Difference Between Google Drive and Google Docs

There was a time where we used to store our data in hard drives to keep it secure and safe but many times the data in hard drives used to get corrupted or used to get damaged because of viruses or somehow hard drives used to stop working by other means.

After the introduction of technologies and coming under the head of smart work instead of hard work people started using online platforms to share, store and create files and data rather than hard work of paperwork and hard drive usages.

 In the era of work from home, files which are not offline but online as in storage, storing online data backups and whatnot we need to have some kind of online backup applications and document applications on which we can rely for storing personal as well as professional important data and docs.

Google Drive vs Google Docs

The main difference between Google Drive and Google Docs is that Google Docs is a feature or a part of Google Drive whereas Google Drive is an online storage platform by Google where you can store data from Google Docs as well as data from other relevant sources by uploading them.

Google Drive vs Google Docs

Comparison Table Between Google Drive and Google Docs

Parameters of ComparisonGoogle DriveGoogle Docs
Main DifferenceGoogle Drive is a different or independent platform developed by Google.Google Docs is a feature of Google Drive or is dependent on Google Account.
FeatureGoogle Drive allows users to store data.Google Docs allows users to edit, view, and create files like excel, presentation, word, etc.
ApplicationGoogle Drive as an application is available on Android, iOS, etc.Google Docs as the application is available in Android, iOS, etc.
Released DateGoogle Drive was released on the 24th of April of the year 2012.Google Docs was released on the 9th of March of the year 2006.
Type of PlatformGoogle Drive is a type of storage platform.Google Docs is a type of word processor and collaborative software platform.

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is a file hosting platform that is launched and owned by Google LLC. Google Drive was born on the 24th of April in the year 2012 which is approximately 8 to 9 years ago.

Google Drive has more than 1 billion users in number. Google Drive offers 15 GB of storage at no cost.

Google Drive is preferred more because of its easy User Interface as well as protection and security of data backup and also for the facility of sharing documents with heavy MB or GB easily within few minutes with maximum other participants.

Google Drive has different varieties of storing options with the interaction of Google One. While interacting with Google One, Google Drive offers different storage plans which consist of 15 GB, 100 GB, 200 GB, 2 TB, etc.

Google Drive consists of Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, which part of Google Drive Suite.

google drive 1

What is Google Docs?

Google Docs’s parent is Google Limited. Google Docs was released on the 9th of March of the year 2006 which is approximately 14 years ago. Google Docs is written in JavaScript and Java.

Google Docs operating systems are Android, iOS, macOS, and Chrome OS. Google Docs is available in 100 different forms of languages.

 Google Docs is a kind of word processor and collaborative software that is especially known for collaboration with Google Drive.

Google Docs is seen working as a service in Google Drive, a mobile application for Andriod, iOS, Windows, and desktop application on Google Chrome’s OS.

The Google Docs application is also compatible with Microsoft Office in file-format type. Google Docs allows creating, view, and edit files like excel, word, spreadsheets, presentations, etc online with collaborating in real-time with the users.  

google docs

Main Differences Between Google Drive and Google Docs

  1. Google Drive was released in the year 2012 and Google Docs was released in the year 2006.
  2. Google Drive stores and shares your data and Google Docs help you create, view, and edit your data.
  3. Google Drive is a file hosting service and Google Docs is a collaborative service.
  4. Google Drive is a part of Google and Google Docs is a part of Google Drive.
  5. Google Drive has folders to organize files and data whereas Google Docs doesn’t have a folder facility for organizing data and files.
Difference Between Google Drive and Google Docs


Since the era of hard drive storage is long gone, we all know how important is choosing a reliable storage option which not just store the data but makes our work easy of sharing and presenting data to different individuals such as team head, the board of directors as well as clients and creative and graphic teams in a business unit.

Google Drive is the saver since it has features of storing data and sharing it via the link within few seconds after uploading particular data with the high level of data storing limit which makes it more preferable among other storage options.

Google Docs is a feature of Google Drive. Google Drive can store the contained from Google Docs as well as other relevant sources.

Google Docs works as editing, creating, and viewing different categories of files and data like excel sheets, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, word documents, etc.

Google Drive and Google Docs both are powered and owned by Google. Google Docs makes our life easy by making all the different types of files format in one application plus also combining different work-related stuff like creating, editing, and viewing as one.

Google Drive makes our work easy by letting us store and share our important files and documents plus help us organize them in customizable folders that are easy to find and store and also update the data from time to time.


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