Difference Between Bitdefender Internet Security and Total Security

Bitdefender Internet Security along with Bitdefender Total Security tend to be two distinct security options. They give advanced protection from threats and have some features which allow them to be effective. However, both of these have their differences which need to be known before opting for any one.


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Key Takeaways

  1. Total Security offers comprehensive device protection, while Internet Security focuses on online security.
  2. Bitdefender Total Security supports various platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, whereas Internet Security is limited to Windows.
  3. Total Security includes additional features not found in Internet Security, such as system optimization and anti-theft tools.

Bitdefender Internet Security vs Total Security

Bitdefender internet security revolves around safe internet surfing and browsing, blocking all malware. Bitdefender total security provides advanced and comprehensive security from online-phishing, malware, threats, with parental control, extra security tools, and digital optimization of the devices.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBitdefender Internet SecurityTotal Security
Number of devices it can protectIt can protect multiple devicesIt only works for Windows PC
Provides support toIt can only support WindowsIt gives additional support for iOS, macOS, plus Android
Security protectionProvides comprehensive security protection to a computer against malware as well as e-threatsProvides total safety to privacy and data
Parental ControlAvailableAvailable
CostLess expensiveMore expensive

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What is Bitdefender Internet Security?

Bitdefender Internet Security is an antivirus that protects Windows. It can keep your Windows PC safe from Internet threats. The antivirus includes unbeatable threat detection so that all Internet threats can remain away.

There is a privacy firewall present to block intrusions as well as filter your network traffic. To stop eavesdropping from occurring, the webcam and microphones will be protected also. There is a secure VPN so that complete online privacy can occur.

It can provide you with effective security as well as bonus features at an entry-level cost.

The Bitdefender Internet Security pack tends to be more than only basic protection. To allow users to have the best protection, it has some additional features. These include parental monitories, data encryption, as well as an advanced firewall.

The antivirus will provide one with the most comprehensive security to their computer so that malware and e-threats can remain away. This is why it will provide full safety to one’s privacy and even data.

It will constantly scan your device to see if there are any suspicious files. It then compares this with a list of some daily updated security threats. It can be said to be a top-tier malware as well as a virus detection tool.

What is Total Security?

Total Security is a feature-rich suite. It aims to keep your computers, phones, and even tablets safe from harm. There are some amazing security components as well as bonus features in a single integrated Windows package. It can keep your macOS, Android, and even iOS devices safe.

There are many bonus features such as VPN and even ransomware protection.

It is important to know that Internet Security’s parental content filter will not be able to handle HTTPS in different popular browsers. If one wishes to get full VPN access, one will need to subscribe separately. The support for iOS is even really limited.

It can be said that Bitdefender Total Security is Bitdefender’s top-level suite. This enhances the safety provided by Bitdefender Internet Security and even extends the protection to all popular platforms.

Bitdefender’s firewall will remain in the background and block outside attacks along with monitoring for programs that do not correctly employ their network collection.

It can sniff and block any deceptive websites whilst keeping your private details safe in the procedure. It can therefore provide one with protection against phishing.

It has an additional module that gives an extra layer of security to one’s files and keeps them safe from all kinds of malware.

Main Differences Between Bitdefender Internet Security and Total Security

  1. Bitdefender Internets Security has more advanced features unlike Total Security, This includes device speed up, device anti-theft, multi-device support, and more.
  2. Bitdefender Internet Security is cheaper to get than Total Security.
  3. Bitdefender Internet Security will only work for your Windows PV whilst Total Security can protect a range of devices.
  4. Bitdefender Internet Security has been made for those people who spend much time on the Internet whilst when one is not happy with the antivirus protection as well as security from web-based threats, they can consider Bitdefender Total Security.
  5. Bitdefender Internet Security is for internet freaks whilst Total Security is for those who are ultra-security-conscious.
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