Air Purifier vs Ozone Generator: Difference and Comparison

The distinction between air purifiers as well as ozone generators is misunderstood in the air purifier industry.

It is because, regardless of the fact that they perform the complete opposite, ozone generators have been increasingly being advertised as air purifiers.

During this whole article, we’ll learn more about these two devices and their functions, as well as compare them side by side.

Key Takeaways

  1. Air purifiers remove pollutants by trapping them in filters, whereas ozone generators produce ozone gas to neutralize contaminants.
  2. Air purifiers are safer for continuous use in occupied spaces, while ozone generators can harm humans and pets when used improperly.
  3. Ozone generators are more effective at eliminating odors and killing bacteria than air purifiers but should be used cautiously.

Air Purifiers vs Ozone Generator

The difference between air purifiers and ozone generators is that air purifiers distinguish from ozone generators in that they use a filter to remove airborne contaminants before pushing the clean air back into your living space, whereas ozone generators are primarily used to eliminate undesirable odors from a room, and it’s true that ozone could indeed eliminate pesky kitchen, pet, and smoke odors.

Air Purifiers vs Ozone Generator

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Indoor air is filtered and purified by an air purifier, which removes numerous types of contamination and contaminants. This air purification process is divided into various steps.

To begin with, the purifier draws in ambient air from the room to catch pollutants. The air is then passed through a series of filters, which allow different sorts of contaminants in the air to be retained.

According to the performance of the air purifier, it would be able to treat various air volumes associated with room size (chamber, lounge room, dining room), workplaces, common areas, and so on.

A gadget used for ozone production is an ozone generator also called an Ozonator. Although ozone is efficient in water treatment, significant quantities of ozone in the air are required to eliminate impurities.

Health experts advise that it’s critical to keep circumstances under control so that no one, even pets, is exposed to dangerously high amounts of ozone.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAir PurifiersOzone Generator
MeaningIndoor air is filtered and purified by an air purifier, which removes numerous types of contamination and contaminants. A gadget used for ozone generation is an ozone generator. Although ozone is efficient in water treatment, significant quantities of ozone in the air are required to eliminate impurities.
FunctionTo clean and purify the outside air and blow the pure air inside. Some air purifiers also work like perfume emitters.Used for air cleansing and driving off room or space odors. It is installed in close spaces.
CostAir purifiers are costlier than ozone generators.These are cheaper than air purifiers.
HarmfulAir purifiers are mildly harmful but not fatal. The ions and UV can sometimes cause breathing trouble if used for too long.Yes, Ozone generators are very harmful for health and lungs. These are very hazardous for pets too.
Types2 types are there; Active air purifiers and passive air purifiers.Only one type of Ozone generator is there.

What is an Air Purifier?

A device that eliminates impurities from the air in a space to enhance the indoor air quality is known as an air purifier and air cleaner.

Such devices are frequently advertised as being helpful to allergies and asthma patients, as well as decreasing or eradicating secondhand cigarette smoke.

Regular commercial purifiers are available as tiny stand-alone machines or bigger systems that may be attached to an air handler unit (AHU) or perhaps an HVAC unit in the healthcare, commercial, and create products and services.

Check for a screen that is UL registered, has an ETL certification, or is approved by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers whenever selecting an air purifier.

Every one of these organizations is autonomous firms that test for reasonable standards of ozone generation and adherence with some other safety regulations, even though they are not government-run.

Active and passive air purification systems are available. Passive air purifiers employ air purifiers to remove the contaminants, whereas active air purifiers discharge polarized ions into the air, forcing contaminants to attach to surfaces.

Because all dirt and particle matter is continuously eliminated from the air as well as collected inside the filters, silent purifiers are much more efficient.

air purifier

What is an Ozone Generator?

An ozone generator is an ozone-producing air cleaner. Its disinfectant properties were initially reported in the early 1800s. Ozone was found to have a wide range of applications.

Ozone generators are now being utilized to eliminate smells and pathogens from rooms. An Ozonator has properties to cleanse even water and sometimes is used as a water purifier too.

Medical authorities advise that it’s critical to keep circumstances under control so that no one, even pets, is subjected to dangerously high amounts of ozone.

By affecting a person’s scent, ozone also hides the odor of some contaminants. Furthermore, ozone does not remove germs or mold in materials like air-con duct coating or ceiling tiles.

Ozone consists of 3 oxygen atoms. The basic oxygen molecule is made up of two oxygen atoms. Ozone is a volatile, highly explosive gas due to the presence of a third oxygen atom.

The ozone layer in the planet’s troposphere serves to protect us from the sun’s harmful UV radiation, however, ozone in the air we breathe is irritating to the eyes, nose, mouth, and airways, and can have a severe influence on our health.

ozone generator

Main Differences Between Air purifiers and Ozone generator

  1. Air purifiers purify and cleanse the air from outside and blow the pure air inside whereas ozone generators help in removing air odors and dust.
  2. Air purifiers are of two types; active and passive whereas ozone generators are only of one type.
  3. Air purifiers are costlier than ozone generators in terms of similar capacities.
  4. Air purifiers are not harmful to breathing whereas ozone generators are very harmful to the human lungs.
  5. Air purifiers are safe for animals whereas ozone generators are very harmful to pets and plants too.
Difference Between Air Purifier and Ozone Generator

Last Updated : 17 August, 2023

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