Difference Between Hub and Modem

We have complimentary equipment like hubs and modems in most modern houses, with two or more computers and Internet connections, which usually don’t communicate with but assist to maintain the network.


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Key Takeaways

  1. Hubs act as a central connection point for multiple devices on a network, while modems enable communication between devices and the internet.
  2. Modems convert analog signals to digital and vice versa, while hubs simply relay data between connected devices without signal conversion.
  3. Hubs don’t manage data traffic efficiently, potentially causing network congestion, whereas modems establish dedicated connections for smoother communication.

Hub vs Modem

Hub is a networking device that can be used to connect multiple devices in a network, like linking a network of personal computers. Modem is a device that coverts digital data into analog-digital signals which are then transmitted over wires. For instance, it connects a computer to the internet.

Hub vs Modem

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Hubs are networking devices used to link numerous devices in a network using a physical layer of the OSI architecture.

Put another way, it translates digital data from your computer into analog signals that can be transferred over cables, and it can also translate incoming analog signals into digital data that your computer can comprehend.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHubModem
DefinitionHubs are networking devices that connect several devices in a network.A modem converts digital data into analog-digital signals that can be transmitted over wires.
UsageA hub can be used to link a network of personal computers.A modem connects a computer or other instrument to the internet, for example to a router or to a switch.
LayerThe Physical Layer.The Data Link Layer.
Transmission ModeThe transmission mode for a hub is Half Duplex.The transmission mode for a Modem is Full Duplex.
SpeedThe maximum speed of a Hub is 10Mbps.The maximum speed of a Modem is 56.6Kbps.

What is Hub?

A hub is a virtual networking device that connects a network’s numerous PCs or other network devices.

Hub is used to link LAN segments. If a packet reaches a single port, it gets duplicated to all other ports stored in the hub.

When the frame is received, it is transferred after amplification to the port of the target computer.


What is Modem?

Modem or “Modulator-Demodulator,” is a component of hardware that permits an Internet-based computer or another device like a router or switch.

The early modems were “wired,” thus a telephone number was needed to be dialed to connect to an ISP.

This period is in bits per second (bps). Another method to define modem speed is to count the number of times a modem sends a new signal in a given period as the number of times the signal state changes in a unit of time.


Main Differences Between Hub and Modem

  1. The transmission mode for a hub is Half Duplex whereas, the transmission mode of a Modem is Full Duplex.
  2. The maximum speed of a Hub is 10Mbps whereas, the maximum speed of a Router is 56.6Kbps.
Difference Between Hub and Modem
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