Toyota Sequoia vs Toyota 4Runner: Difference and Comparison

Toyota is a popular motorcycle production corporation. It is known for its excellent design and stunning features.

They attract millions of customers yearly. They released hundreds of products that attract or pull many customers towards them.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Toyota Sequoia is a full-size SUV with a larger interior and more seating capacity than the mid-size Toyota 4Runner.
  2. The Toyota 4Runner offers better off-road capabilities and ruggedness, while the Sequoia provides a more comfortable ride and luxurious features.
  3. The Sequoia consumes more fuel than the 4Runner due to its larger and more powerful engine.

Toyota Sequoia vs Toyota 4Runner

The Toyota Sequoia is a full-size SUV, while the Toyota 4Runner is a mid-size SUV. As a result, the Sequoia is larger and has more passenger and cargo space than the 4Runner with its compact shape. The Toyota 4Runner uses body-on-frame construction, unlike Toyota Sequoia’s unibody construction.

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Toyota is the manufacturer of Toyota Sequoia. The Toyota Sequoia is nothing but a full-sized- SUV.

It has five doors with a rear front-end drive. The Toyota Sequoia is somewhat similar to Toyota Tundra.

The Toyota Sequoia is the largest SUV in the Japanese market produced by Toyota. The Toyota Sequoia is the first SUV gets more popular in North American cities.

Toshihiko Shirasawa was the designer of the Toyota Sequoia in 1997. It is first released in 2000.

Until now there are three generations of Toyota Sequoia is introduced in the market for motorcycles.

Toyota 4Runner is also manufactured by Toyota. Toyota Hilux Surf is another name of Toyota 4Runner. from 1983, Toyota produces the Toyota 4Runner.

The Toyota 4Runner is the best-selling vehicle from its production. Toyota Fortuner and Toyota FJ Cruiser are the successors of the Toyota 4Runner.

The Toyota Fortuner is produced for Southeast Asia, and the Toyota FJ Cruiser is produced for Japan. Toyota 4Runner has excellent quality and beautiful design.

It is a compact vehicle for a family of five members.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonToyota SequoiaToyota 4Runner
Engine typeThe engine type of the Toyota Sequoia is V8The engine type of the Toyota 4Runner is V6
Standard towingThe standard towing in the Toyota Sequoia is 7,400 lbsThe standard towing in the Toyota 4 Runner is 5,000 lbs.
HorsepowerThe horsepower of the Toyota Sequoia is 381The horsepower of the Toyota 4Runner is 270
Engine capacityThe engine capacity of the Toyota Sequoia is 5.7 litersThe engine capacity of the Toyota 4Runner is 4.0 liters
Trim optionsThe trim options available in Toyota Sequoia is fiveThe trim options available in Toyota 4Runner is nine

What is Toyota Sequoia?

Toyota Sequoia is one of the popular selling SUV-type motorcycles by 2002. Toyota is a manufacturer with almost a million customers.

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The second-row captain chair is a popular feature and attracts many. It makes or feels more comfortable than any other sitting seat.

Leather is the product used for making seats in Toyota Sequoia. The captain chair is the first-class treatment provided by Toyota to its customers.

In platinum models, you can multi-functional consoles with heated seats. The passenger and driver feel more comfortable with the heated seats.

It also provides an option to shift between the warm and cool seats by clicking a button.

Toyota considers its customer needs. A moonroof is another advantageous and attractive feature by Toyota in Toyota Sequoia.

It is a standard with a one-touch functional moonroof. You can get fresh air, and brightening sunlight through this one-touch moon roof.

You need to consider the little things for more fun and adventurous life. Toyota admires its customer’s needs.

It provides every sort of effort to make them happy. Toyota Sequoia is one much-efforted product by Toyota.

Toyota Sequoia has three-zone climate control features. You can select and enjoy the temperature you need, and it will not affect your neighbor passenger.

We all are addicted to technology. Toyota Sequoia has better technology for its customers.

It comes with push buttons for controlling the things inside the vehicle. It makes it easy for the driver.

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What is Toyota 4Runner?

Toyota 4Runner is nothing but a mid-sized or compact SUV. All the Toyota 4Runner models are built in the Japan plant of Toyota.

Robert Nathan is a copywriter in the advertising agency of Toyota, he creates the name 4Runner. By winning the competition conducted by Toyota he creates the name from the word forerunner since Toyota 4Runner is for sport-utility.

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Unlike Toyota Sequoia, the Toyota 4Runner is a two-door pickup vehicle The Toyota 4Runner is somewhat related to Toyota Hilux.

Toyota releases almost six generations of Toyota 4Runner. Toyota 4Runner has one advantageous feature called X-REAS suspension.

By this, you can turn and roam around the corners of roads with more confidence. The wheels of the Toyota 4Runner are alloyed with enhanced traction and friction for a better driving experience.

While driving the Toyota 4Runner you need not worry about the terrains. It comes with electronic locking and equal engine distribution to all the wheels.

Toyota Sequoia is the best vehicle for trekking. It gives you immense experience for your journey.

The fold-flat of a second-row seat gives you extra space for your luggage. The moonroof and connections are additional features in Toyota Sequoia.

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Main Differences Between Toyota Sequoia and Toyota 4Runner

  1. The fuel economy for Toyota Sequoia is 13 mpg city, whereas the fuel economy for Toyota 4Runner is 16 mpg city.
  2. The standard for sitting row in Toyota Sequoia is three, whereas the standard for sitting row in Toyota 4Runner is two.
  3. The Toyota Sequoia has 401 lb-ft of torque, whereas the Toyota 4Runner has 278 lb-ft of torque.
  4. The Toyota Sequoia has a 7-inch touchscreen display, whereas the Toyota 4Runner has an 8-inch touchscreen display.
  5. The fuel economy for highways in Toyota Sequoia is 17 mpg highway, whereas the fuel economy for highway in Toyota 4Runner is 19 mpg highway.

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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