Uggs vs Bearpaws: Difference and Comparison

Boots are a stylish foot accessory. Most of the boots cover a portion of one’s lower calf, while others might extend up to the leg.

Initially, boots were discovered to provide greater protection to the foot, but now they have become a fashion statement as well. Uggs and Bearpaws fall under the category of boots.

Key Takeaways

  1. Uggs and Bearpaws are two popular brands of sheepskin boots that share a similar style.
  2. While Uggs are more expensive and made with higher-quality materials, Bearpaws offer a more affordable alternative with similar comfort and style.
  3. Both brands offer a variety of styles and colors, but Uggs are seen as a more premium and fashionable option.

Uggs vs Bearpaws

The difference between Uggs and Bearpaws is that the Bearpaws are made up of cow’s skin, whereas the Uggs have their outer material made of sheepskin. Other than this, the two different types of boots also differ in terms of their appearance, sole, durability, etc. Also, Uggs are most popular in Australia and New Zealand, whereas Bearpaw was founded by Tom Romeo in 2001.

Uggs vs Bearpaws

Uggs are a kind of cold weather boots that are popularly known in the countries of Australia and New Zealand. The Uggs are made up of twin-faced sheepskin from both the inside well as outside.

Uggs can be worn by both men and women and hence are unisex.

Contrarily, Bearpaws are soft boots suited to the cold weather. These are manufactured by an American company named Bearpaw, founded by Tom Rodeo in 2001.

These are made from cow’s leather as well as sheepskin. They are unisex as well but are heavier to wear.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonUggsBearpaws
DefinitionKnown in Australia and New Zealand, Uggs are sheepskin boots suitable for cold weather.Manufactured by the brand Bearpaw, these boots are common in America and are suitable for cold weather.
MaterialsUggs are made from twin-faced sheepskin, and it has kangaroo fur within.Bearpaws are made from cow’s leather and have a sheepskin lining.
AppearanceThe stitching of Uggs is pretty smooth, but they slouch after usage.The Bearpaws have visible stitching, but they do no slouch rather uphold their upright shape.
SoleThe sole of Uggs is made from rubberized foam.The sole of Bearpaws is made of rubber.
FeelThe uggs are known for their softness, and they are light in weight too.The Bearpaws are comparatively less soft and are heavier in weight.
FoundedUggs were founded in 1978.Bearpaws were founded in 2001.

What is Uggs?

Uggs fall under the category of boots, a kind of footwear. These are used in cold weather areas as they are warm.

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Uggs originated in Australia as well as New Zealand but are now available internationally. These are made up of twin-faced sheepskin, and the fur used inside is of kangaroos.

The Uggs were founded in 1978. Initially, they were used for utility purposes. They were worn to provide warmth and protection to surfers, etc.

In many parts of Australia, they are still worn as slippers and are said to be unfashionable. But for the rest of the world, they have become a popular fashion trend.

The Uggs have fleecy fibres on the inside that absorb moisture and allow the air to circulate. The way Uggs are stitched is appreciable, as the threads aren’t prominent on the outside.

The Uggs tend to slouch and droop after wearing them for some time. The initially straight and hard leg of the Ugg boots loses its stiffness and droops.

The Uggs are known for their extreme softness and lightweight. Their sole is made up of rubberized foam, which makes them very comfortable.

The classic color of Uggs is tan, but they also come in other varied shades, including black, pink, fuchsia, etc.


What is Bearpaw?

Bearpaw is the name of an American brand that was established in 2001 by Tom Rodeo. It came into being to revamp the existing casual footwear system.

Hence they introduced Bearpaw boots. These were considered to be both stylish as well as comfortable.

The Bearpaw boots use cow’s leather to make their outer material, whereas, on the inside, it is lined with sheepskin. Later in 2018, the brand also started producing vegan boots that use vegan microsuede instead of sheepskin.

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Bearpaw produces these boots in various styles and shades.

The stitching of the boots is finely done, but even then, the threads are conspicuous. The fur inside is of sheepskin which makes the interior soft and cosy.

The Bearpaws are comparatively stronger as they do not slouch. They hold their upright shape even after multiple wears.

This is probably because the outer material is made of leather.

The Bearpaws are a little heavy. The sole used is made of rubber which makes them sturdy.

The absence of fleece lining causes them to be less soft. The Bearpaws are considered to be in vogue.

They come in a variety of colors like black, beige, pink, tan, green, white, etc.


Main Differences Between Uggs and Bearpaws

  1. Uggs are made up of twin-faced sheepskin, whereas Bearpaws use cow’s skin on the outside and sheepskin on the inside.
  2. Uggs were primarily used for utilitarian purposes in Australia, and to contrast them, Bearpaws came into being to provide stylish footwear.
  3. The sole of Uggs is made from rubberized foam, whereas Bearpaws have a sole made up entirely of rubber.
  4. The uggs are comparatively softer than the Bearpaws as they have fleece lining, which the bear paws lack.
  5. The Uggs have higher durability with regular wear as compared to the Bearpaws.
  6. The Uggs have smooth stitching, but they slouch, and on the other hand, the Bearpaws do not droop but have visible stitching.

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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