allows image-based backup and restores, whereas Home Premium does not.
  5. Vista Ultimate provides small business resources, whereas Home Premium does not.
  6. Vista Ultimate provides fax and scanner services, whereas Home Premium does not.
  7. Vista Ultimate comes with Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption, whereas Home Premium does not.

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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