HP Spectre vs HP Envy: Difference and Comparison

HP is a renowned company that manufactures laptops in a diverse range to cater to a large segment of customers. The company has launched numerous models for every need and demand among the customers.

The two most common models of HP are HP Spectre and HP Envy.

Key Takeaways

  1. HP Spectre offers higher performance and better build quality than HP Envy.
  2. HP Envy provides more affordable options with a wider range of configurations.
  3. HP Spectre has a sleeker design and longer battery life, making it more suitable for on-the-go use.

HP Spectre vs HP Envy

The HP Spectre is a premium line of laptops known for its sleek and ultra-thin design, high-end performance, and are more expensive. The HP Envy, on the other hand, is a more affordable line of laptops that still offer good performance and features, but with a slightly bulkier design.

HP Spectre vs HP Envy

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HP Spectre is a type of laptop that is considered power-packed. It actively supports touch displays and even has an HP active pen for users of Window inking.

The models provide a brighter display and a greater contrast to the users. The laptop models in the Spectre lineup are highly portable and compact.

On the other hand, HP Envy is the fastest HP consumer laptop. The models are ideal for users who are creative professionals and need to run high demanding tasks like video editing and other related tasks.

The laptop models in the Envy lineup have larger bezels and weigh comparatively heavier.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHP SpectreHP Envy
ProcessorsAvailable with 10th Gen i7 which can turbo boost up to 3.9 GHzAvailable with AMD Ryzer which can turbo boost up to 4.0 GHz Base
Clock speed1.3 GHz 2.3 GHz
Body type The device has a unibody chassis which is manufactured through CNC machining processes The body of the device is constructed with stamped aluminum
Durability The devices are more rock solid and provide zero bending, creaking, or flexing in the lids, chassis, or keyboard decksThe devices can easily bend under pressure, and the keyboard decks
Display bezels SmallerLarger

What is HP Spectre?

HP Spectre is a power-packed laptop that is manufactured by the parent company HP Inc. The devices have a premium design. The models have an i7 processor that is capable of delivering strong performance to the users.

The sleek build and design of the models are unique. The models are very lightweight and some are even way lighter than 2.88 lbs.

They also support HP active pen in Windows inking.

The models of HP Spectre are known for their Thunderbolt three ports. The models of HP Spectre have an excellent battery life which supports up to 6 to 7 hours.

Most of the models of HP Spectre support up to 16 GB ram which allows the users to easily multitask and perform several functions simultaneously.

The models provide general storage space. Mostly 512 GB SSD is provided which caters ample speed to the users.

HP Spectre has thinner and smaller bezels comparatively than other models of HP laptops. The keyboard and trackpad are also sturdier and can withstand the powerful impacts during gaming.

The laptop is also available in variants like Windows Pro.

The display size of HP Spectre is smaller than most other models of HP. Some even have bloatware. Most of the Spectre models are available in convertible 2-in-1s.

The models are available in the sports version which can swivel all the way around and include various modes like a tent, tablet, media, clamshell, and others.

hp spectre

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What is HP Envy?

HP Envy is a high-end laptop that is manufactured by the parent company HP Inc. The model HP envy was sold as a high-end version of the HP Pavilion model.

The developer of HP envy is Hewlett Packard. The model was first released in the market on 15th October, in the year 2009.

The operating system of the model is windows as well as Linux.

The CPU type of the model is AMD APU, and AMD Ryzen Intel Core i3, i5, and even i7. The graphics which is provided in the model are AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce.

The parent company had launched the model in two variants, were the Envy 13 and the Envy 15. The models were replacements of the Voodoo Envy.

The series of Envy was expanded by the developer with the addition of Envy 14 and Envy 17 models. The model has 3 ultrabooks which were launched in early 2013.

They are the Envy 4 TouchSmart, the Envy 6, and the Envy 4.

The current models of HP Envy are the Envy X2, the Envy x360. The discontinued models are Envy 13, Envy 14, Envy 15, and Envy 17 in October 2012.

The models had a standard battery that could fit in the chassis as well as in the optional slice below the chassis which aimed to provide double the battery life than the previous models.

In the year 2012, the parent company had discontinued the models of Envy like Envy 13, Envy 14, Envy 15, and Envy 17 and had rebranded them with their Pavilion models as new Envy lineup.

These rebranded models had their previous beats audio speakers and the Nvidia graphic processors. The naming pattern changed again in the year 2014 and the Envy laptops with their previous model names for back again.

hp envy

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Main Differences Between HP Spectre and HP Envy

  1. HP Spectre is ideal for users who are ready to splurge some extra bucks while HP Envy is ideal for users who are on a tight budget.
  2. HP Spectre is available in mainly three colors that are silver, ash silver, and Poseidon blue while HP Envy is available in a wide color range like silver, gold, black, and other funky colors.
  3. HP Spectre has access to fingerprint readers while there is no availability of fingerprint readers in HP Envy.
  4. HP Spectre models have switches and buttons to block or even turn off the webcam while the HP envy models do not have provision for any switches and buttons to turn off the webcam.
  5. The touchpads in HP Spectre are smaller while the touchpads in HP Envy are larger comparatively.
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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