Lenovo Yoga vs MacBook Pro: Difference and Comparison

Lenovo Yoga and MacBook Pro are unique specifications of high-end computers introduced to the consumer market in 2012 and 2006, respectively.

The Lenovo Yoga was named because of its capability to operate in numerous form positions because of its hinged screen, while the MacBook Pro is a notebook computer.

Key Takeaways

  1. Lenovo Yoga offers a convertible design with a touchscreen display, providing versatility and multiple usage modes.
  2. MacBook Pro, an Apple product, runs on macOS and focuses on performance, display quality, and a sleek, minimalist design.
  3. Both laptops cater to creative professionals and power users who require high-performance hardware and software capabilities.
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Lenovo Yoga vs MacBook Pro

Lenovo Yoga is designed to transform into tablets and laptops as per requirements. So to provide a better experience as a tablet, it has more features like lightweight, better battery life, optimum storage and can operate both Windows and Linux. In contrast, unlike Lenovo Yoga, the MacBook Pro is specifically designed for MacBook os and can connect to other Apple products.

The Lenovo Yoga functions using the Windows operating system or Linux to work effectively, while the MacBook Pro functions using the Mac OS.

The major purpose of creating Lenovo Yoga was to perform simple and easy tasks, whereas the MacBook Pro was developed to achieve demanding tasks such as professional and creative tasks.

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonLenovo YogaMacBook Pro
DefinitionA hybrid computer manufactured by Lenovo GroupIt is a notebook computer created by Apple Inc.
First modelLaunched in 2012The first model was Created in 2006
PortabilityIt is ultra slim and more portable to move about It is less portable compared to the Lenovo yoga and bigger
Screen sizeIt comes with a screen size of size 11 – 15 It has Screen sizes of 13, 15, and 17 respectively
ColourComes in a variety of colorsSilver and grey

What is Lenovo Yoga?

Lenovo Yoga was introduced to the customer market in the year 2012. Wistron company was the manufacturer of Lenovo Yoga which deals with the production and distribution of personal computers, notebooks, and laptops.

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The design of Lenovo Yoga is made to be a hybrid computer that features a laptop and a tablet due to its hinged screen, making it comfortable to use. Over the years, Lenovo’s Yoga has produced different models and specifications, such as Ideapad Yoga 11 and 13, ThinkPad Yoga, yoga 3, and 3 Pros.

The Lenovo Yoga is ultra slim and light, so it is very portable to carry about without feeling exhausted. It has an optimum storage potential that stores documents, pictures, and presentations without worrying about insufficient space.

Lenovo Yoga has an intel core of i3/i5/i7 for effective performance and productivity.  Yoga’s newest series, known as yoga slim7, has a battery life of 14 hours and weighs about 1.4kg.

The batteries of Lenovo Yoga are made from Lithium-ion, which lasts longer and is durable. It also has a wide range of connectivity due to its wireless type of Bluetooth present in the computer.

The Lenovo Group, which developed and designed the Lenovo Yoga, is the world’s largest dealer of personal computers.

lenovo yoga 1

What is MacBook Pro?

MacBook Pro is an outstanding notebook computer created by Apple Inc. They were officially launched in 2006, and the MacBook Pro is one of the models launched from the Apple series.

The latest MacBook Pro comes with a screen of 13,14, and 16 inches, respectively. The 13″ weighs about 1.4kg, the 14″ weighs about 1.6kg, and the 16″ is about 2.0kg in overall weight.

MacBook Pro comes in two colors which are silver or space grey which can be less exciting and boring. The possession of three studio-quality mics which minimize background noise.

The latest version of the MacBook Pro has new features, such as a liquid retina XDR display which heightens better picture display quality as compared to the older model. The MacBook Pro has a scrolling trackpad that is sensitive to touch and a shining keyboard that provides a comfortable typing experience.

The older version of the MacBook Pro used both Apple silicon M1 and M2 chips which enhance image quality for video calls but recently, the latest version of the MacBook Pro is now equipped with the newest Apple silicon chip called M1 Pro and M1 Max and an HDMI which transmit uncompressed digital data for audio or video interface.

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There have been five generations of MacBook Pro over the years, and with its transition, there have been significant upgrades and features to ease the user’s experience.

macbook pro m2

Main Differences Between Lenovo Yoga and MacBook Pro

  1. The Lenovo Yoga is a 2 – in -1 hybrid personal computer that can form a laptop and also a tablet, whereas the MacBook Pro is a notebook and not a hybrid computer due to the absence of a hinged screen.
  2. Lenovo Yoga does not connect with iPhone and iPad products, whereas MacBook Pro does because it is an Apple product.
  3. The price for the latest version of Lenovo Yoga costs $749 on Amazon meanwhile, the price for MacBook Pro costs $956.
  4. Lenovo Yoga was created to achieve light tasks, whereas the MacBook Pro was designed and built for demanding and professional tasks.
  5. The latest version of Lenovo Yoga runs with the Windows 10 operating system, while the MacBook Pro operates with Mac OS Sierra.
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Last Updated : 28 July, 2023

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