Sonos Connect vs Sonos Bridge: Difference and Comparison

Sonos Connect and Sonos Bridge are Wi-fi audio speakers. Sonos is an American company founded in the year 2002 by John, Craig, and Tom.

You can connect These wireless speakers to your device and listen to music from any room. Sonos products are one of the smartest devices you can find to support major streaming lines.

Key Takeaways

  1. Sonos Connect is an audio component that links non-Sonos devices to a Sonos system, while Sonos Bridge extends the range of a Sonos network.
  2. The Connect can stream audio from external sources to Sonos speakers, while the Bridge focuses on network connectivity.
  3. Sonos has discontinued the Bridge, recommending the Boost as a more powerful alternative for extending network range.

Sonos Connect Vs Sonos Bridge

The Sonos Connect and Sonos Bridge are both devices that enable wireless music streaming to Sonos speakers. The Sonos Connect is intended to connect to an existing sound system, and The Sonos Bridge is intended to extend the Sonos wireless network’s range and improve connectivity in larger homes.

Sonos Connect Vs Sonos Bridge

Sonos Connect is a third-party device specifically designed to integrate larger home systems. With the help of Sonos Connect, you can enable traditional home audio equipment to be connected to systems.

Sonos Connect allows you to stream hi-fi music from compatible sources. You can also add Sonos Connect to your existing stereo system.

Sonos Bridge offers a separate wireless network for your Sonos system, ensuring consistent performance regardless of the size of your home or the number of WiFi devices you have connected.

A regular Ethernet cable can be used to connect a BRIDGE to your router. Using a Mac, PC, Sonos Control, or the app installed on your iPhone, iPad, or Android, the Sonos Bridge provides wireless music streaming throughout your home.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSonos ConnectSonos Bridge
What is it? Sonos Connect is a wireless speaker and a separate converter is required to use. It has a feature of technology and digital creations that enables you to connect it with any of your audio systems. You can connect and play music from services such as Prime Music, Spotify, and Apple Music. The Sonos Bridge is an add-on appliance that enables you to plug into your systems to create a wifi network that is specialized for your Sonos equipment, enabling you to wirelessly broadcast music through Sonos speakers around your home.
MusicWireless music Wireless music
Ethernet ports2 ethernet ports2 to 4 ethernet ports
SoundPowerful and exoticStrong
Other UsagesCan be used as a CD Player and FM Radio.No other usages.

What is Sonos Connect?

Sonos Connect is a wireless stereo system designed for homes. A system that can play music, movies, and TV in up to 32 rooms. With Sonos Connect, you can be able to listen to music in any room.

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Sonos Connect’s Applications:

  • Sonos Connect can listen to music in any room with an amplifier. It is more or less a home theatre system or your family’s private stereo system.
  • You can listen to music by connecting to a computer or a set of powered speakers at home or office.
  • You can use a Sonos Connect with a scattered audio system driven by a centralized amplifier, and speaker cords housing to this centralized location.
  • You can plug a high-quality DAC (digital audio converter) that supplies the output to drive your amplifier into the Sonos Connect, which is a little computer with built-in mesh wifi.

Yet, The notion that Sonos is a high-end product is also a factor since they price whichever the market will bear for such an elevated item, similar to BOSE and Apple. and, like Apple’s goods, the high hardware price helps support Sonos’s free R&D and software updates.

Sonos Connect is a media player that operates with the rest of the Sonos system but does not provide any volume. Analog line-level stereo output and analog input are included.

It’s handy for integrating Sonos with other amplification systems and providing an analog source to Sonos’ sound delivery, such as a turntable.

sonos connect scaled

What is Sonos Bridge?

The Sonos Bridge is a Bluetooth speaker that allows you to listen to wireless music anywhere from your house, regardless of your Wi-Fi devices, by creating a wireless network around your home.

Usage of Sonos Bridge At Right Times:

  • You can add or use a Bridge to the mix when your Wi-Fi is overburdened from streaming.
  • You can set up a separate wireless network just for your Sonos speakers on your router.
  • Attach a Bridge to enhance the wireless range if you wish to improve your Sonos system’s wireless performance.
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Choose a music stream from the Sonos music menu on a portable control or the music pane if you’re using the Sonos control app for Mac or PC to listen to music with any Sonos controller.

Sonos has station guidance that connects you to loads of free radio channels and your desired podcasts and webinars.

You can easily uncover music, news, and a variety of programming from around the world, as well as archival shows and podcasts. Indeed Sonos Bridge is all in one.

sonos bridge scaled

Main Differences Between Sonos Connect And Sonos Bridge

  1. Sonos Connect doesn’t have a feature to create a Sonos network with a relatively strong signal whereas Sonos Bridge has this feature to create a network with a signal.
  1. With Sonos Connect, it is not possible to extend the Sonos controllers range, but it is possible to extend the range of Sonos controllers with Sonos Bridge.
  1. Sonos Connect is not a media bridge among other networks whereas Sonos Bridge is a media bridge among other networks.
  1. There is no amplifier in a Sonos Connect, but Sonos Bridge comes with an amplifier.
  1. Sonos Connect is capable of passing uncompressed audio, while Sonos Bridge is capable of passing lossless audio.

Last Updated : 21 July, 2023

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