Clubhouse vs Houseparty: Difference and Comparison

With the shift to a hybrid model of working, people have been looking for a new way to upskill their social life. This need has increased the usage of online video conferencing apps and social networking sites.

This allows people to maintain their social life even without stepping out of their homes. Friends living far away from one another can now keep up with each other using these online social networking sites.

Key Takeaways

  1. Clubhouse is an audio-based social media platform featuring live discussions and events, while Houseparty is a video chat app designed for group conversations and casual hangouts.
  2. Clubhouse is centered around professional networking, learning, and community building, whereas Houseparty focuses on socializing and entertainment.
  3. Houseparty offers interactive games and screen-sharing features, while Clubhouse provides a variety of rooms and clubs for users to explore and join.

Clubhouse vs Houseparty

The difference between Clubhouse and Houseparty is that Clubhouse is used mainly by larger groups to have detailed discussions on a particular topic. On the other hand, Houseparty is more of an online party with friends and online games. Moreover, you cannot video chat using Clubhouse while you can do so with Houseparty.

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Clubhouse is an audio-based app wherein you can listen to people around the world sharing stories, developing ideas, or simply using it to meet new and interesting people. You can join or leave conversations as you please.

The best part is that exclusivity of conversations can be maintained as the recording of audio is not allowed by anyone other than the owner.

Houseparty allows users to interact with their friends in a face-to-face environment. The main working of the app is comparable to an offline house party.

On opening the app, the other users are notified of your availability to video chat. It is also synced with Snapchat to make the process of profile creation seamless.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonClubhouseHouseparty
WorkingEmphasizes using audio rather than video to have deep discussions with a large group of peopleInteract in a small group via video or chat on a one-on-one basis while playing online games together
Number of peopleHave smaller as well as larger rooms to suit your needsMaximum of eight people allowed at a time
Video chatNot availableAvailable
Founded inClubhouse was released in 2020Houseparty was released in 2016
StrangersYou can join conversations in a room full of strangersInteraction only with your group of friends

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a social media platform that allows users to listen to people on topics that interest them. It is an audio chat social network that is used by people to network and plug their projects.

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At Clubhouse, you can listen to other people’s conversations on a real-time basis.

Launched in March 2020, initially, the app emphasized maintaining exclusivity with their invite-only model giving an experience of club membership to users. In those days, it was used extensively by venture capitalists.

You don’t need an invite anymore to join Clubhouse.

It is available on both iOS and Android in over 13 languages including Kannada, German, and Telugu. However, it cannot be used via its website.

The websites and guide you back to the app. So, the app is the only way to make use of the full Clubhouse experience.

On Clubhouse, you can follow pages and people that interest you the most. This way you can keep up with the conversational topics by getting notified of rooms of your desire.

Clubhouse has a wide range of topics ranging from sports to world affairs. Initially, the conversation rooms could not be recorded.

But, now the creators can record the conversation and upload it on their profile.


What is Houseparty?

Houseparty is a platform that allows you to keep up with your friends and close ones through video chat. The distinguishing factor is the ability to play online games on the same app along with the video chat.

On creating an account, you can see the people in your contacts who are available for a video chat. Apart from this, you can also share a screen, switch off your video and mute yourself if you wish to.

Users can change their status to ‘in the house’ to be approached by friends for a video chat.

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Moreover, these ‘house parties’ can also be scheduled to accommodate everyone’s schedule. Houseparty adds a layer of flexibility by making it possible for users to join video chats even after they have started.

Another interesting feature is Facemail using which users can simply record videos and send them to people of their choice. You can also use group notes and inbox to connect with friends.

This app has become quite popular among teenagers and its user base has been growing year by year. A major reason for its popularity is its attractive features combining all things expected.

The ability to use the app without letting others know you are online attract many.


Main Differences Between Clubhouse and Houseparty

  1. Clubhouse is an audio-only app that allows users to delve into deep discussions on the topics of their choice. On the other hand, Houseparty offers a variety of features to its users to interact with their contacts including video chat, inbox, etc.
  2. Clubhouse allows creators to record their conversations and upload them on their page while Houseparty does not provide this feature.
  3. Clubhouse was founded in 2020 much later than Houseparty.
  4. Using Clubhouse, you can interact with people you don’t already know. On the other hand, Houseparty can be only be used to interact with people already on the contact list.
  5. Clubhouse can be used for a greater number of people compared to Houseparty.

Last Updated : 14 July, 2023

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