Difference Between Jodhpurs and Breeches

Jodhpurs and breeches, both belong to the class of trousers. Jodhpurs and breeches are differentiated in a way of their ending position on the legs. These are made for both men and women.

Jodhpurs are full length whereas breaches are shorter in length and finish just above the ankle.

Jodhpurs vs Breeches

The main difference between jodhpurs and breeches is that jodhpurs are full-length trousers of a tight fit and stretchable fabric that end up to just before the foot whereas breaches are shorter trousers made short in length and finish up just above the ankle. Jodhpurs and breeches are worn primarily for horse riding.

Jodhpurs vs Breeches

Jodhpurs are made comfortable, warm, and protected. They are tight-fitting trousers. Jodhpurs are often regarded as ‘jods’. They are cozy, easy, and restful for beginners in horse riding.

Jodhpurs reach perfectly to the foot starting from the waist. Their main purpose comes in horse riding. The fabric used is complex. 

Breeches are a bit short in their length. Unlike jodhpurs, breeches are made sportier and are more of jeans-type pants. They are worn and go a bit higher than the end of the ankle.

They are manifested in a thin fabric. A variety of fabrics can be used for making breeches. 

Comparison Table Between Jodhpurs and Breeches

Parameters of ComparisonJodhpursBreeches
Trouser appearanceThey are longer and end at the ankle, also the foot sometimes.Breeches have a short build and they end just above the ankle or below the knee.
FitJodhpurs are made with a comfortable fit and give a more relaxing experience because these are made extended.Breeches are available with velcro and are made very tight to cooperate with riding, hence less comfortable.
FabricJodhpurs are usually made with cotton-polyester blend complexes or spandex for comfort.Breeches make use of lycra, spandex, nylon, and other base fabrics depending upon their level.
OccasionJodhpurs are considered casual and are not strictly limited to being worn only during horse riding.Breeches are more formal than jodhpurs and are strictly worn for horse riding.
ExpenseJodhpurs are less expensive than breeches because they are casual and cotton-built mostly.Due to their more expensive fabric, they are costlier than jodhpurs.

What is Jodhpurs?

Jodhpurs are Indian-originated trousers that are worn primarily for horse riding. Jodhpurs are comfortable and give utmost care to comfort. They are full-length trousers rich in color options that start from the waist and go straight up to the foot.

During horse riding, beginners are bound to wear full-lengths like jodhpurs because they give total ease while riding.

Jodhpurs are thus built for beginners. However, they are warm while riding and cotton-polyester blend fabric is the comforting factor of jodhpurs.

For the sake of making casual trousers that can also be worn while athletes ride their horses, jodhpurs are made. Due to the long length, jodhpurs can be tucked into the socks while wearing boots.

Besides this, they can also be rolled up by a few inches at the bottom. 

Boots also come as an important riding gear while riding a horse. Jodhpurs are generally compatible with short boots. Jodhpur boots or paddock boots are used with these trousers.

Jodhpurs are made in such a way that the knee and the lower leg areas get protected while riding as a safety concern. Leather is harsh to legs for long and that’s why cotton blends or spandex are used for manufacturing jodhpurs. 

What is Breeches?

The origin of breeches has an interesting European background. Breeches are strictly worn during horse riding as essential riding gear.

Breeches are the shorter trousers that end up to the ankle or just above the ankle. Besides this, in some breeches, the end is just below the knees. 

Breeches are made extremely tight which comforts the act of riding the horse. They make use of some expensive fabrics to design breeches.

More importantly, nylon is an essential material to build breeches. Other than nylon, lycra, spandex, and polyesters are also used. Polyester blends are necessary as they give more durability to the material.

Polyester-cotton blends and cotton-nylon blends are also important fabrics in use. Breeches are more special because they are also facilitated by velcro in the bottom to let the passage of air for a more comfortable ride. 

Tall boots are generally used with breeches while riding because they are already short and this combination covers the entire leg which is advantageous in riding.

Based on the price category, breeches have more options like mid-calf or knee-patch breeches. Breeches are also harder to design and limited to horse riding only because the procedure is a bit complex.

Main Differences Between Jodhpurs and Breeches

  1. Jodhpurs lack several facilities whereas breeches provide more reliability like the velcro fastened at the bottom or elasticated build.
  2. Jodhpurs are not very versatile or durable whereas breeches are more adaptable and flexible.
  3. Jodhpurs are used by kids generally at a beginner level for riding whereas breeches are for professionals.
  4. Jodhpurs are affordable and can be worn for several other purposes whereas breeches are a bit expensive and manifested for riding purposes only.
  5. Jodhpurs are wearable with short paddock boots or low-raised boots because of their long structure whereas breeches are used with long and quality boots as they are made short below the knees. 


While selecting the most suitable riding trouser, finding the perfect fit is the most important factor. This starts from waist measurements, hip measurements, and inside leg measurements done by the tailors and trouser makers.

Jodhpurs and breeches are available with knee patches for maintaining sufficient grip during riding. 

Although jodhpurs and breeches are sometimes used interchangeably for each other, they have subtle differences which should be known to all.

The above-detailed study can be referred to for knowing all these differences. The choice of either breeches or jodhpurs depends totally on one’s personal preference. Moreover, breaches are getting more popular these days.


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