Difference Between Six Senses Hotels and Four Seasons Hotels

Hotel is a place where people can pay to stay for a short period. The scale, role, complexity, and expense of hotel operations vary. The majority of hotels and significant hospitality firms have established industry standards for classifying hotel types.


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An upmarket full-service hotel complex provides luxurious facilities, full-service lodgings, on-site dining, and the most customized services. Six Senses and Four Seasons are two such large luxury hotel businesses.

Six Senses Hotels vs Four Seasons Hotels

The difference between Six Senses hotels and Four Seasons hotels is that even though Six Senses debuted later, it swiftly established itself as the hospitality industry’s pioneer of ecological methods.

Four seasons, on the other hand, claims to have extraordinarily high guest loyalty due to its consistency. Guests anticipate and appreciate beautiful decor as well as outstanding hotel service.

Six Senses Hotels vs Four Seasons Hotels

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Six Senses is a unique offering with a long history, and it offers rapid access to some of the world’s most desirable locales, including significant urban markets.

Since its inception in 1995, each unit in the Six Senses holdings has been characterized by exquisite lodging that is symbolic of the site’s distinctive and extraordinary beauty.

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is a well-known premium brand. It is among the world’s most recognizable luxury hotel brands, and its properties provide everything you would ask from a real luxury hotel.

Although the brand owns several Four Seasons Hotels, it also serves as a management firm for some of its hotels. Four Seasons also has housing units in vacation locations.

Comparison Table

Parameter of comparisonSix senses hotels Four seasons hotels 
Foundation year19951961
Headquarters Bangkok, ThailandToronto, Canada
Number of hotels21 hotels and resorts121 hotel and resorts in 47 countries
Owner IHG Hotels & ResortsKingdom Holding Company
Recognised for Sustainable policies, healthy living, and unrivaled visitor experiences.Extremely high guest loyalty because of its consistency.

What is Six Senses Hotel?

Six Senses was formed in 1995 to promote ethical practices in high-end hospitality. From unique resorts and spas to country clubs and opulent houses, there is something for everyone.

Six Senses Hotels runs 17 hotels and resorts, as well as 26 spas, in 20 countries under the brands Six Senses, Evason, and Six Senses Spas, and also has 34 properties in the developmental pipeline. Six Senses is a brand of IHG Hotels & Resorts.

Six Senses is a global leader in the operation of top-tier luxury hotels, resorts, and spas, with an international image for sustainability and wellness.

Six Senses has been well acknowledged for defining high norms for the hospitality industry since its inception.

These principles have allowed them to maintain constant standards without becoming predictable while allowing each property to incorporate its unique local flavor.

Six Senses combines all brand values and is eventually what distinguishes a Six Senses experience.

From lovely moments immersing you in local culture and life to unanticipated joys or enjoying your most after a wellness experience, there is something for everyone.

Six Senses strives to be recognized for its environment-friendly policies, healthy living, and unrivaled visitor experiences. This motivates them to continue pushing the frontiers of what it signifies to be well – for the mind, body, and earth.

What is Four Seasons Hotels?

Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts founded the very first hotel in 1961 and has been committed to enhancing the travel experience via constant creativity and the highest quality of hospitality ever since.

121 hotels and resorts are currently in operation in 47 countries. In polls, reviews, and industrial awards, Four Seasons routinely features among the world’s top hotels and most distinguished brands.

On the first day of spring in 1961, the very first Four Seasons hotel debuted in an unexpected downtown location in Toronto, Canada. It took over five years for Issy Sharp, who was still in his twenties, to persuade supporters of his idea.

Nonetheless, the 125-room motor hotel displayed the Four Seasons characteristic, a more personalized style of service, from the beginning. They launched their first hotel with a fundamental essence: treat every guest as if they were a special guest.

Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts aims for excellence by focusing on continuing perfection in service and offering ever-changing luxurious rooms.

The elegance and design of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts are fascinating and exquisite in every area, even for the most demanding tourist.

With hotels all around the globe in the most desirable locations, travel is as pleasant and comfortable as at home.

Your experience will be as lovely as it will be memorable, whether in the dazzling lights of Las Vegas, the beautiful heritage of downtown Dublin, or the stunning white-sand beaches of Hawaii.

As a customer of this great collection, you can expect excellence and luxury.

Main Differences Between Six Senses Hotels and Four Seasons Hotels

  1. Six Senses hotels were founded in 1995 while Four Seasons hotels were founded in 1961.
  2. Headquarters for Six Senses is situated in Bangkok, Thailand, and the headquarters of Four Seasons is in Toronto, Canada.
  3. Six Senses has a total of 21 hotels and resorts. Four Seasons, on the other hand, has 121 hotels and resorts in 47 countries.
  4. The owner of Six Senses hotels is IHG hotels and resorts while the owner of Four Seasons hotels is Kingdom Holding Company.
  5. Six Senses hotels are recognized for their sustainable policies, healthy living, and unrivaled visitor experiences. Four Seasons, on the other hand, is recognized for extremely high guest loyalty because of its consistency.
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