Difference Between Bitdefender Internet Security and Antivirus Plus

When it comes to choosing the right security solution for your PC, you have many options. Do you want to install a free or paid product and what functionality do you need?


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Depending on how you use your computer and what security-related programs you have installed on it, you may prefer either a complete security solution that comes with everything you may need or a program that focuses only on malware.

Bitdefender Internet Security and Antivirus Plus is the first option that comes to mind. With all the new Bitdefender Internet Security, you can keep your PC secure and protected. The new features of the software are exciting, advanced, and quite easy to use.

Bitdefender Internet Security vs Antivirus Plus

Bitdefender Internet Security belongs to the first group, which makes it a comprehensive solution for protecting your PC. Not only does it come with the necessary tools to keep your PC safe, but it also tries to make things as easy as possible for users who don’t want the software to bother them much.

On the other hand, Antivirus Plus allows you to solve a wider range of tasks. Among the available product, features are a simple password manager, a secure browser for financial transactions, a file shredder for secure file deletion, and new effective protection against Ransomware Protection Trojans. The product is practically complex and successfully copes with the tasks of anti-virus protection.

Both Antivirus Plus and Internet Security are excellent at blocking harmful files before they have a chance to begin downloading, classifying links as safe or dangerous, even on social networking pages, and assisting in the discovery of weak places in your system and providing advice on how to address them. A personal firewall, parental controls, and camera monitoring are just a few of the extra features included with Internet Security.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBitdefender Internet SecurityAntivirus Plus
Intelligent AntivirusYesYes
Safe BrowsingYesYes
Webcam & Microphone ProtectionNoYes
File ShredderYesYes

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What is Bitdefender Internet Security?

Bitdefender Total Security software protects your computer against all types of malware, including computer viruses, worms, Trojan viruses, rootkits, bots, spyware, and more. Bitdefender Internet Security is one of the most effective security suites that has improved over time by protecting your computer systems from various threats.

Bitdefender Internet Security has powerful features to protect against spam, which means that you can block or allow various websites and email addresses that may be opened or viewed on your PC.

The antivirus of this security package is highly rated. Depending on your needs, it scans your computer in 5 different modes, namely: Quick Scan, System Scan, Selective Scan, Vulnerability Scan, and Rescue Mode. In Quick Scan mode, the antivirus will take about a minute to scan important parts of your system. 

This will set the Windows installation folder, startups, memory, etc. The System Scan option will check your entire system for viruses and malware. This model is very powerful and is the best option if you are afraid that your computer is infected.

In Custom Scan mode, you can select the files and folders you want to scan. You can fully customize the antivirus scanning features in this mode. You can select security levels, post-scan options, scan priorities, and scan window status. Finally, you have Vulnerability Scanning, where the software scans your PC for critical Windows updates, and application updates.

Bitdefender will install browser extensions for Firefox and Thunderbird and probably other browsers as well. The first time you run Bitdefender Internet Security after installation, you may receive several event notifications on your screen. The program, for example, will scan your computer for known vulnerabilities, usually in the form of missing Windows security updates, and notify you of them.

What is Antivirus Plus?

The first premium offering from the Bitdefender antivirus family is called Antivirus Plus. This edition is designed for those who simply require basic defense against threats including viruses, malware, and online dangers. Antivirus Plus includes excellent features like one-click security and negligible performance effect. 

Additionally, it grants you access to benefits like remote scans and Bitdefender account compatibility. If combining these characteristics, Antivirus Plus is designed for the average computer user and includes conventional functionality.

The features of Bitdefender Antivirus Plus are what you would typically find in premium antivirus programs. As an illustration, have a look at the Bitdefender-only choices like Photon and AI-based decision-making trends. 

Additionally, the business has unveiled some privacy protection options and a special browser for handling delicate data like transactions and all. The USB Immunizer, social network protection, and password manager are some of Bitdefender Antivirus Plus’s additional noteworthy features.

There is a license-per-PC pricing option for Bitdefender Antivirus Plus. There are different reasonable prices depending on how long the license is valid. In essence, you must pay $39.95 to acquire a Bitdefender Antivirus Plus license for one PC for a whole year. 

Having said that, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus can be installed on up to three devices for only $38.97, so it makes financial sense. The most expensive plan, which enables the installation of Bitdefender Antivirus Plus on up to 10 devices, is available for $159.95. 

Main Differences Between Bitdefender Internet Security and Antivirus Plus

Bitdefender Internet Security

  1. Multiple layers of anti-virus protection: signature-based method, heuristic analysis in a virtual environment (B-Have), monitoring the behavior of running processes.
  2. Parental controls that can be flexibly configured.
  3. Security management on home network computers. 
  4. Low system requirements and high speed.
  5. Anti-spam protection feature.

Antivirus Plus

  1. The Safepay feature of Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is another tool. This prevents keyloggers, identity thieves, and other snoops from stealing your account number or personal information during transactions – both shopping and banking.
  2. Essential real-time antivirus and ransomware defense for Windows PCs.
  3. While you shop and browse, Antivirus Plus protects you from phishing and online fraud.
  4. 200 MB per day per device, secure VPN for complete online privacy.
  5. The Cloud Scanning feature of Antivirus Plus now scans your local files using Bitdefender’s cloud server.
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