Difference Between Bitdefender Family Pack and Total Security

Bitdefender is considered one of the top-list antivirus products, and it is the most trusted solution for viruses across the globe. “Both Bitdefender Total Security” (BTS) and “Bitdefender Family Pack” (BFP) are the two best products served by Bitdefender. The design of BFP is to protect 15 devices, whereas BTS can protect 5-10 devices.  


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Bitdefender Family Pack vs Total Security

The difference between the Bitdefender family pack and total security is that the BFP is a critical security system. It is used against all the internet threats related to Windows PCs. Absolute security is called the leader in cyber security software and has many active users.  

“The Bitdefender Family Pack” provides cross-platform protection to tablets, Windows PCs, and smart phones for up to 15 devices. This system is designed to protect more than ten devices. It has a single license, and it can protect the whole family with this single license.

On the other hand, total security is the security practice for the entire value chain of an organisation. It can support either 5 or 10 devices. It is the best Bitdefender line to protect Windows and other platforms, such as Mac.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonBitdefender Family PackTotal Security
DefinitionBFP is the best security system for Windows PC from internet threats.BTS refers to the product that secures the device without slowing them down.
CapabilityBFP can protect 15 devices.BTS can give security to 5-10 devices.
Safety processIt is made to protect Windows PC from online threats.BTS covers windows, Android, iOS, and Mac.
ApplicationsIt applies advanced AI and revolutionary technologies.It only uses cutting-edge technology.
Impact on performanceIt has the lowest impact on performance.It does not slow down the device.

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What is Bitdefender Family Pack?

“The Bitdefender Family Pack” gives the best security against internet threats on Windows PCs. It is called the most useful unbeatable threat detection that is applied for keeping internet threats away.

This system provides security to a whole family and is a single network security system.

The privacy firewall of BFP is used to block intrusions and filter the network’s traffic. The microphone, as well as webcam protection, is an essential factor in preventing eavesdropping.

BFP has been the most beneficial security system for the last five years. It is presented that AI or Artificial Intelligence is applied in this security software.

The use of different revolutionary technologies has been seen for detecting, anticipating, as well as instant blocking upcoming threats. Various systems worldwide run this security software to protect the threats.

BFP uses minimal resources and helps enhance the computer’s overall performance. The multi-layers protection of BFP provides security for documents, videos, and pictures from all kinds of emerging threats, such as malware.

This security system offers a hassle-free central account; therefore, one can use this system for securing different devices. BFP provide safe online banking to support customers from cyber-attacks.  

What is Bitdefender Total Security?

Total security or Bitdefender Total Security” (BTS) is considered the best line of Bitdefender. It is mainly used for protecting Windows and other platforms.

The platforms include Android, iOS, as well as Mac protection. The system protects different devices without harming the overall performance.

BTS is a critical system recognising viruses, malware, ransomware, and other software. It combines a security component’s bonanza and features in the “single integrated Windows package”.

BTS gives security to the devices without making them slow, and it beats other security software. The main idea of this system is to protect the devices against malware without compromising speed.

BTS is using innovative technologies to protect devices against the “zero-day attacks”. It has minimal impact on the performance of the system.

BTS works against all kinds of threats, from worms, threats and Trojans. This security system mainly delivers ironclad protection against the most advanced malware.

It consists of a feature that safeguards private life on various platforms. The most important part of this system is that it is a simple technology and does not slow down the device.      

Main Differences Between Bitdefender Family Pack and Total Security

  1. BTS can protect 5-10 devices, whereas BFP can save more than 10. Therefore, it is called that the main difference is the capability of preserving the number of devices.
  2. BFP security system is superior to BTS, and the first one is useful to protect a family’s devices. Another difference includes the price of both security products.  
  3. BFP is one of the best products of Bitdefender and is an extended part of BTS.
  4. BTS gives advanced security to the devices and protects from spam and malware, whereas BFP protects laptops, tablets, and mobiles.
  5. BFP provides protection from a “single central device, ” which is the best antivirus solution for large families. On the other hand, BTS offers top-level security to individual users.
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