Zoom, Meet, vs Teams: Difference and Comparison

Zoom, Meet, and Teams: these apps are widely used by millions of people to attend meetings or conferences.

Video conferencing applications are a fundamental method for correspondence for a wide range of individuals and organizations to connect.

Key Takeaways

  1. Zoom Meet specializes in video conferencing, while Microsoft Teams is an all-in-one communication platform.
  2. Microsoft Teams integrates with other Microsoft applications, whereas Zoom Meet is a standalone product.
  3. Zoom Meet is known for its ease of use, while Microsoft Teams offers more extensive collaboration tools.

Zoom vs Meet vs Teams

The difference between Zoom, Meet, and Teams lies in their usage, how efficient is the software, and how easily it can connect to people. Being one of the top video-conferencing apps in the market, they are backed by high-end security in order to keep the privacy of the meetings.

Zoom vs Meet vs Teams

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Zoom is a video conferencing app that can be used for all intents and purposes to meet with others – either by video or sound or both, all while leading live talks. Furthermore, it allows you to record those meetings to see later.

Google rebranded Hangouts was converted into Google Meet in 2020. It’s a video conferencing arrangement incorporated into Gmail, YouTube, and Google Voice besides too there are applications for iOS Android, and it will go through most programs. 

Teams initially were called Microsoft 365. It was planned for any individual who utilizes Microsoft 365.

It was initially for only chat, but as the widespread gain, it slowly got converted into video conferencing and being used by big companies.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonZoomMeetTeams
Developer Zoom Inc.Google Inc.Microsoft Inc.
No of Participants100 people in one gathering250 people in one gathering300 people in one gathering
Captioning No Captioning is availableCaptioning is available
In-app calling NoNoYes

What is Zoom?

Zoom Meeting keeps on being the go-to video conferencing application for the majority, with more than 200 million day-by-day clients.

In the same way as other video conferencing arrangements, Zoom Meeting was made for organizations to host their meeting in an online mode.

What makes Zoom Meeting so appealing is that it is simple to use and easy to connect. One can connect the meeting by typing the meeting code and password.

Zoom added this feature in late 2020 to give more security for connecting the meeting.

At a time, only up to 100 people can connect on one screen. You can also record the meeting which is being conducted. The host has access to remove or add the participants to the meeting.

The organization has created by adding layers of confirmation in order to protect the privacy of the meeting.

zoom 1

What is Meet?

Meet, referred to as Google Meet, can deal with up to 250 members for every call. As Google Meet is accessible to all Google account holders.

With just one link, you can connect to any meeting. Over there, there is no need to enter any passcode as compared to Zoom. The meet is used by startups for conducting their meeting.

The main advantage of Meet is that you can invite using a Google Calander, which will give you a push notification before the meeting gets started.

As the app doesn’t have the option to call anyone, Google account holders can use G Suite coordinators can set up calls by means of Google Calendar, meeting join URLs to directly get into the meeting.

google meet

What is Teams?

Teams referred to as Microsoft Teams is coordinated with all the Microsoft applications. The team was created for the people to work and meet in online mode effectively.

There are plenty of options available in the Team, from creating your class group to calling and messaging.

You can do things like effortlessly set up a gathering with schedules, make and offer substance, call colleagues effectively.

As compared to Zoom and Google Meet, Teams can connect up to 300+ people in one go. This is why it is widely used by colleges and educational institutions.

Microsoft Teams also provide the option for recording the meeting. Once the meeting is over, the recording automatically gets stored in the group chat, and anyone can access the recorded session.

microsoft teams

Main Differences Between Zoom, Meet, and Teams

  1. One of the major differences between these cloud-based apps is in one screen, how many people can join? Zoom can handle only 40 people, while Meet and Teams can handle 250 to 300 people.
  2. Zoom has the option for recording, while Meet doesn’t have an option for recording the live sessions, whereas Meet also gives the option for recording.
  3. Zoom is password-protected, whereas Meet and Teams are easier to join as they don’t ask for a password to join the meeting.
  4. Zoom and Meet don’t have an option for In-app calling, whereas, with the help of Teams, you can call the person to join directly.
  5. Zoom doesn’t have an option for live caption, while Meet and Teams have the option to generate the live caption of the speaker.
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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