Difference Between Twitter and KOO

Twitter is a highly used online platform for daily updates and news. KOO is an initiative of the AtmaNirbhar campaign and an ideal alternative for Indian users.

It may seem that Twitter and KOO are similar in their interface and capacities, but there are some prominent differences between the two platforms. 

Twitter vs KOO 

The main difference between Twitter and KOO is the order of the posts displayed on the platforms. Twitter follows a mechanism of displaying the most popular posts first, followed by the less popular ones. On the other hand, KOO is an application that aims to show the posts in chronological order. 

Chow Mein vs Spaghetti 1

Twitter is a web-based media and online news platform where you can share brief texts. These short contents are called Tweets.

These tweets are used to speak with your crowd and offer your considerations and perspectives. Twitter is a well-known application as you can scan over hundreds of engaging users at once. 

KOO is a web-based media application sent forth as an indigenous substitute to Twitter. The application has won the Aatmanirbhar application challenge of the Aatmanirbhar Bharat contest that took place in 2020.

It tends to be on the Google play store. It is proclaimed as a preferred application to impart perspectives and updates to an emphasis on strengthening Indian dialects. 

Comparison Table Between Twitter and KOO 

Parameters of ComparisonTwitterKOO
Headquarters It is headquartered in San Francisco, California in the United States.It is located in Bangalore, Karnataka, in India. 
Year of Establishment It was founded in 2006. It was founded in the year 2019.
Type of Business It is a public business.It is a private business.
Key Audience It focuses on the audience worldwide. The key focus of the application is on the Indian audience who may or may not be well-versed in English.
Sign-up type It uses an email address for registration and verification on the platform.It uses the mobile phone number to sign up with an OTP received on their devices. 

What is Twitter? 

Twitter is a popular micro-blogging application. It allows you to glare at various posts at once because of its engaging interface.

The distinctive feature of the platform is the restriction on the size of the tweet entry you can share with your followers and non-followers. 

It allows you to share messages with 280 characters or less. You can receive updates from your mobiles and laptops. 

This feature that sets Twitter apart from other social media is the brief message input. It compels the users to be witty, cautious, and particular about their tweets.

It is a fascinating application to be used as a consumer or to announce a piece of information. 

It is a free platform and allows you to share information in the form of tweets from the What’s happening tab. This tab is present at the side of the profile picture.

Tweets play a massive role in attaining more people and encouraging them to follow you to get your tweets in their feed. 

Twitter has grown into a multi-purpose platform. People share their thoughts, for public announcements, promotion of their works and services, bringing the spotlight to major concerning social issues, and more.

It is a hub of social, political, administrative, financial, and entertainment happenings all across the world. 

What is KOO?

KOO is an Indian micro-blogging platform. It started as a home-grown application for Indian users and currently has millions of downloads.

It has received massive public limelight by the Indian government which includes its mention on Mann Ki Baat by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

There are numerous eminent Indian personalities on the platform like the Union Minister Piyush Goyal, IT Minister Ravi Shankar, MPs Shobha Karandlaje, Digital India, India Post, My Gov, National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT), Cricketers like Anil Kumble, and Spiritual leader Sadhguru.

KOO began as the result of the conflict of the Indian Government with Twitter over the matters involving the ban of over 500 accounts on the grounds of spreading misformation, spam, and content that go against the guidelines of regulations set by Twitter. 

KOO follows a similar layout, elements, and interface of Twitter with a prioritization on the Indian audience. The platform allows you to stay in touch with the people you follow and watch trending topics. 

It also follows the same suite of hashtags element followed by Twitter and other social platforms such as Instagram. Such hashtags are present in the Trending section on the application.

KOO is a Swadeshi media platform and is cherished by a wide audience. 

Main Differences Between Twitter and KOO

  1. Twitter is restricted to the usage of English on the platform. KOO on the other hand supports a variety of native Indian languages like Tamil, Kannada, Telegu, Punjabi, Hindi, Oriya, Malayalam, Assamese, and Bangla.
  2. Twitter is a general app with no focus on any government or political party. KOO is developed as a government-supportive contents platform and focuses on the Indian government.
  3. The number of characters you can type on Twitter is 280. Whereas KOO supports 400 characters with the belief to allow users to express their views openly without restrictions. 
  4. Twitter does not support the Talk to type feature for regional languages. KOO, on the other hand, is the first social platform to support the Talk to type feature, and support in various native Indian languages as well.
  5. Twitter has over 290 million users globally. Whereas KOO has around 15 million users on the platform.


Twitter and KOO are integral applications to one another. They are embedded with engaging elements and capacities.

Twitter was scrutinized by the Indian government for its insubordination and activities towards various Indian accounts for leaning toward content from one side of a political reach.

Koo has received great favor and a high amount of supporters from Indian audiences. The feed of Twitter holds differences in terms of appearance and user experience. 

The feeds have 2 segments- People and Feed which allow users to search the content based on the recently posted content or the people they follow. Twitter and KOO are popular among their audience. 


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