Difference Between Zoom and Webex

The Zoom interface is more user-friendly and simpler to navigate than the Webex interface. Thus, the difference between the two video conferencing platforms can be noted regarding the ease of conducting meetings through each.


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Key Takeaways

  1. Zoom is a video conferencing platform known for its user-friendly interface and reliability.
  2. Webex is a similar platform known for its enterprise-level security features and integration with other business tools.
  3. Zoom has a free version with limited features, while Webex does not offer a free version but has more robust features in its paid versions.

Zoom vs Webex

The difference between Zoom and Webex is that while initiating a meeting is significantly easier through the Zoom interface, it can be arduous when using the Webex platform. Zoom meetings do not require the novice user to create an account before scheduling or attending a meeting.

Zoom vs

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Zoom meetings can be conducted simply through shared links. At the same time, Webex necessitates the creation of an account and its subsequent verification for usage. For the first-time user, this can be a cumbersome task.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonZoomWebex
Initiating a CallInitiating calls through Zoom is fast and efficient. A single link can join a meeting without creating a Zoom account.To initiate a call using Webex, one must first create an account and verify the same through one’s email account. The process of initiating the first call can be quite tedious.
Integrations AllowedZoom offers more integrations.Webex offers fewer integrations.
FeaturesMore innovative features are included with the most basic plan.Features are quite limited, especially with the lower-level packages.
Meeting Follow-UpThe ‘Meeting Follow-Up’ feature is present.The ‘Meeting Follow-Up’ feature is absent.
Meeting Duration on Free Calls40 minutes.50 minutes.
Video QualityZoom offers better HD-quality video.Video quality is comparatively inferior.
Email SupportEmail support is available.Email support is not available.
PriceMore cost-effective and reasonably priced plans.Costly plans.
User-Friendly InterfaceExtremely user-friendly interface.Does not have a very user-friendly interface.

What is Zoom?

Eric Yuan, the CEO of Zoom, founded the platform as a video conferencing tool in 2011. Zoom offers several reasonably priced packages with certain coveted features.

Zoom Rooms, group messaging, online meetings, and Breakout Rooms are all important features and services the platform offers.

Offerings like screen sharing, single dashboard management of multiple Zoom Rooms, wireless operations, an interactive whiteboard, etc., have all amplified the platform’s popularity.

The Zoom Webinar feature allows hosts to hold online webinars with multiple participants.

Moreover, Zoom offers unmatched integrations for an enhanced user experience. Zoom Phone offers a cloud phone system compatible with both the phone and the desktop.

Besides the free trial option, Zoom has four plans available in the market with various features and very reasonable price points.


What is Webex?

Webex was founded in 1995 as a California-based videoconferencing company. In 2007 it was taken over by the globally renowned brand Cisco. Since then, the platform has embodied novel technological feats.

Currently, Webex offers 5 plans at varying price points with varying inclusive features.

The security settings and reliability of the platform are unmatched. It is a leading choice among enterprises for online meetings, video conferencing, webinars, and screen sharing.

Webex’s Enterprise plan is very popular among businesses due to its extensive offerings and customizability. It also allows up to 1000 participants to partake in such Enterprise meetings.

The video conferencing features of the platform can be used through its mobile or desktop application.

Although hailed and appraised for its security features, the Webex interface can be cumbersome to navigate. To initiate a Webex meeting, creating an account is an absolute prerequisite. This has made it a less popular choice among customers.

Main Differences Between Zoom and Webex

  1. The main difference between Zoom and Webex is that Zoom is the more user-friendly platform. A singular link can be used to join a meeting; one does not need to create a Zoom account. Alternatively, to join a Webex meeting, you need to create an account, verify it with your email account and then use the sign-in option to participate in a meeting. This can be a hassling process, especially in a hurry.
  2. Another difference between the two platforms is that the former offers more features. Zoom allows a one-touch feature to join meetings. It also offers features like waiting rooms and watermarks as additional security measures. While Webex requires users to buy additional products and features, Zoom consolidates meetings, training SIP calling integration and support into one service.
  3. Independent tests have tested the video quality of each platform. According to these results, Zoom offers superior HD video quality compared to Webex.
  4. Zoom offers more integrations than Webex. Integrations like Microsoft Outlook, ClickUp, Skype, and others are absent from Webex’s integrations offering lists.
  5. Zoom and Webex provide a variety of plans with a different plethora of features at different price points. Webex provides 5 plans, while Zoom provides 4 plans. Moreover, Zoom plans are more cost-effective than Webex plans.
  6. Zoom also offers an additional ‘Meeting Follow-Up’ feature, which businesses can use to listen to the recorded minutes of previous meetings. Webex does not offer this feature.
  7. Zoom provides email support, while Webex does not provide email support.
  8. The features offered with the free plan of each of these video conferencing platforms is different. The maximum duration of meetings on the free plan is also regulated differently. While Zoom allows 40-minute meetings on free calls, Webex allows meetings up to 50 minutes long.
Difference Between Zoom and
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