Facebook vs Twitter: Difference and Comparison

When the internet first came, there were not many things to do with it, but the innovation and technology did not stop there, in fact, it started from that point.

Among these inventions, there are social media platforms. They are among the best invention for creating a friendly environment. The most common example of such platforms is Facebook and Twitter.

Key Takeaways

  1. Facebook emphasizes social connections, while Twitter focuses on real-time news and updates.
  2. Facebook allows for long-form content, while Twitter has a character limit for its messages (tweets).
  3. Facebook supports various types of content, while Twitter mainly revolves around text-based posts and short multimedia content.

Facebook vs Twitter

The difference between Facebook and Twitter is that both of them were founded by different people in different years. Facebook was founded earlier in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, whereas Jack Dorsey Founded Twitter later on in 2006. Both of their headquarters are located in different parts of California, USA. Facebook is situated in Menlo Park, while Twitter is in San Francisco. Both of them have different types of audiences, but mainly the difference lies in what the audience is referred to as. On Facebook, the audience is mainly referred to as friends, while on Twitter, they are referred to as followers. They also focus on a different aspect. Facebook mainly focuses on the social graph of the audience, while Twitter focuses mainly on the interest graph of the audience. Except these, they also differ in terms of the life span of their content, characters of content, playing games features, etc.

Facebook vs Twitter

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Facebook is a social media platform where a person can add friends and relatives as his friends. It can be used for uploading status, photos, videos, etc.

Twitter is another social media platform where you can add people as followers and following. On this platform, you mainly upload a tweet or a microblog which will attract a large audience.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonFacebookTwitter
FoundersMark ZuckerbergJack Dorsey
Released in20042006
HeadquartersMenlo Park, CaliforniaSan Francisco, California, USA.
Focuses onSocial GraphInterest Graph

What is Facebook?

It offers several features, such as liking, commenting, or sharing someone else post. It allows video calling and chatting with friends online. It is the choice of the user whether he wants to share his content publically or privately with chosen people.

It is liked by many as it is a user-friendly platform where anyone can share their stuff with the people they want. There is a technical study required for using this app.

Some of the basic features Facebook offers are:

  • It allows you to add people like you and your friends and allows you to choose who can see your content online.
  • It allows you to maintain albums by uploading photos and videos, which can also be shared with your friends.
  • It allows you to chat and video call with your friends or share other information with them.

What is Twitter?

Following are some of the important features Twitter offers to its users:

  1. Enable grouping of people: in this platform, you can make groups of friends and relatives. Therefore you can share different types of tweets in different groups at your convenience.
  2. Autocomplete feature: it is a feature where you can find a particular person online by just typing text, and then you’ll get suggestions with whom you can directly share your tweets.

There are other features too that are available on the platform. It is mainly used to voice your opinion on a particular subject.


Main Differences Between Facebook and Twitter

  1. Facebook also has a feature for playing online games, where the user can play games available on the platform with their friends, whereas there is no such feature available on Twitter.
  2. Facebook offers features such as liking, commenting, and sharing a picture or video uploaded by their friends, whereas Twitter has features such as reply, retweet, and favourite of the uploads made by their followers/followers.
Difference Between Facebook and Twitter
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Last Updated : 19 August, 2023

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