Cisco Webex vs Google Meet: Difference and Comparison

Technology has improved so much nowadays that it is not even important to be in a place to see each other. This has led to making certain events easier.

For example, if a meeting is needed to be done between people from different places, and they can’t come together, there are applications on which they can do the meeting. Such applications include Cisco Webex, Zoom, Google Meet, etc.

All of them are used for several purposes, for video calls, online meetings, online classes, etc. all of them have their respective features and advantages, but the similarity between them is they allow options such as screen sharing, presentations, etc. to avoid this confusion between them the following are differences between Cisco Webex and Google Meet.

Key Takeaways

  1. Cisco Webex offers more advanced features like whiteboarding and breakout rooms, while Google Meet is simpler and more user-friendly.
  2. Webex integrates with Cisco’s broader suite of collaboration tools, while Meet integrates with Google Workspace applications.
  3. Webex offers a higher video quality with up to 1080p resolution, whereas Google Meet supports up to 720p.

Cisco Webex vs Google Meet

The difference between Cisco Webex and Google meet is that Google Meet allows a maximum of 16 people on screen at a time, whereas it can be adjusted according to the need of Cisco Webex. Another important difference between both of them is that, for Google Meet, a Google account is necessary, whereas no such account is required in the case of Cisco Webex.


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Cisco Webex vs Google Meet

Cisco Webex is a company dealing in video conferencing and web conferencing applications.

It is an American company. Cisco and Webex used to be different companies earlier until 2007, after the acquisition, they became one. Its headquarter are in California.

It allows 100000 participants to be a part of the ongoing call. There is a free and paid version of it that offers different plans at different prices. It has the option of blurring the background.

Google Meet is an application or platform developed by Google in 2017 offering video communication services to its users. It can be used on any device, including the World Wide Web, IOS, Android, PC, etc.,

It allows a maximum of 250 participants in an ongoing call, and the duration of the call is a maximum of 60 minutes or an hour. It also comes in paid version, offering extra and advanced features such as filtering the background noise, etc.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCisco WebexGoogle Meet
Developed byCisco Webex CompanyGoogle LLC
Number of participants100000250
Duration40 minutes60 minutes
Background customizationYesNo

What is Cisco Webex?

Cisco Webex is a platform used for video conferencing or web conferencing. Anyone can join the meeting with a link directly or with the number provided by the person holding the meeting.

Video can be turned on and off at any time, along with the microphone. It allows many participants at a time, and its paid version offers several advanced features such as blurring the background, participants can give presentations, and the call lasts 40 minutes.

It provides HD quality video with the best or proper internet connection.

Some pros of Cisco Webex:

  • It allows transferring of files during the meeting.
  • The Assistant can also start the meeting with just his audio command.
  • It is easier to join as no pre-made account is not required.

Some cons of Cisco Webex:

  • Some features are very slow.
  • The sound feature is not the best; it keeps breaking between calls.
  • Few features are only allowed in certain places or countries.

What is Google Meet?

Some features of Google Meet are:

  • You can turn on and off the camera and mic as per your need during the call.
  • The participants are allowed by a host to enter the meeting. That host can also remove any member from the call at any point of the call.
  • There is a feature for noise filters as well.
  • They can also share the screen of the participants.
  • 16 peoples are visible on screen at a time.

Pros of Google Meet:

  • They can be used for group communications.
  • More than 100 people can do the video conference at the same time.
  • This also provides features such as Screen sharing and recording.
  • It is also helpful in tracking the meeting.
  • During the meeting, the user can also do private texting with the members using emojis and normal text.
  • It also has the feature of subtitles and audio transcripts.
  • Affordable than its competitors.

Cons of Google Meet:

  • Improvement in the load time can be made.
  • Internet availability plays an important role as video and audio disconnect if the internet connection is relatively low.
  • Advanced features can only be attained by paying.

Main Differences Between Cisco Webex and Google Meet

  1. Both of these platforms are developed by different companies at different times. Cisco Webex was developed in 2007 after the acquisition of Webex by the Cisco and Webex Company, whereas late in 2017, Google LLC developed March Google Meet.
  2. Both of them have several participants in the ongoing call when compared in terms of the number of participants. Cisco Webex has an advantage as it can have 1 lakh members or participants at a time, whereas Google Meet can only have 250 participants.
  3. In terms of the duration of the call, Google Meet is more advanced as it can be used for extra 20 minutes than Cisco Webex. The call duration of Cisco Webex is only 40 minutes, while a call lasts at least 60 minutes on Google Meet.
  4. Both of them are available for free as well as there are paid versions of them available. Cisco Webex is quite expensive as its different plans are comparatively higher compared to Google Meet, which is a more affordable option as its plans are relatively cheaper.
  5. Cisco Webex also has another advantage: it blurs the background during the ongoing call, whereas no such background customization feature is available in Google Meet.
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