Asus Expertbook vs Dell Latitude: Difference and Comparison

Key Takeaways

  1. Asus Expertbook and Dell Latitude are popular laptop models catering to business and professional users.
  2. Asus Expertbook is known for its sleek design, durable build quality, and powerful performance. It offers a range of features such as high-resolution displays, fast processors, ample storage options, and strong security features to meet the needs of professionals.
  3. Dell Latitude laptops are recognized for their reliability, robust build, and extensive customization options. They provide a wide selection of models suitable for various business needs, including powerful processors, long battery life, excellent connectivity options, and enterprise-grade security features.
  4. Both brands offer reliable and capable laptops tailored for professional use, with Asus Expertbook emphasizing sleek design and powerful performance. At the same time, Dell Latitude provides customization options and a reputation for durability.

What is Asus Expertbook?

Asus ExpertBook is a series of business laptops conceived and manufactured by Asus. It can cater to the needs of businesses and professionals with its powerful performance, security features, and portability. In addition to being portable, this laptop is built with military-grade durability criteria. It is built to resist harsh conditions.

It also combines shock-resistant storage and spill-resistant keyboards. The hardware used here is also the latest. It has Intel Core processors, Nvidia graphics, and up to 32GB of RAM. SSD also provides fast storage options. Its display is Full HD, and its anti-glare coating saves the eyes from straining.

The connectivity option is also varied here. The users will have WiFi 6, Bluetooth, and optional 4G LTE. The security features are also top-notch, including fingerprint readers, TPM 2.0, and IR cameras. These models can support stylus in their system too. High-quality speakers and Asus technology deliver the audio.

Anyone needing a portable and powerful computer with high-level security features, customization options, service and support options, and productivity features can choose this series model.

What is Dell Latitude?

Dell Latitude is an immensely popular model of business laptops. This series is portable and lightweight on the go. They also have high-level security features, which include fingerprint readers, smart card readers, and advanced encryption. These features provide added protection to sensitive business data.

One can easily do business and productivity tasks with pre-installed software such as Microsoft Office and antivirus software. They may also have other unique features, such as touchscreens, stylus support, and longer battery life, making them perfect for extended use on the go.

Dell Latitude laptops have 2-in-1 quality in them. It can be used both as a laptop and a tablet. Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular connectivity options are present in these laptops. It is an ideal option if you are a professional or a business person needing a portable laptop. Users will also get customization options.

Difference Between Asus Expertbook and Dell Latitude

  1. Asus ExpertBook is a business laptop by Asus, the Taiwanese multinational company, while Dell Latitude is a business laptop by Dell, the American technology company.
  2. RAM of the Asus ExpertBook goes up to 32 GB, while the RAM of the Dell Latitude runs up to 64 GB.
  3. The smart card reader feature is absent in Asus ExpertBook, but Dell Latitude has this feature built into it.
  4. Asus ExpertBook battery can last up to 13 hours depending on the usage, but Dell Latitude is believed to last longer as it can run up to 14 hours.
  5. Both have advanced connectivity technology. However, Asus ExpertBook has the 5.0 version, and Dell Latitude has the 5.1 version.
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Comparison Between Asus Expertbook and Dell Latitude

Parameter of ComparisonAsus ExpertbookDell Latitude
DisplayIt has a NanoEdge display up to 14″ FHD or UHD IPS.The display here goes up to 15.6″ FHD or UHD display.
RAMIts RAM can go up from 32 GBIts RAM  to 64 GB.
BluetoothIts Bluetooth version is 5.0.Its Bluetooth version is 5.1.
Smart card readerIt does not have this feature.It is inbuilt with smart card feature technology.
BatteryIts battery claims to run for 13 hours.Its battery claims to run for 14 hours.
The optional webcam shutterretains this feature, making the whole experience more secure.It does not have this feature.

Specification Comparison

The Asus Expertbook and Dell Latitude are both robust machines with impressive specifications. Here, we will explore the differences in their fundamental components.

Parameter of ComparisonAsus ExpertbookDell Latitude
ProcessorIntel i7-1165G7AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 4750U
Storage512GB SSD1TB SSD
Display14″ FHD15.6″ FHD
GraphicsIntel Iris XeRadeon Graphics

Design and Build Comparison

Both laptops have sleek designs but differ in weight, dimensions, and aesthetics.

Parameter of ComparisonAsus ExpertbookDell Latitude
Weight2.2 lbs3.5 lbs
Dimensions12.6″ x 8″ x 0.6″14.1″ x 9.3″ x 0.8″
Keyboard QualityChiclet keys, BacklitScissor keys, Backlit
Build MaterialMagnesium AlloyAluminum
AestheticsSleek, ModernRobust, Professional

Battery Life and Performance Comparison

Here we measure how each laptop performs under stress and the duration of its battery life.

Parameter of ComparisonAsus ExpertbookDell Latitude
Battery Life24 hrs20 hrs
Performance in Benchmark TestsHighVery High
Heat ManagementEfficientGood
Sound QualityExcellentGood
Boot TimeFastVery Fast

Features and Software Comparison

These laptops also have added features and software to provide a more comprehensive package.

Parameter of ComparisonAsus ExpertbookDell Latitude
Security FeaturesTPM, Fingerprint ReaderTPM, Smartcard Reader
Bundled SoftwareAsus proprietary softwareDell SupportAssist, DPO
Biometric OptionsFingerprint ReaderFingerprint Reader, Facial Recognition
Ports and ConnectivityUSB-C, HDMI, MicroSDUSB-C, HDMI, Ethernet, SD Card Reader
Extra FeaturesNumberPad 2.0ExpressCharge, Dell Optimizer

Price and Value for Money Comparison

Lastly, we examine each laptop’s price, support, and overall value for money.

Parameter of ComparisonAsus ExpertbookDell Latitude
Warranty Options1-year standard3-year standard
Customer SupportGoodExcellent
Resale ValueModerateHigh
Value for MoneyHighVery High

Last Updated : 12 August, 2023

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