Google Workspace vs G Suite: Difference and Comparison

Access and storage of data have always been important factors for organizations. From creation to the access of data as well as collaboration for work, it requires SaaS applications.

An older way for doing so required installing software, but now through SaaS apps, it can be accessed by login to the account. It is developed for more user-friendly, efficient, and easy-to-use experiences.

Google workspace and G Suite were some of the apps which are used for these purposes. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Google Workspace is the rebranded name of G Suite, a set of productivity and collaboration tools offered by Google.
  2. Google Workspace offers new features such as Google Meet and Google Chat, which were unavailable in G Suite.
  3. Google Workspace offers different pricing plans and features for different user types, such as small businesses, large enterprises, and education institutions.

Google Workspace vs G Suite 

Google Workspace is a SaaS system that was launched in 2020 which facilitates an integrated user experience. It also has an additional feature of meet and chat for secured communication. G Suite is an older version of the Google Workspace system. It is a suite of collaborative productivity apps.

Google Workspace vs G Suite

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Google Workspace uses Gmail, drive, meet, and more with an integrated user experience and security owing to this collection of productivity apps and tools.

It was first launched as a Google app, then rebranded as G Suite launched in 2016. Finally, it was again rebranded in 2020 and named Google Workspace comprised of additional features and utilities. 

G Suite is also a collection of productivity apps and tools offering business professional emails, shared calendars, document editing and storage, video meeting, and so on.

It was developed by Google and was launched as a Google app, but then rebranded to G Suite and was launched in 2016. A few features were also available in G Suite. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparison Google Workspace G Suite 
Version Google Workspace is the newest version.G Suite is the older version.
Launch Google Workspace was launched in 2020.G Suite was launched in 2016. 
Integrated user experience Google Workspace facilitates an integrated user experience.G Suite doesn’t have an integrated user experience.
Option for Business Plus plan, Enterprise Standard, and Enterprise Plus plansGoogle workspace has an extra option for the Business Plus plan, Enterprise Standard, and Enterprise Plus plans.There was no option for that in G Suite. 
Additional feature Google Workspace has an additional feature of meet and chats for secured communication.G Suite doesn’t have this feature.  

What is Google Workspace? 

Businesses require productivity apps and tools to organize, monitor, and engagement of employees. Such engagement and content creation simultaneously worked in a business.

For doing so some platforms are used that helps in doing these tasks. One of them is Google workspace. 

Google workspace was once known as Google apps and then G Suite. It was developed by Google itself and launched in 2020.

It is a cloud computing, productivity, and collaboration tool that aims for employees to work together. 

Besides, it has Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, Meet, and chat for communication, currents, drive, and Google Docs Suite. It also has an admin panel managing users and services.

Additionally, digital interactive whiteboard Jamboard and voice may be included but it may charge some fee as well. 

Google Workspace also has an education edition, Google Classroom presently known as Workspace for Education.

Although, these services are also available to other users without cost. Yet, they don’t have an integrated user experience. 

Moreover, enterprises features allow users to have a custom email address at a domain, unlimited drive storage, additional administrative tools, and advanced settings.

Even, 24/7 Phone and email support are available to the Enterprise edition. 

Furthermore, Google Workspace doesn’t see advertisements, while free account users see a lot of advertisements during their usage. 

What is G Suite? 

Another platform used by businesses to grow their business is that offers a lot of features and utilities. G Suite is also developed by Google and launched in 2016.

Formerly, it was known as Google Apps and presently launched as a rebranded version, Google Workspace. 

Employees and Small businesses loved G Suite due to its features and work. It was considered easy-to-use and multi-functional.

The tools included in G Suite are Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Calendar, Google+, Sites, Hangouts, and Keep. Additionally, it also includes G Suite Marketplace.  

Apparently, there’s no limitation that businesses can only use it. However, it can be used both by individuals or businesses. Consumers have free G Suite services as businesses have to pay for the enterprise features. 

Moreover, the features include a custom email domain, unlimited cloud storage, additional administrative and marketing tools, and  24/7 support.

Even, the multiple users on the Business enterprise edition will cost some money. It also doesn’t let consumers see advertisements while using their services. 

G Suite has calendar features that allow the management of schedules, appointments, meetings, and tasks through Google Tasks. Also, there’s a smart scheduling option, a calendar for groups, and so on. 

Furthermore, G Suite being rebranded as Google Workspace is more advanced and has a lot of features and services. 

Main Differences Between Google Workspace and G Suite

Access and storage of data are important for every organization. For maintaining every work to collaboration, every factor is essential.

Therefore, many platforms are used to do so, and one of them is Google Workspace and G Suite. However, they are very different from each other despite their same company.

From features to utilities, they are very distinct from each other. Although, Google Workspace is rebranded version of G Suite. 

  1. Google Workspace is the newest version, while G Suite is the older version. 
  2. Google Workspace was launched in 2020, while G Suite was launched in 2016. 
  3. Google Workspace facilitates an integrated user experience, while G Suite doesn’t. 
  4. Google workspace has an extra option for the Business Plus plan, Enterprise Standard, and Enterprise Plus plans, while there was no option for that in G Suite. 
  5. Google Workspace has an additional feature of meet and chats for secured communication, while G Suite doesn’t have this feature.  



Last Updated : 15 July, 2023

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