Difference Between Discord and Google Meet

So, the final showdown between two awesome applications used for virtual communication and channel-based chatting, Discord and Google Meet.

Both the applications are largely used for diverse purposes like meeting and talking as well as gaming and interaction but, there are a lot of things each has to offer and the other is missing.

So, this article here is going to help you understand the features and uses of both the applications and help you decide which is better for you.

Discord vs Google Meet

The main difference between discord and google meet is that discord is meant and used for entertainment and gaming as its interface helped the gaming community grow.

Real-time talking and chatting is its USP whereas, Google Meet is something oriented towards professionalism and productivity.

The interface of Meet is work-based and not recommended for gaming as it lacks some features that a gamer would strictly want and a manager would never need.

Discord vs Google Meet

Discord is a chatting application akin to Skype and Voice chat, as well as professional communications networks such as Slack.

It’s designed exclusively for video gamers, including means for them to discover one another, organize play, and communicate while gaming. It allows users to communicate in a variety of ways, including video calls, audio chat, and text.

Google Meet is a teleconferencing program developed by Google. It’s a business-based version of Google’s Hangout service that’s appropriate for companies of all sizes.

Users may hold high-definition video meetings with up to 30 people using the service.

Users may attend pre-scheduled sessions from calendar entries, pick a link, input the conference code, and even ring in from their smartphones if the invitation contains a mobile number, using the app.

Comparison Table Between Discord and Google Meet

Parameters of ComparisonDiscordGoogle Meet
DescriptionDiscord is an application used for entertainment and gaming as its interface helped the gaming community grow. Real-time talking and chatting is its USP.Google Meet is a teleconferencing program developed by Google. It’s a business-based version of Google’s Hangout service.
PremiumOne has to purchase nitro to use special stickers and boost the servers and many other features that are based on customizations and personalization.The premium google meet allows users to do unlimited meetings for unlimited time and with as many members as possible.
Free FeaturesPush-to-talk, unlimited voice and video chatting, texting and messaging to friends and colleagues, free server creation and many more.Numerous meetings can be made and joined. The meetings will last until 24 hours and can be re-made. Upto 100 people can join in one conference session.
Channels and ServersYes, the option to create and join servers and channels is available.No such option is available.
Best ForGaming, communities, casual chatting and video conferencing.Official meetings and management as well as productive conferences.

What is Discord?

Discord was initially introduced in 2015 as a way for individuals to interact while enjoying PC games collectively. Users may establish servers using the service, which can include several texts and audio channels.

Dedicated chat rooms for certain themes (such as “public chat” and “music conversation”), as well as voice lines for particular games or activities, are common on a normal server.

If you’re attempting to play Computer games, Discord comes in handy. The software makes talking simple and has search capabilities that might assist you in finding new individuals to connect to your friend’s list for speedy contact.

Many individuals use it as an organizing and interpersonal tool in addition to communicating with one other when playing games.

Consumers have endorsed Discord as a semipublic, discussion board platform thanks to its broadness of capabilities: groups of users with shared interests, such as fans of a specific game or production company, can create or join “servers,” both formal and informal, where a great number of people can fulfill and hold out, having a chat via message, video, or voice.

Communication is paramount for the gaming evenings, especially in multiplayer games, and Discord is the only audio product that has functioned well. The sound on Skype would be cut off, and Zoom‘s encryption is inadequate.

You can also join open servers on Discord, and some roles shield users from the general public. Data transfer and text communication in Skype, Google Hangouts, and Zoom are inferior to Discord.

Discord may be used on almost any platform; there is specialized Discord desktop software for Windows or Mac, along with iOS and Android apps for talking and contacting on the move. If you don’t want to download anything, it also works in a web browser.

What is Google Meet?

Google Meet (previously known as Hangouts Meeting) is a Google content delivery system. It’s one of two programs that take up the role of Google Hangouts, the other being Google Chat.

Google Meet is intended primarily for hosting video conferences. You may, nevertheless, enable the camera as well as microphone separately, allowing you to utilize it just for voice calls if desired.

You may make impromptu calls as well as urge your friends and family to join you. They can join by inputting your meeting code or by clicking on a link you email them.

One of the finest features of Google Meet is that it does not require any desktop program installation. Everybody on the call (both the organizer and the participants) must have a contemporary web browser.

Google Meet provides one-hour sessions on the free plan, however, it has been expanded to 24 hours through September 30, 2020.

You may establish and join as many sessions as you like, so if you exceed the hour restriction, nothing is stopping you from organizing a second meeting.

A meeting with up to 100 people is possible. You can silence other individuals as a meeting organizer, something you might want to do if your meetings are that big.

Main Differences Between Discord and Google Meet

  1. Discord is handy for gamers whereas google meet is for conferences and meetings.
  2. Discord has numerous servers both private and public whereas google meet does not operate with servers.
  3. Discord has a push-to-talk feature whereas Google meet does not have this feature.
  4. Discord has various roles for different members whereas google meet has no ‘roles’ but rights for every participant.
  5. Discord requires nitro to fully utilize whereas google meet has yearly plans for full utilization.
Difference Between Discord and Google Meet


To summarize, the overall usage of Discord is decent, although it does require some getting accustomed to and practice. You won’t be able to understand everything straight away.

Google Meet, on the other hand, is very simple to use and navigate. When compared to other similar software solutions, there are some technological concerns.

It’s less official than Microsoft Teams and much more professional than Discord, but it allows you to easily use other Google services like Google Drive and Google Docs.


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