Discord vs Clubhouse: Difference and Comparison

Discord and Clubhouse are two public platforms used wholly to socialise random people around the globe.

Clubhouse and Discord serve as a great platform to conversate with people on whichever topics you want, in whichever format you are comfortable with, whether it is an audio text or video.

Discord and Clubhouse are popular and common platforms amongst Gen Z‘s.

These platforms are widely used for gaming, communicating, socialising and not very but, in a few cases, for educational purposes.

Key Takeaways

  1. Discord is a text, voice, and video communication platform, while Clubhouse is an audio-based social network.
  2. Discord caters to gamers and online communities, while Clubhouse focuses on live discussions and networking events.
  3. Discord offers private servers and channels, while Clubhouse conversations are public and discoverable by all users.

 Discord vs Clubhouse

Discord focuses on real-time chat and voice communication, while Clubhouse focuses on live audio conversations. Discord allows users to create private communities, while Clubhouse’s conversations are open to anyone who joins the room. Discord can be used on multiple platforms, unlike Clubhouse.

Discord vs Clubhouse

Discord is an application used to Communicate between people creating different rooms on the server. Discord is more easily accessible on the desktop.

Also, Discord is considered more professional for an important and social conversation. Discord is more of a spontaneous way of communication. Discord uses audio communication, video communication, as well as texting as a mode of communication.

The clubhouse is a new platform used for audio-based communication like conversation and podcasts. If you are looking for some quality conversion and casual talks, the clubhouse is a perfect platform to go to.

At Clubhouse, a schedule needs to be set for a conversation to be planned. The discussions continue according to the schedule.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDiscordClubhouse
Origin Found in May 2015Found in April 2020
Initial purposeOnline Gaming Live Conversation
Mode of Communication Audio, Video, and Text-based ChattingLimited to audio-based Chatting
Scheduling of conversationsInstantaneous and unplanned Need to be scheduled and work according to the plan
Access to discussions As much time required, 24/7 open for discussion Discussion can last only till the scheduled time.

What is Discord?

Discord is a social Platform designed in 2015 ideally for Gamers but can be accessible to general audiences. Discord is a perfect platform to socialise, have a chat with people, conversate, and arrange a meetup with them.

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The Discord is an application where you can communicate with a group of people you want using this platform in whichever mode you are comfortable in, whether it be Audio, Video, or Text format.

A person can create different servers as per his preference and add people by sharing a link to create different rooms of your interests. Discord is prominently used by online gamers to communicate with each other while playing the game.

The fact is that you can randomly connect and communicate with your friends by using a server while the platform is operational in the background without disturbing the screen and the gaming experience is fascinating for the gamers.

Discord has perfect command over PCs and is easy to operate. To have a professional chat with people and socialise with them becomes an easy task as Discord has no specific time limit for a meeting.

A person can continue the conversations for how much ever time you require. In Discord, you can spontaneously start a conversation on the servers without any schedule.


What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse, a popular and newly originated social media platform, has been the talk of the town in recent years or so. The Discord app was invented in 2020, with the motto of providing a platform for open discussions with people and conducting podcasts on various topics.

The clubhouse has been a perfect platform for people who want to participate in discussions, podcasts and debates. Also, introverts may prefer Clubhouse as it’s an exclusive audio-based platform.

The Clubhouse is an audio-based platform of communication. This application was available only on IOS in the initial days, but lately, it’s also available on Android. In this app, there are virtual rooms created at the home of this page.

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In the rooms, speakers talk about a specific topic decided by the room. Anyone can join or create their rooms and select whichever topic they are interested in.

Clubhouse being an exclusively audio platform, video streaming or texting is not possible. And this app comes under beta, which is why a person can download and signup for this app easily but cant enter any room without an invite link.

This feature has also provided security to the users increasing the clubhouse audience. Clubhouse soon can be a great option in front of people to switch towards competing for other social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Main Differences Between Discord and Clubhouse 

  1. The Discord was launched in 2015. Whereas, Clubhouse was discovered in 2020.
  2. Discord was discovered to provide a platform for gamers that can be used simultaneously while gaming. The clubhouse was designed for podcasts and discussion of different topics.
  3. Discord is an audio, video and text-based communication-oriented social platform. The clubhouse is exclusively an audio-based platform.
  4. Discord can be used instantaneously without any prior scheduling, and the discussion can be on any topic or just random chill streams. Clubhouse needs scheduling of a discussion with a specific and restricted topic.
  5. Discord can be used for professional-level meetings and presentations. The clubhouse is ideally not prefered for professional conversations.
Difference Between Discord and Clubhouse
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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