Microsoft Kaizala vs Teams: Difference and Comparison

Across the globe, there are many applications that are very popular among users because of their capability of connecting all users virtually while allowing the completion of formal work on the software itself.

The need for such applications has increased rapidly, and Microsoft kaizala and Microsoft Teams are two such very popular applications in this field.

But in reality, even after belonging to the same company, these two applications differ from one another so much. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Microsoft Kaizala is a mobile-first communication and work management app designed for large, distributed organizations.
  2. Microsoft Teams is a comprehensive collaboration platform that includes chat, video conferencing, and file sharing for businesses of all sizes.
  3. Both apps facilitate communication and collaboration, but Teams offers a more extensive range of features and integrations.

Microsoft Kaizala vs Teams 

Microsoft Kaizala provides users with instant messaging, group chat, audio and video calls, polls and surveys, and task management. Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform that enables teams to collaborate on files, communicate with each other in real-time, and manage tasks and projects.

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Microsoft kaizala was basically developed in India for providing a customized experience to the users in India.

It was launched as an application for both Android and iOS, and the main feature was that the platform enabled all the other users, apart from the employees and employers, to communicate easily on a single platform. 

But on the other hand, Microsoft Teams is a completely different platform and refers to a particularly web-based platform for virtual meetings and sharing of work.

It has emerged as a very big sensation as the people need to use an application that could enable them to meet with their coworkers virtually and teams understood the assignment. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Microsoft  KaizalaMicrosoft Teams  
Definition  It refers to a mobile-based messaging application developed by Microsoft. It refers to a web beast platform for virtually organizing meetings and other video calls. 
Meaning  The term kaizala refers to a phrase in the Marathi language that means what happened. The term ‘teams’ in the name implies the congregation of multiple departments. 
Developed for India It was developed globally for all the countries. 
Developed in 2017 and then 2019 2017 only 
Nature  It is a mobile-based application. It is a web-based platform. 
Suitable for It is most suitable for other coworkers and stakeholders. It is more suitable for actual employees and employers of the organization. 

What is Microsoft Kaizala? 

In the year 2017, Microsoft came up with the idea that it shall release a particular mobile-based messaging application for the users in India, and the application shall be customized further users belonging to Indian ethnicity, but with the gradual change in time, the app was released in all the countries in the year 2019, and this is the exact application known with the name Microsoft Kaizala. 

The word kaizala in the name denotes a phrase in the Marathi language that is very popular in India.

The phrase simply denotes the meaning of what happened, and therefore the application was marketed among the users as something that could tell them what happened throughout the world. 

The most significant reason why this application received huge popularity in India was that it was feasible to be accessed by people who had a very slow connection to the Internet and in the year 2017, the Internet connection that was available in India used to be slow at some places.

However, it has been announced by Microsoft itself that soon, this application shall be merged into teams only. 

What is Microsoft Teams? 

Microsoft is known in the market of telecommunications as a huge name, and in the year 2017, when the company came up with the idea of Microsoft Teams, it made a huge sensation in the market.

The company stated that they are going to develop a specific application of their own which shall revolutionize the whole area of communication as it will allow the people to communicate with not just texts only but shall also enable them to communicate via audio and video conferencing.  

A very new feature was also added in the application that is known as screen sharing, in which a person can essentially showcase his own mobile or computer screen to other people who are present in the same meeting.

In today’s date, more than two billion people are using this application, and it is growing in terms of popularity very rapidly. 

The application works on a very specific setup in which a person who is considered to be the administrator creates a particular team using a specific code containing some numerical and alphabetic letters, and while this code is shared with other people, they are joined to the team created by the administrator, and in this manner, they all can share their thoughts and beliefs through audio or video conferencing. 

microsoft teams

Main Differences Between Microsoft Kaizala and Teams 

  1. Microsoft Kaizala was initially developed for users in India, while on the other hand, Microsoft teams were developed for users all across the globe. 
  2. Microsoft Kaizala actually means what happened in the Marathi language, while on the other hand, Microsoft teams imply the amalgamation of multiple teams into one. 
  3. Microsoft Kaizala was developed in the year 2017 and then was re-released in the year 2019, while on the other hand, Microsoft teams were developed in the year 2017 only. 
  4. Microsoft Kaizala it’s basically a mobile-based application, while on the other hand, Microsoft teams it’s basically a web-based platform or user interface. 
  5. Microsoft Kaizala works the best for other coworkers and stakeholders of the organization, while on the other hand, Microsoft teams work best for the actual employees and employers. 



Last Updated : 14 October, 2023

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