Difference Between Abs and Six Pack

Everyone loves their body when it is perfectly toned and shaped. Toning our body not only improves our looks but also our health and gives us more confidence in ourselves.


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Exercises build our body and also calm our soul and mind. When it comes to exercises, most of all desire to have abs and six packs.

Abs vs Six Pack

The difference between abs and six pack is that abs signify worked-out abdominal muscles while six packs mean growing big muscles over well-toned abs. It is possible to have abs and fat in our stomach but to have six packs, the fat layer needs to be burned and reduced totally.

Abs vs Six Pack

Abs workout involves toning the muscles in the stomach and abs workouts do not involve burning fats in the stomach.

Abs are an important part of our body as they support us in breathing and maintaining posture in our body. Hence working out abs not only adds to our body looks but also to our health.

Six pack is the four to eight visible rows of muscle segments with low body fat. It is similar to abs but involves the burning of fats.

Six packs result in the overall improvement in health targeting not only abs but the entire body. It reduces stress and helps in maintaining good posture in our bodies.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAbsSix pack
DefinitionWell-toned abdominal muscles.4-8 visible rows muscular segment.
Burning of fatsIt does not involve the burning of fats.It involves the burning of fats.
DietProtein riched foods like meat, pork or beef, etc.Fruit, fish, nuts, & green vegetables, etc.
WorkoutCrunches, plank, and leg raise, etc.Weight lifting, dead bug, & planks, etc.
ScopeAbs do not necessarily involve six packs.Six packs necessarily involve abs.

What are Abs?

Abs is the strengthening exercise of the muscle in the stomach. Abs plays a crucial role in our body as it helps in breathing and maintaining the posture of our body.

There are various exercises for abs but the most popular one for abs is crunches. It involves movement in four abdominal muscles and flexes spines.

There are other effective workouts which include planks, reverse crunches, leg raises, and bicycle riding (moving legs like driving the cycle), etc.

Exercises are said to be efficient when they are accompanied by diet. Consuming the required nutrients helps us in exercising and maintaining our body healthy.

The most important diet for abs is proteins which are enriched in meats like chicken, pork or beef, etc. It is also important to consume low-fat dairy products and avoid the intake of cheese.

There was a study conducted in 2011 and the results had revealed that abdominal exercises are contributing to the increased strength and endurance of the abdominal muscles.

It also mentioned that abdominal exercises do not have an effect on reducing abdominal fat.

Hence, it was proved that abdominal exercises are contributing not only to our personality but also to our health as abdominal muscles are efficient in the functioning of our body.

What is Six Pack?

Six packs are the 4 to 8 visible muscular segments in a body where there are low fats. It is more similar to abs with relatively low abs.

They are many exercises for six packs but the most important one for six packs is lifting weights. Gym trainers consider lifting weights applies pressure on your core and abdominal and burns off fats.

But without the gym, it’s possible to work out at home and develops six packs with planks, bird dogs, squats and dead bug, etc. The diets for six packs are fruits, green vegetables, protein riched foods, and fish, etc.

The unknown fact about six packs is it isn’t formed by abs exercises but it is already existing in our body and the reason why it isn’t visible in our eyes is because of the fat layers covering our six packs.

So working out our body does not form six packs but burns the facts and makes the six packs visible. For burning fats, cardio, strength training (lifting weights), and a low-calorie diet will be helpful.

Six packs help you to get a strong and well-toned core that allows you to stabilize not only your spine but also your torso during a normal routine, ultimately giving you a stronger and healthier lower back, reducing the risk of injury, and overall improved health and well-being.

Main Differences Between Abs and Six Pack

  1. The difference between abs and six packs is the presence of fats in abs while six packs require relatively fewer body fats. Hence it is possible to have abs without six packs and not the reversible.
  2. Abs contributes to our abdominal muscles in our stomach while six packs contributed to our overall improved health and well-being.
  3. Abs are formed by working out our abdomen while six packs are already existing in our body with fat layers covered and hence burning of fats gives rise to six packs.
  4. Abs are the pre-existence to six packs and six packs isn’t possible without the formation of abs while abs are possible with the formation of six packs.
  5. While abs signify our toned and worked-out stomach, six packs project the muscles in the stomach over the abs. Six packs generally make our muscles look bigger and stronger.
Difference Between Abs and Six Pack


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