Twitter vs Texting: Difference and Comparison

When compared to the past, modern communication has altered dramatically. Previously, people would convey communications to others via letters, telegrams, and carrier pigeons, or they would travel to the recipient’s location on their own. 

Twitter and texting play an important role in the communication of today’s world. Twitter is a social media platform that helps you interact with people all over the world.

Texting is another form of communication. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Twitter is a social media platform allowing users to share short messages publicly, whereas texting is a private, one-to-one or group communication method via mobile phones.
  2. Twitter limits messages to 280 characters while texting limits depend on the mobile carrier and device.
  3. Twitter enables users to engage with a global audience, while texting is more suitable for personal and direct conversations.

Twitter vs Texting 

Twitter is a public social media platform where users can post short messages, known as “tweets,” viewable to all users by default, fostering global conversations. Texting is a private method of communication using mobile devices to send text messages via Short Message Service (SMS) between individuals.

Twitter vs Texting

Twitter is a social networking website that allows users to communicate with their friends and family. It is widely used for entertainment, personal use, and contact with celebrities and ordinary people on a global scale.

Twitter, which went public in 2013, is a joint venture between Twitter and Square Inc. Twitter is now a mass communication enterprise with numerous world records. 

Texting is a method of authoring messages and transmitting them to others utilizing a cell phone and, of course, a sim card. A message has a word limit, and if you go over it, you will be charged based on the number of messages you send.

You can also send the same message to several recipients. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Twitter Texting 
Characters 280 160 
Hashtags They are used. They are not used. 
Charges Free May have charges 
Device Phone or computers. Only phones 
Phone number Not necessary  Necessary 
Internet Needed Not needed 
Delete Can be deleted Can’t be deleted 

What is Twitter? 

Twitter was established in 2006. Twitter Inc. still owns it. It is now one of the most popular messaging or social media apps.

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This software has a lot of features that set it apart from the competition. Twitter is a service-oriented messaging app. It is a messaging application system. 

Anyone can create a Twitter account and then update their status or news or tweet about whatever they like. Users have the ability to form groups as well.

Tweets sent through this software have the potential to reach millions of people in an instant. 

Many well-known corporations around the world own significant amounts of Twitter stock. A Twitter user has a Twitter app account.

This account is created by sharing the user’s details. This information comprises the user’s name, age, profession, category, class, and so on. 

Once the Twitter account is created, it is free to add followers and other data to it. Almost all celebrities now use Twitter, and their accounts are verified with a badge for formal proof. 

Twitter users can make posts about a variety of topics. Tweets, microblogs, and media are examples of this.

Aside from that, it has evolved into a political hotspot where major politicians address and manipulate the public. 

It features a user-friendly structure that is short, basic, and brief. It allows consumers to stay up to speed on the activities of their favourite persons.

The message transmitted by a certain person is viewable by their followers. 

The first tweet was sent by the company’s founder, Jack Dorsey, who was later sold. The event of tweeting from space occurred in 2009.

Twitter’s content is adaptable. To interact, people utilize hashtags, usernames, retweets, and responses. 


What is Texting? 

Texting is a casual means of communication that involves the exchange of short messages known as texts between persons using mobile phones. They are frequently utilized for urgent situations since they are easier to handle.

They don’t need an internet connection, only cellular data and a phone that works. 

Cell phones have the capability of texting. This feature is available on any phone, which implies that a user can utilize it on both a keypad phone and a smartphone.

To use this feature, the user must have a cellular connection on their phone. 

This feature is more trustworthy because it does not require an internet connection to convey information to one or more users. This text messaging capability also includes SMS and MMS.

SMS messages can be sent for up to 160 characters or more. MMS users can also send videos and images over a cellular data network. 

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The first text sent around the world was sent on December 3, 1992, over the Vodafone network. The most basic needs are a mobile phone and access to reliable cellular data. 

Initially, it was primarily used for alphanumeric messages, but technology has advanced. It can now transfer multimedia files as well.

Images, videos, and emoticons are examples of multimedia. 

Texting is used to communicate with family members or for business objectives. Text messages are also used by government and non-government groups to provide information to the appropriate individuals. 

It is utilized when a phone call is not necessary, but we cannot wait for the individual to check their email. It was a quick and concise means of communication that was employed in an emergency. 

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Main Differences Between Twitter and Texting 

  1. Twitter has a limit of up to 280 characters, whereas texting has a limit of up to 160 characters. 
  2. Twitter uses hashtags very commonly, while texting can not use hashtags. 
  3. Twitter is free of charge to use. On the other hand, texting comes with a little charge to every message. 
  4. Twitter can be accessed through phones, tablets, computers, etc. Texting can be accessed through only phones. 
  5. A phone number is not needed for Twitter, but it can be connected to the account, whereas a phone number is necessary for texting. 
  6. Twitter and its tweets can be deleted, whereas a text can’t be deleted. 
Difference Between Twitter and



Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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