Difference Between Google Workspace and Google One

Google has evolved into one of the major organizations that are the medium of circulating billions of information each day. A laptop, a cell phone, a desktop computer, or any type of communication device is not complete without Google.


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Google Workspace and Google One are the two terms that are an important part of Google.

Key Takeaways

  1. Google Workspace is a suite of productivity tools designed for businesses, featuring email, video conferencing, cloud storage, and collaboration apps.
  2. Google One is a subscription-based cloud storage service for personal use, offering storage across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos.
  3. Google Workspace targets business users, while Google One caters to individual users with varying storage needs.

Google Workspace vs Google One

Google Workspace is a collection of productivity tools designed to improve productivity in businesses, including Gmail, Docs, and Drive. Google One is a subscription-based service that provides additional storage customer support, and other benefits for individual Google users.

Google Workspace vs Google One

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Google Workspace is computer software that is considered to be a huge collection of Google products, cloud computing, Google software, various types of tools, etc.

Google Workspace is a large structure made of complex coding to contain dynamic information. Google Workspace was previously Known as Google Apps and then G Suit.

Google One is a type of subscription that is offered by Google for users to purchase. By getting membership through Google one person can have more storage capacity across Google applications.

For example, Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive. Google already provides many services to its users without charging a single penny.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonGoogle WorkspaceGoogle One
LaunchedGoogle Workspace was introduced on 28 August 2008. Since then its upgraded version has been launched several times. Google One, a paid plan of Google, was launched on 15 August 2018.
MeaningGoogle Workspace is software that is used by Google to contain all the services and products. Google One is a subscription plan launched by Google to provide extra features for its users.
NeedGoogle Workspace is a large unit that is suitable to be used by big business infrastructure. Google One is very beneficial for start-ups since it is less expensive and provides enough facilities.
MaintenanceGoogle Workspace is huge and provides multiple features, that’s the reason it becomes complex to maintain without expert help. Google One is smaller than a workspace that provides limited features and is quite easy to maintain.
UsageGoogle Workspace is built to be used in big organizations by providing Google’s collaboration and communication apps. Google One is introduced to offer more storage across Google’s collaboration and communication apps.

What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is computer software that is developed by Google for keeping its services in one place, the structure of Google Workspace has been changed from time to time as well as its name.

Google Workspace contains information such as Calendar, Contact, Gmail, Meet, Chat, etc.

These are generally used for communication. Other services that are included in Google Workspace are Current, Google Docs Suite, and Drive.

Current is generally used for the increment in employee engagement, Google Docs helps in content creation, and Drive provides limited free storage for users.

Google Workspace has a segment known as Admin Panel, it is used to establish and maintain the connection between users and services.

There are some possibilities that Google might include its Jamboard (interactive whiteboard) and a telephonic add-on Voice in its workspace.

The Google additions keep upgraded and innovative. For example, Google’s education edition includes a Google classroom to the workspace.

Hence, it can be said that Google Workspace is getting evolved day by day launching its innovative technology and services. There are millions of users, who get to use the free services of Google, for example, Gmail account.

But Google also provides additional facilities at some given prices like having additional storage in Drive, an custom email domain, and other additional tools.

What is Google One?

Google offers a subscription for its users to facilitate additional tools and settings known as Google One.

Google One is a type of cloud storage service that gives more space to members who have paid for the subscription than those who are using Google services for free.

Google One comes in the jurisdiction of Google LLC and the URL used to reach the site is one.google.com.

Google One requires Pre Registration. Google One was intended for the consumer market when it was launched. It provides the desired limit of cloud storage to the users.

The range of paid plans by Google One starts from 100 GB to 30 TB where the user can choose the most suitable plan for himself.

Google already offers 15 GB of free storage to be utilized by users. Google Drive, Google Photos, and Gmail share this 15 GB of free storage.

The Google One membership can be shared with friends and family. A support team is available 24/7 to assist users and can be reached via phone, chat, and email.

To mask the IP address and encrypt the web traffic of the user, Google One uses VPN (Virtual Private Network). Google One subscription plan is available for multiple operating systems.

Main Differences Between Google Workspace and Google One

  1. Google Workspace was initially launched as G-Suite and then changed into Google Workspace while Google One was launched as a single entity.
  2. The reason behind developing Google Workspace was to give competition to its rival Microsoft Office 365. While Google One was introduced to provide basic facilities to the users.
  3. Google Workspace includes multiple amazing services like Google Apps Script, Google Forms. Google One, on the other hand, doesn’t provide such facilities.
  4. Google Workspace needs experts to fix issues since it has a big infrastructure. On the other hand, Google One can be maintained individually.
  5. The year in which Google Workspace was introduced to the people was 2008. While Google One was launched in the year 2018.
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