Difference Between Uggs and Emus

Winter’s cool and chilly days demand various kinds of equipment to stay warm. Winter comes in needing a heater and several other things like sweaters, scarves, mufflers, caps, boots, etc.


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These are essential to staying warm and surviving harsh weather conditions. Just as sweaters are necessary for surviving the winters, boots are also a part of the necessity.

The feet are the first to be affected because of the chilly weather. To keep them warm, boots are essential.  In today’s world, staying fashionable and stylish is something that is wanted by all.

Winter fashion is very popular; people pay keen attention to what they wear. Boots are an integral part of this too. There are so many different kinds of boots available in today’s world. Among the various kinds,  Uggs and Emus are two of the very popular ones.

Both of these are Australian brands that provide winter boots. They have suede boots and use sheepskin and merino wool so that they can keep the feet warm. They look very similar, but in reality, they are quite different.

Key Takeaways

  1. UGGs and EMUs are both brands of sheepskin boots.
  2. UGGs are made in Australia, and EMUs are made in Australia and China.
  3. UGGs are known for their classic style, while EMUs are known for their durability and affordability.

Uggs vs. Emus

The difference between Uggs and Emus is that Uggs fall under the category of an original brand and are priced on the higher end. On the other hand, Emus fall under the category of a generic brand and are priced on the lower end. 

Uggs vs Emus

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Comparison Table

Parameter Of ComparisonUggsEmus
CategoryUggs fall under the category of an original brand.Emus fall under the category of a generic brand.
Interlocking StitchUggs have a single interlocking stitch. Emus have a double interlocking stitch. 
PriceUggs are comparatively more expensive. Emus are comparatively less expensive. 
EVA layersThe sole of Uggs boots is made up of a single layer of EVA. The sole of Emu boots is made up of double layers of EVA. 
DurabilityThe Uggs boot does not last as long as the Emus.The Emu boots last much longer than the Uggs.
SupportThe Uggs are flat and do not provide any support.The Emus provide arch support. 
PreferenceThe Uggs are not widely preferred.The Emus are widely preferred. 
VarietyThere are no various varieties of Ugg. There are various varieties of an Emu.
Made up ofThe Uggs are made up of sheepskin.The Emus are made up of merino wool.

What is Uggs?

Uggs are one of the most popular brands of winter boots. In Australia, they have been known as the “generic” winter boots for a long time. Uggs is an Australian company that produces high-quality winter boots that are suede.

Uggs are made using sheepskin. They have fleece assembled on the inside. It is because of this fleece that the Uggs are so popular. The fleece keeps away the moisture so that the feet are warm and dry in the cold. The sole is made up of rubber and has just one interlocking stitch. 

Uggs are priced heavily. There are not many different kinds and styles available in Uggs. They have been built with a single EVA layer. All these factors make Uggs not a very preferred brand across the world. 


What is Emus?

Emu is another very popular brand for winter boots. They came into existence much later than the Uggs. They are an Australian brand and are often considered a “knock-off” of the Uggs. They are popular all around the world.

The Emus come in different and unique styles. They have an elegant and classy look which helps them to stand out among their competitors. Moreover, they are made up of merino wool. This helps to keep the feet warm during the cold days.

The sole of Emus has a double layer of EVA and has arch support which adds to the comfort. Emus are available at a lower price. They are very comfortable for the feet.

The insoles and outer soles of the Emus help prevent the foot’s rotational movement and the instep arch’s collapse. Thus it prevents any foot or knee pain. They are preferred all around the globe because of these reasons. 


Main Differences Between Uggs and Emus

  1. Uggs are often termed as the original brand, whereas on the other hand, Emus are often termed as the generic brand.
  2. Uggs are made up of sheepskin, whereas, on the other hand, Emus are made up of merino wool.
  3. Everyone around the world does not prefer uggs, whereas, on the other hand, Emus are generally preferred by everyone across the globe.
  4. Uggs are not available in various styles, types, or varieties, whereas on the other hand, Emus are available in various types, styles, and varieties.
  5. The price of Uggs is high, whereas the price of Emus is comparatively low.
  6. Uggs have a single interlocking stitch, whereas, on the other hand, the Emus boots have a double interlocking stitch.
  7. The durability of Uggs is lower, whereas, on the other hand, the durability of the Emus is higher. 
  8. The Uggs are flat, whereas the Emus have arch support.
  9. The sole of Uggs has a single layer of EVA, whereas, on the other hand, the sole of Emus has double layers of EVA.
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