Difference Between Amazing Spiderman and Ultimate Spiderman

For a fan of comics, childhood was filled with comic books and superheroes. For many, the craze for those superheroes has not been tarnished even now.


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For Marvel lovers, every character has a distinctive place, and their characteristics and superpower are subject of great seriousness, so the two versions of Spiderman and their distinctions and similarities are also a matter to ponder about.

Key Takeaways

  1. Amazing Spider-Man is the original comic book series featuring the classic Peter Parker character and storyline.
  2. Ultimate Spider-Man reimagines the story in a modern setting, introducing new characters and updated storylines.
  3. Both series showcase Spider-Man’s adventures and struggles, but Ultimate Spider-Man offers a fresh perspective for a new generation of readers.

Amazing Spiderman vs Ultimate Spiderman

The Amazing Spider-Man is the original Spider-Man series that was first published by Marvel Comics in 1963, created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Ultimate Spider-Man is a recent reimagining of the Spider-Man mythos that was first published in 2000, created by Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley.

Amazing Spiderman vs Ultimate Spiderman

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The Amazing Spiderman is the original version of the superhero, and it came out first by holding the hands of the Marvel publication.

Stan Lee created it, and this fictional comic book character held a place in the readers’ hearts as soon as it got released.

The Ultimate Spiderman was not so different but just a renewed edition of the previous Spiderman. It also gained popularity among people well as among critics.

This did not last as long as Amazing Spiderman. It introduced many new characters and kept the story going.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAmazing SpidermanUltimate Spiderman
Originality This is the original version of Spiderman. This is the updated version of the Spiderman story.
TimelineThis is going on for more than 40 years.This is a recently reinvented version.
MediumThis version had comics as a medium.This reinvented version also got featured in the films.
CreatorStan Lee and Steve Ditko created Amazing Spiderman.Brian Michael Bendis was the writer of this version.
CharactersHere the characters got introduced first.Many new characters were added.

What is Amazing Spiderman?

The Amazing Spider-Man is the name of a fictional comic story that got a superhero character as the protagonist. Spiderman is the main character of this comic.

It is an American comic book series that got published by Marvel Comics. The publication began in 1963, and a new adventure story used to come out bimonthly.

It was very regular but faced an interruption in 1995. Some of the editions are still in publication.

The Amazing Spiderman was made permanent once the Marvel publishers realized that only the first 15 editions of the Spiderman comic had fetched them more money than any other comic book.

The story gradually began to evolve and moved ahead with time. On the way, it kept adding new characters and new villains.

The creator of The Amazing Spiderman was Stan Lee, and its artist was Steve Ditko. Together they produced 38 issues till July 1966. After that, Steve Ditko left. However, Stan Lee continued as a writer till he reached the 100th issue. After that, several writers and artists continued the story of Spiderman under this publication.

What is Ultimate Spiderman?

The Ultimate Spiderman was a new comic book series, a reinvented version of Spiderman. It ran from 2000 to 2011. The only reason it got reinvented is that it was meant to be given a modernised touch.

The ultimate Spiderman took the original story ahead but added many new characters as well. Some of the new characters include Richard Parker, Spider-woman and Carnage.

The Ultimate Spiderman got a new writer named Brian Michael Bendis. If you are a devoted fan, then you will not fail to notice the difference in the artistry of the new version.

This is because the Ultimate Spiderman artists also changed with the writer.

The main reason behind this reinvention of Spiderman was its long backstory. As it ran for more than 40 years, the publisher of Marvel felt that new readers could not access the backstory of this famous superhero.

So, as a result, the reinvented Ultimate Spiderman got its birth. The renewed Spiderman caught the attention, fetching acclaim from critics and fans. Several initial issues of the comic got sold and collected enthusiasm from the public.

Main Differences Between Amazing Spiderman and Ultimate Spiderman

  1. Amazing Spiderman is the original version of the superhero Spiderman, but Ultimate Spiderman is the updated version of the Spiderman story.
  2. Amazing Spiderman went on for more than 40 years, but Ultimate Spiderman is a recently reinvented version from 2000 to 2011.
  3. Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created Amazing Spiderman, and Brian Michael Bendis wrote the modern reinvented version.
  4. The Amazing Spiderman made history as a comic for the first time. Later on, the Ultimate Spiderman got created, and it also got a place in the movies.
  5. The Amazing Spiderman had many characters involved, but in Ultimate Spiderman, although the main character, Peter Parker, remains the same, many new characters are introduced.
  6. The Amazing Spiderman did not have Spiderwoman, but the Ultimate Spiderman series introduced her character.
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