Difference Between Redwood and Sequoia

Trees are the essence of our life. They sustain us and the rest of the living organisms. Just like there is diversity in humans, there is diversity in the world of trees as well. There are categorized into varied species and subspecies having distinct features and qualities. The Redwood and the Sequoia are two such distinct trees that differ in their utilities.

Redwood vs Sequoia

The main difference between Redwood and Sequoia is that the former is known to be the tallest tree of all, whereas the latter has the reputation of being the largest or widest tree in the world. The two different kinds of trees also vary in their place of availability, trunk size, structure, etc.

Redwood vs Sequoia

The redwoods are a part of the coniferous trees. They are known for their exceptionally tall height. These are generally found in areas that are near the coast, more specifically in the coastal areas of the USA. Its timber is highly valuable for the lumbering industries. These trees are also said to be the oldest trees on earth.

Sequoia, or the giant sequoia, have earned the tag of being the largest tree in the world. They are known to have the widest trunk. These are found in inland areas. Even though they are resistant to decay, their fragile nature prevents them from being used for construction purposes.

Comparison Table Between Redwood and Sequoia

Parameters of ComparisonRedwoodSequoia
DefinitionIt is the tallest tree in the world belonging to the subfamily of coniferous trees.It is a coniferous tree that is known to be the largest tree in the entire world.
HabitatTheir natural habitat is in coastal areas, specifically along the Pacific in California, USA. These are a variety of inland trees, found specifically in the western slopes of Sierra Nevada, USA.
Trunk shapeOwing to its splendid length, it has a trunk that is thin and slender.Since it is the largest tree in the world, it has a mammoth-sized trunk.
Wood textureThe texture of its wood is finer and comparatively softer.The texture of sequoia wood is a little rough and coarse.
UsageIt is known to have very valuable timber, which is used in lumbering industries.Since they are not good for construction purposes, they serve well in horticulture and tourism arenas.

What is Redwood?

Belonging to the family of Cupressaceae, the Redwood trees fall into the category of coniferous trees. These trees are variously known as coastal redwoods or Californian redwoods. It is an ever-blossoming tree that is known for its spectacular height. It holds the title of being the world’s tallest tree.

Redwood trees are also known for the longevity of their lives. The average life of these trees is approximately 2000 years, and their average height is said to be around 115 meters. It has its natural habitat in the coastal areas, and hence they are also referred to as the coastal redwoods.

More specifically, they are found along the coast of the Pacific ocean in California, USA. The color of the bark of redwood trees is faint chocolate brown. The texture of redwood is soft and does not decay easily. These trees continue to grow until the time they fall or are cut down. These trees reproduce both sexually as well as asexually.

It is deemed as one of the best species for timber and is highly valuable in lumbering industries. In earlier days, it was also used for the construction of railways tracks and lines. These trees are blessed with unique properties that make them resistant to insect infestations, fungal infections, and so on.

What is Sequoia?

The Sequoia tree has its roots in the family of coniferous trees. Specifically called the giant sequoia, it falls under the broad category of redwoods. It is the widest or the largest tree species in the world. It is varyingly known as Sierra redwood or giant redwood. As the name suggests, these are the most colossal trees that exist on the face of the earth.

These are also said to be one of the longest living trees on the planet. Just like the coastal redwoods, they too are evergreen trees, but they differ from them in height and width. Giant Sequoias have an average width of 6 to 8 meters while the height is between 50 and 80 meters.

They are naturally found in inland areas. The groves in the western slope of Sierra Nevada, USA, are abundant with Sequoia trees. The wood of these trees is a bit rough and coarse. The color of its bark is reddish-brown, and the size of its cones is quite large. It reproduces through seeds.

These trees are conferred with properties that make them fire resistant and, at the same time, do not allow their wood to decay easily. But because of its fragile nature, its wood cannot be used for construction purposes. Hence, these trees make up for the plantation and tourism industries and also serve as a treat for the eyes.

Main Differences Between Redwood and Sequoia

  1. Redwood is the tallest known tree, whereas Sequoia is the largest or widest tree on the earth.
  2. While Redwoods are naturally found in coastal areas of California, Sequoias have their natural habitat in the groves of Sierra Nevada.
  3. The cones of Sequoia are way larger and bigger than the cones of coastal redwoods.
  4. Redwood trees are useful in lumbering industries as well as in construction purposes, while Sequoia trees do not make for a good constructing agent but help the tourism industry.
  5. While both trees are resistant to decay, the former has a finer texture, and the latter has a coarse texture.
  6. The redwood trees have a thin and slender trunk, whereas the sequoias have a massive and large trunk.
  7. The leaves of Sequoia trees have scales that make them easily distinguishable from the Redwoods.


Redwood and Sequoia are both trees that belong to the same family and subfamily, but even still, the two differ from each other. The redwoods fall under the category of being the largest trees in the world. They have a slender trunk and fine-textured wood. They are originally and naturally found in the coastal areas of California. They are extremely beneficial for the lumbering industries, owing to their fine quality timber.

Sequoia, on the other hand, is known as the largest tree on the face of the earth. It is also known to be one of the longest living organisms on the planet. It has a wide and massive trunk with a texture that is coarse. These trees are decay-resistant but too fragile to be used in the construction industry and hence are a part of the horticulture and tourism industry. Their massive cones and beautiful appearance makes for a serene view.


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